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Location Star Haven Adeptorium
Desert Wind Caverns
Race Cathay-raht Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Follower During The Battle for Riverhold, Two Queens, The Final Order, Jode's Core

Zamarak is a Khajiit adept of the Desert Wind martial arts and former Claw of the royal family of Rimmen under King Hemakar and Queen Numara.

Related QuestsEdit


Bright Moons, Warm SandsEdit

Zamarak's voice echoes through your door when you wake up after creating your character.

Zamarak: "Easy now, walker. You are alright. This is Star Haven, home to peaceful adepts. There is a letter and a key to the door on the dresser."
Zamarak: "For surviving a Dragon attack, you look well. The healers did an admirable job, yes?"

You will then encounter Zamarak outside of your room after exiting it. You have the option of speaking with him.

"Zamarak is pleased to see you are awake. You have slept for many days, and this one feared the worst.
Still, it is not every day that one walks away from a Dragon attack."
I was attacked by a Dragon?
"We both were. The caravan that brought us to Northern Elsweyr was attacked by the great beast.
Luckily, the adepts of Star Haven witnessed the event and came to our aid. They brought us here and worked diligently to heal us."
Who are you?
"A humble adept, nothing more. This one was exiled from his home long ago, but felt the time had come for him to return."
Why were you exiled?
"That is not a tale Zamarak wishes to tell. Not right now.
Besides, the Grand Adept wants to talk with you. Best not to keep him waiting."

The next time you come across Zamarak will be after blowing the Dragonhorn. He is speaking with the Grand Adept.

Grand Adept Ma'jha-dro: "The Dragon may be subdued, but not for long. This one fears for those inside the adeptorium."
Zamarak: "Then Zamarak and the traveler will go. You should take this chance to escape."
Grand Adept Ma'jha-dro: "Ma'jha-dro will not run while his disciples are in danger!"
Zamarak: "As you wish. Let us be quick, then."

Bahlokdaan blocks your path through the Adeptorium.

Zamarak: "The beast blocks our way. We must fight."

During the fight, Bahlokdaan flies off.

Zamarak: "The beast departs. Quick, let us leave."

Zamarak will have a conversation with the Grand Adept after the fight against Bahlokdaan.

Zamarak: "Why did the Dragon flee?"
Grand Adept Ma'jha-dro: "It was called away. This one heard its name on the wind. Bahlokdaan."
Zamarak: "Called away? Do the Dragons work together?"
Grand Adept Ma'jha-dro: "Perhaps. At the very least, this Dragon seems to have allied himself with the Euraxians."
Zamarak: "The rebellion has begun."
Grand Adept Ma'jha-dro: "Yes, this one is afraid it has."

Speaking with him before the quest ends:

"The Grand Adept wishes to thank you for all you have done, walker. It would be unwise to ignore such a summons."

A Rage of DragonsEdit

Zamarak will give you this quest if you complete the tutorial quest, Bright Moons, Warm Sands.

"Star Haven is safe, but the danger is far from over. I fear there is still much to do, walker."
What do you suggest, Zamarak?
"The letter you carried. Zamarak must confess that he read it while you were recovering. This one has heard of Abnur Tharn. He is a battlemage and former advisor to the Emperor.
He seeks allies to stand against this rage of Dragons."
Are you going to help him?
"Zamarak wants to help the Khajiiti Defense Force, but he has something he needs to check on first. But you, walker. Your aid would be immeasurable.
Find Abnur Tharn in Riverhold. Offer your assistance against the Dragons."
I'll find Abnur Tharn in Riverhold.

Speaking with him after this conversation:

"Hurry to Riverhold. Find this Tharn. Meanwhile, Zamarak must go to the Desert Wind adepts. This one needs to make sure his old master knows about the Dragon threat.
Safe travels, walker."

The Usurper QueenEdit

After you make your way through the Desert Wind Caverns to the back entrance of the Scriptorium, Zamarak will be guarding the door.

