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Valkyn Tephra
Location Maelstrom Arena, Igneous Cistern
Race Dremora Gender Female
Health Normal169776Veteran(?) Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Valkyn Tephra upon being stunned
Valkyn Tephra with warding active

Valkyn Tephra is a Dremora and the boss of the eighth round of the Maelstrom Arena, the Igneous Cistern.

Once she spawns, all three Warding Stones will close, granting her immunity from all damage until you have destroyed them. At that point she will be stunned for a short time, until the Warding Stones close again. She will use various Dragonknight abilities.

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Skills and AbilitiesEdit



"Give up! My flames will devour you!"
"Soon you'll be soot and ash!"
"I'll fry you like a fish!"
"I'll boil your eyes in your skull."need exact wording
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