Zamarak: "Invaders! This one will not allow you to enter this holy place!"

You can then talk to him and convince him of your sincerity:

"You do not look like one of the Usurper Queen's soldiers! Who are you and what are you doing down here?"
I work with Gharesh-ri. I heard about the attack on the adeptorium and came to help.
"The Speaker of the Mane sent you? This one expected we were on our own, what with the Dragons and the battles to the north.
Zamarak came down here to seal this path, but now he thinks the Euraxians seek the Grand Adept."
Why would Euraxia's soldiers want the Grand Adept?
"Desert Wind holds many Khajiiti secrets, and the keeper of those secrets is the Grand Adept.
If you truly want to help, follow Zamarak to the Grand Adept's chambers."

While you follow him, the stone door will suddenly start closing, Zamarak will try and hold it up.

Zamarak: "Nine winds, no! Get to the door!"
Zamarak: "Go, save the Grand Adept! Zamarak cannot hold this for long."
Zamarak: "This one will find another way inside."

Later, after defeating Lieutenant Lepida and witnessing her soul trap by Zumog Phoom, Zmarak will burst through the wall, only to find Grand Adept Sehana already dead.

Zamarak : "Let the fourth wind open the way!"
Zamarak : "Grand Adept … no …."
Zamarak : "Zamarak has failed. This one was too slow. Again."

Speak to him and he'll say:

"What has happened here? Who killed the Grand Adept?"
One of Euraxia's battlemages. I killed her, but I was too late to save the Grand Adept.
"Zamarak thanks you for avenging the Grand Adept. But why did they attack this peaceful adeptorium? Why kill a harmless, old student of the desert winds?"
It's as you suspected. They sought one of the Grand Adept's secrets. Unfortunately, they succeeded.
"The Usurper Queen made a mistake when she had the Grand Adept killed. Whatever they came to find had an unintended consequence. It has roused the students of the desert winds.
Zamarak pledges the adepts to Gharesh-ri's cause. Euraxia will fall."
Then take the adepts to Riverhold. That's where Euraxia plans to strike next.
"We are not many, but we are strong. The adepts of the Desert Wind will aid the city.
Zamarak will see you there, after he makes sure the Grand Adept receives the proper blessings."

If you talk to him again he will tell you how to leave:

"A ladder beyond the broken wall leads outside. After this one takes care of the Grand Adept's remains, he will meet you in Riverhold.
The Usurper Queen will regret rousing the Desert Wind."

The Battle for RiverholdEdit

After you finish speaking to Khamira, he'll hail you:

Zamarak: "Wait, walker. Zamarak will accompany you."
"This one would go with you to the Greenleaf Farm. The farmers there were kind when Zamarak passed that way on his return. He would help you convince them to find safety inside the town."
Where were you returning from, Zamarak?
"Exile. Circumstances forced Zamarak to leave the land he loves.
This one never imagined returning to Elsweyr, but here he is. Zamarak will help, though he prefers to utilize his healing skills over his martial abilities."
I've seen what you can do. We might need your strength before all this is over.
"Zamarak understands, but that may be easier said than done. The last time this one used his martial skills … well, things did not go well.
We can discuss this more later. Now let us go help the farmers. The farm lies to the northwest of the town."
Zamarak : "The fastest way to reach the farm is through the gate in the western wall."

As you get close to the farm, he'll be surprised by the Euraxian's waiting.

Zamarak : "Euraxians? Here? We expected an attack from the east and south, but they've somehow encircled the town!"

You'll be asked to find members of the farm family. Once you do, you discover one has perished. Zamarak will say a prayer:

Zamarak : "This one will say the words to guide Hursh to the Sands Behind the Stars."

Speak to him and he'll tell you:

"Go, walker. Convince Tsazii to take her family and flee. Zamarak will find you later, after he completes the rite."
You want me to leave you alone here?
"This one is not a defenseless farmer. He will say the words to guide Hursh to the Sands Behind the Stars. It is the least this one can do."
You aren't to blame for this death, Zamarak.
"Zamarak wishes that were so, but if wishes were moon-sugar we would be buried under a mountain of sweetness. If this one had not failed a long time ago, none of this would be happening.
Now Zamarak must perform this rite."
What are the Sands Behind the Stars?
"When a true Khajiit dies, they are welcomed to the Sands Behind the Stars. There, they play and prey until the Next Pounce.
The words that this one sings will summon Khenarthi to carry off Hursh's soul."

After taking out a few zombies during the actual battle, Zamarak forms a plan:

Zamarak : "The necromancer's spell will animate every corpse in town, but this one has an idea."
Zamarak : "Meet Zamarak at the temple and maybe we can disrupt the spell."

Enter the temple and he'll start to explain his plan:

Zamarak : "Riverhold's blessed Moon Pillars. They can cleanse the necromantic curse."
Zamarak : "This one must be at peace to memorize the inscription."
Zamarak : "They spilled blood in this sacred place."

As Zamarak prays at various shrines, he'll need you to keep the enemies at bay:

Zamarak : "Keep the undead away, walker."
Zamarak : "Now Zamarak and the prayer are one. Come, let us find the blessed Pillar of the Spring Moon."
Zamarak : "As long as the necromantic spell remains in place, the dead will keep rising."
Zamarak : "Deal with the undead while Zamarak recites the prayer."
Zamarak : "Va qri tashiin …."
Zamarak : "The Spring Moon has sanctified the ground. Let us proceed to the Summer Moon."
Zamarak : "Deal with the undead while this one activates the Pillar of the Summer Moon."
Zamarak : "Va qri jashiin …."
Zamarak : "One more, the Pillar of the Winter Moon, near K'har Zhab Hall."
Zamarak : "Vaba qri frisiin …."
Zamarak : "The Moon Pillars are activated. Riverhold is sanctified."

Two QueensEdit

Outside Rimmen while preparing for the invasion of the palace, Zamarak can be found meditating:

"This one feels the weight of responsibility. It bears down like a boot upon my tail."
You mentioned something in Riverhold. After I killed the Dragon. Something about you and Khamira.
"Zamarak says many things. This one's words jump out of their own accord, like fish leaping from a stream. Pay them no mind.
We have much to do, walker. Now is not the time to dredge up events that happened long ago."
Zamarak, if you have something to tell me, I want to hear it.
"You asked Zamarak about his exile and why he returned. This one supposes he needs to tell someone, so it might as well be you, walker.
Zamarak was once more than just a humble adept. He was plucked from his studies and forged into a King's Claw."
You served Khamira's father?
"Zamarak set aside his studies to protect the king and the royal family. But Zamarak failed. In the end, this one could save only Khamira. After that, I exiled myself and dedicated my life to peaceful contemplation."
You blamed yourself for what happened to the royal family. So why did you decide to return?
"Zamarak dreamed that Elsweyr was in danger. That Jone and Jode wanted me to return. To face my failure and help Khamira take back her throne. That is what Zamarak thinks. That is what Zamarak will do.
But do not tell Khamira. Not yet."

Once the siege weapons have been destroyed, the group will meet outside the sewers:

Zamarak : "Here come the others now."
Abnur Tharn : "There are too many of us. We need to split up."
Khamira : "Hrrm. I will go with Tharn, Captain Nala-do can lead the others."
Abnur Tharn : "Barely queen for a day and already she's giving orders."

Speak to him and he'll comment:

"Zamarak does not like the idea of Queen Khamira going off alone with just Abnur Tharn to protect her."

Inside Rimen Crypts, you'll hear the following:

Captain Nala-do : "Everyone, unsheathe your claws."
Zamarak : "There is the door to the crypts. Let us see if the master key still works."
Captain Nala-do : "Nala-do will guard the rear. You go ahead and find a way into the palace."

Once inside the crypts, Zamarak will remark:

Zamarak : "This one hasn't visited these crypts in a long, long time."
"When Zamarak served as the King's Claw, he regularly patrolled these old passages. Whoever defends Euraxia doesn't appear to be quite as vigilant.
Wait. There is a scent … undead! Be careful, five-claw."

When you reach the royal crypts he will go over to the king's open sarcophagus and peer inside.

Zamarak : "Wait! This is the royal crypt, but it has been disturbed!"
"Desecration and blasphemy! Someone has opened the resting place of King Hemakar and the royal family!"

After you have examined Hemakar's sarcophagus you talk to him about it:

"They took his body! They desecrated the king's grave!
And from the looks of it, the queen's and Khamira's siblings as well."
Why would Euraxia dig up the royal family?
"Zamarak has no clue. This royal crypt was prepared when King Hemakar ascended to the throne and married Queen Numara.
Why inter the bodies and then dig them up six years later?"
Could it have been Zumog Phoom or one of his necromancers?
"Dark Moons, this one hopes that is not the case! To even think such a thing makes Zamarak's fur stand on end!
We should hurry and find Khamira … find the queen."
Zamarak : "We need to find the way into the palace—and quickly!"
Captain Nala-do : "Euraxia not only murdered our king and queen, she desecrated their graves? She's a monster!"

When you find the entrance to the Palace, he will confirm when spoken with:

"That door should lead to a passage that will take us up into Rimmen Palace.
Go on. This one will be right behind you."

Once inside the palace, he'll mention the quickest path to the Royal Chambers:

Zamarak : "We can reach the Royal Chambers through the Chapel of the Guiding Moons and the Great Hall."

When you reach the chapel, it will have become a trap set up by Zumog Phoom and Cadwell the Betrayer.

As the zombies attack, Zamarak will work on an escape:

Zamarak : "Leave the door to Zamarak. This one will make an exit."

Zamarak will eventually break through the door:

Zamarak : "Go. Zamarak will guard your backs."

After the battle with Euraxia and Khamira retakes the throne, Zamarak will be in the throne room:

"Queen Khamira went through a difficult trial just now, but she will be stronger because of it.
Thank you for standing beside her, five-claw."
What about you, Zamarak? What will you do now?
"Now Zamarak will tell Khamira the truth. How this one served as the King's Claw and kept her safe during Euraxia's coup. If she accepts, I will take the same position in her court.
If not, this one will guard her anyway. Just from a distance."

The Final OrderEdit

Once you've started the quest, he can be asked for a recap:

"Queen Khamira went through a difficult trial just now, but she will be stronger because of it.
Thank you for standing beside her, five-claw."
Can you remind me what we're doing here again?
"Yes, this one remembers how confusing things can get after a heated battle.
You and Abnur Tharn came to Elsweyr to help us against the Dragons—Dragons that Tharn accidentally unleashed upon our land. Along the way, well, things became complicated."
Complicated in what way?
"Well, we discovered that Euraxia the Usurper Queen had struck some sort of deal with the Dragon leaders, Mulaamnir and Kaalgrontiid. We also learned that she had an army of necromancers, led by Zumog Phoom.
Luckily, Euraxia is no longer a problem."
Remind me, why is Euraxia no longer a problem?
"Because you killed her, five-claw. You led our small strike force into this very palace. Fought through the Usurper Queen's defenses to confront her in the outer courtyard. After a heated battle, you defeated Euraxia.
Unfortunately, we lost Nala-do."
Captain Nala-do died?
"The brave Nala-do died defending Queen Khamira. She saved her life. We will remember her forever for this. The Moon-Singers will tell her story for a thousand phases of the Moons and more."
Do we know what the Dragons are currently up to?
"No. Much concerning the Dragons remains a mystery. We know that Mulaamnir ended their alliance with Euraxia right before you killed her. And we know that Zumog Phoom and his necromancers now serve the Dragons. They seek a Moon Gate to the southwest."
What do they want a Moon Gate for?
"Zamarak fears we do not know. Gharesh-ri is looking into the history of these ancient structures, especially the Moon Gate of Anequina, which lies in that direction.
Meanwhile, Abnur Tharn seeks information concerning Euraxia's final order."
What about Zumog Phoom? What happened to him?
"The necromancer Zumog Phoom is apparently close to restoring Cadwell the Betrayer—the evil person who Cadwell was in life. He and his cadre of dark mages have aligned themselves with the Dragons.
Supposedly, they seek the Moon Gate together."

Before leaving the palace, he'll be off to the side of the throne room deep in contemplation:

"This one will watch over Queen Khamira. She may not have agreed to let Zamarak resume his post as the King's Claw yet, but she will come around in time.
Until then, no harm will befall the queen. This Zamarak so swears."

In The Stitches, you'll be surprised by Zamarak waiting for you as you look for the Akaviri shrine. Speak to him and he'll explain:

"Tharn sent Zamarak to assist you against the Euraxian officer, Saulinia, and her assassins. The locals say that a group matching their description passed through here a short time ago.
Tharn explained that we seek a hidden Akaviri shrine."
Saulinia has orders to kill someone they believe is the last Dragonguard.
"Saulinia! The assassin who murdered King Hemakar and Queen Numara. Zamarak heard that name often on the day of Euraxia's coup.
Perhaps this one can finally get justice for the royal family."
Did you face Captain Saulinia back then?
"No. Zamarak was guarding Khamira that day. We were far from the palace.
Anyway, this one learned that the local crime lord provided Saulinia with guides who know the Scar well. We must hurry if we hope to catch them."
Let's go stop the assassination squad.

You can ask him some questions before you leave:

"The Scar can be a treacherous place, five-claw, even without the addition of a Nibenese assassination squad.
We need to hurry, but we should also proceed with caution."
Tell me about your time as the King's Claw.
"King Hemakar saw something in Zamarak. He specifically requested this one during a visit to the Desert Wind.
Zamarak set aside his studies and devotions to become the King's Claw. I pledged my life to keep the royal family safe."
But you weren't able to stop Euraxia from killing the royal family.
"No. Khamira wanted to visit the Desert Wind Adeptorium. This one was tasked to guard her.
So, Zamarak was not in the palace when Euraxia and her troops arrived. They were welcomed as emissaries of the Emperor, but they were lions about to pounce."
At least you were able to get Khamira to safety.
"A small success in an avalanche of failure.
Guilt consumed Zamarak because he lived and the royal family died. So this one exiled himself from the land he loved and traveled the world. This one sought … what? Peace? Forgiveness? Something."
What should I know before we enter the Scar?
"The Scar was carved across the face of Anequina in the ancient past. Some say Khunzar-ri is responsible. Others that Alkosh himself marked the land with his claws.
Things live in the deepest cracks and crevices that we would do well to avoid."
Why did Abnur Tharn send you to help me?
"Truthfully, Zamarak almost refused when Tharn gave the order. This one has only just reclaimed the mantle of King's Claw and was reluctant to leave Queen Khamira's side.
But you needed help and Zamarak was best suited to aid you in this endeavor."
Did Abnur Tharn present Prefect Calo to Khamira?
"Yes, but Zamarak isn't sure if anything good will come of their meeting. When this one departed, Queen Khamira and Lord Gharesh-ri were engaged in a heated discussion with Tharn over the risks and benefits of trusting an Imperial."

Zamarak will then become your follower as you travel south through the Scar and eventually Zamarak will point out things as you approach the location of the shrine.

Zamarak : "Wait. That body. It's one of the assassins. They must have passed this way."
"The dead Euraxian wears the insignia of Saulinia's assassination squad. Whatever creature brought the soldier down, they obviously decided to leave him where he fell.
Captain Saulinia must be in a great hurry to find and kill her target."
Zamarak : "More bodies. The hired guide. Saulinia's work, Zamarak thinks."
"The guides from the Stitches. We must be close. Saulinia had them killed because she no longer needed them and she wanted to keep whatever secrets they learned along the way.
The hidden Akaviri shrine must be nearby. Hurry, but be cautious."
Zamarak : "Look! There is a door behind these stones. Is this the place we seek?"
"This place … this must be the entrance to the hidden Akaviri shrine. Zamarak just hopes we have arrived in time to save the Dragonguard from the assassins' blades."

If you stray from the objective, he'll say:

Zamarak : "You have something else to do? Very well. Zamarak will wait for you to return."

And then will leave.

Once Dov-Vahl Shrine, he will note that he can scent the assassins if you talk with him:

"Zamarak smells freshly polished armor among the lingering scents of dust and decay. Saulinia and her soldiers are here.
If we hunt in silence, we may take them by surprise."

When you enter the entry chamber, Zamarak will notice the magical barrier in the way:

Zamarak : "That door … not even all of Zamarak's strength and training can budge a magical barrier. Maybe the pedestal?"

If you speak with him:

"It is a very big door. Perhaps the shrine and the Dragonguard wait on the other side, yes?
Examine the stone pedestal and see if you can determine how to lower the barrier."

Examine the pedestal and you'll hear:

Zamarak : "The pedestal maintains the magical barrier, but Zamarak does not know how."
Captain Saulinia : "Find the Dragonguard or his blood won't be the only thing that stains my blade this day!"
Zamarak : "The assassins! That came from the south. We must hurry, five-claw!"

Speak to Zamarak and he'll warn you:

"The assassins! They stalk the southern passages. We must hurry. There may be another way past this door deeper in the complex."
Shouldn't we try to open this door?
"Whatever has been hiding behind that door for all these years can wait a little longer. We need to deal with the assassins. They are the most pressing threat.
That shout we heard. Saulinia and her killers must be close."

As you go through the first trap lined hallway, he'll remark:

Zamarak : "Traps. They stopped some of the assassins, but not all of them. We must be wary."

Go a little ways and you'll hear:

Captain Saulinia : "You can't hide from us forever, Dragonguard!"
Dragonguard Orland : "You couldn't find an Alfiq in Alabaster, Euraxian dolt!"
Zamarak : "That was the Dragonguard! We're running out of time!"

Speak to him and he'll say:

"That was the Dragonguard. Captain Saulinia must be closing in."

Reach the second part of the shrine and he'll say:

Zamarak : "Another maze! We must find a way to the other side."

Once you enter the Training Room, you will encounter Saulinia and the Dragonguard. When she is defeated, it will be of great relief to Zamarak:

Zamarak : "Maybe now the royal family can rest in peace."

You then have the option of speaking with Zamarak:

"Thank you, five-claw. With Saulinia dead, maybe the royal family can finally rest in peace.
The Dragonguard ran through that door, but he was wounded. We should help him."
Are you all right, Zamarak?
"Zamarak … there was a heaviness on Zamarak's soul. Now it disperses like sand in the wind.
Still, this one promised to find a new path, but these events just returned him to the same one he walked before."
You helped bring the killer of the royal family of Anequina to justice.
"Yes, but Zamarak believed his previous life of violence caused those deaths. His studies and meditations told him this was so.
Now with Saulinia's death, Zamarak feels … lighter? It feels good, but it also feels like a betrayal of the Desert Wind."
Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire, Zamarak.
"You're right, five-claw. Violence ended the life Zamarak knew, and violence has given Zamarak a new life to lead. As the adepts say, some things are worth fighting for."
Stick to your teachings, Zamarak. Violence shouldn't be the answer.
"You are right, five-claw. Violence is never the best way to solve a problem. It only leads to grief. As the adepts say, when an enemy strikes you on the right, also offer him your left.
But these musings are mist. Let us check on the Dragonguard."

If you talk with him afterwards, he will point out the Dragonguard's injuries:

"The Dragonguard was gravely wounded. We must follow him."

When you find the Dragonguard he will be near death. After you talk to him, he'll pass shortly after and Zamarak will offer a prayer:

Zamarak : "May Khenarthi guide you to the Sands Behind the Stars."

Speak to him and he'll say:

"The Dragonguard is gone. We need to enter the sanctuary and find this Dragonhorn he speaks of. It may be the answer we seek."

Return to the warded sanctuary entrance and Zamarak will note that you have unexpected company:

Zamarak : "Below … that looks like Prefect Calo. What is he doing here?"

Speak to him and he'll elaborate:

"That is Prefect Calo. Abnur Tharn brought him to Rimmen to meet with Queen Khamira.
Why is he here, Zamarak wonders?"

Use the Dragonguard's ring on the pedestal and Zamarak will say:

Zamarak : "The barrier has fallen! Let us see what awaits within."

Speak to him and he'll say:

"Do not hesitate, my friend. Let us collect the Dragonhorn and be done with this place."

Once inside the Sanctuary, you will find the Anequina Dragonhorn, once you take the small copy hidden inside, Zamarak will comment:

Zamarak : "Such a small thing when compared to the Dragons. Still, we should take it to Rimmen, yes?"

Speak to him and he'll puzzle over the horn:

"This Dragonhorn, it is different from the one at Star Haven. It has no light, no energy."

Your reply will depend on whether you completed the Elsweyr Tutorial Quest; If you did:

The Dragonhorn at the adeptorium? What do you mean?
"When you sounded the Star Haven Dragonhorn, this one felt the land itself shake. Even when Zamarak first approached the relic, he could feel its energy. Like a beating heart.
This horn, however, it is silent."

However, if you haven't been to Star Haven:

Star Haven?
"An adeptorium. Zamarak stayed there after he returned to Anequina. It was attacked by a Dragon.
One of the old treasures of Star Haven was a Dragonhorn. When sounded, the Dragon cried in pain. The horn faded to dust after it was used."
And this Dragonhorn is different?
"Zamarak cannot explain it. I do not remember the large horn having a detachable small horn, but I did not examine it too closely.
When this one approached the Star Haven Dragonhorn, it was like being near a great heartbeat. This horn is … quiet."

As you leave the Sanctuary, Calo will express a desire to stay and explore. Zamarak will feel like keeping an eye on him:

Prefect Calo : "I want to take another look at these books. We'll meet you back in Rimmen."
Zamarak : "Zamarak will linger as well … to make sure the Imperials find their way back."

Cadwell the BetrayerEdit

After speaking to the council and Kharmira, look for Tharn and you'll find Cadwell in the throes of yet another episode. Speak to Zamarak and he'll comment:

"Zamarak feels like he should hit something in this situation, but the necromancer is not here."

After speaking to Cadwell, and after Cadwell vanishes, Zamarak will say: "Cadwell should not have gone off without us. He's no match for a necromancer as powerful as Zumog Phoom."

Speak to him again after speaking to Abnur Tharn and he'll say: "This one will enjoy putting a stop to the necromancer, Zumog Phoom."

Break the ritual binding him in the Sepulchre of Mischance, and he'll say:

Zamarak: "Zamarak failed … again."

Speak to him and he'll bemoan:

"Zamarak always fails the ones who count on him the most."
Snap out of it, Zamarak. We need to find Zumog Phoom and stop his ritual.
"Careful, walker. You do not know the burden that Zamarak carries. The guilt Zamarak feels whenever he remembers those he failed."
So you're going to let Zumog Phoom win? You're going to fail again?
"How dare you say—no … no, you are right to chide Zamarak. This one let the necromancers wield his guilt against him. Never again.
The scent of death and decay is stronger through that door. Go. Stop Zumog Phoom. Zamarak will catch up."

Back at the Palace, Khamira will call for a council. Enter the study and Khamria will begin:

Khamira : "Cadwell spoke of Anequina, one of Khunzar-ri's champions. He mentioned a key. I think he meant my pendant."
Zamarak : "Zamarak remembers. Your mother wore it before you. Does it have more than sentimental significance?"
Khamira : "It hides me from magical detection. Mother would take my pendant in her hand and whisper, 'When Khunzar-ri smiled, Anequina asked the Moons to move for him.'"
Abnur Tharn : "The Shadow Dance Temple ruins? Is that where the Betrayer has gone?"
Khamira : "I discovered as a young girl that the pendant and this ancient map interact in interesting ways."

Speak to him and Zamarak will tell you:

"Zamarak remembers Khamira's pendant. Her mother, Queen Numara, wore it before she gave it to her daughter.
This one did not know it possessed such an enchantment, though."

When you arrive at the entrance to Shadow Dance Ruins, you'll find Abnur Tharn and Zamarak waiting for you.

Abnur Tharn : "Khamira's waiting for you inside. If the Dragon circling overhead spots us, I'll try to drive it off."
Zamarak : "Zamarak will assist."
Abnur Tharn : "Yes, I'm sure your fists will make all the difference."

Speak to him and he'll say:

"Zamarak will assist Tharn against the Dragons. In the meantime, you should go inside. Queen Khamira is waiting for you."

Enter the ruins and Khamira will be waiting. As she begins to recite the words to open the portal, Tharn and Zamarak enter the chamber:

Khamira : "When Anequina's blood calls, the shadow dance begins!"
Zamarak : "By the Moons, you opened a path!"
Abnur Tharn : "You go ahead. Zamarak and I will deal with the Dragon outside … somehow."
Khamira : "Moons watch over you. Come, five-claw, let us see where this leads."

Speak to him and he'll tell you:

"Hurry and follow Queen Khamira. You must be her King's Claw in there, for this one must help Abnur Tharn hold back the Dragon.
Do not worry. You make an excellent King's Claw. Or maybe we should call you the Queen's Claw, yes?"

Jode's CoreEdit

After Khamira asks to speak with him, he can be found east of the Baandari Bazaar in Rimmen, praying at a shrine:

"Quiet moments to meditate have been rare since Zamarak returned to Elsweyr. This one needed some time alone, especially after helping Tharn with the Dragon at the Shadow Dance Ruins.
But you look like one who has important news, my friend."
Khamira wants us to gather at the Moon Gate of Anequina.
"Zamarak suspected that would be our next destination. This one noticed that the Moons have shifted in the sky, moving in a way that breaks their usual pattern. The Betrayer's doing, yes?
At least you and Queen Khamira returned from the ruins."
The Betrayer set the moons to eclipse, but we killed him and Khamira is now attuned to the Lattice.
"Then we still have a chance. Zamarak has pledged his honor to Queen Khamira. He will not break that vow. This one has a purpose again and will see it through, no matter the cost.
Zamarak will meet you at the Moon Gate, my friend."
I'll see you at the Moon Gate.

Before you go, you can ask him how he and Tharn escaped Mulaamnir:

"Queen Khamira, attuned to the Lunar Lattice. Zamarak never expected to see such a miracle in his lifetime.
This one prays that it will be enough when we stand against the Dragons."
Speaking of Dragons, what happened after Khamira and I entered the temple?
"About what you would expect. Tharn used flashy spells to confuse the Dragon until it finally gave up and flew away. Then we encountered a squad of Euraxians, led by a necromancer.
Those, Zamarak dispatched. It was the least this one could do."

Once you arrive at the Moon Gate, Zamarak will already be there:

"Look how the Moons converge in the sky. The time is not right for such an event. The Lunar Lattice has been altered, causing Jone and Jode to merge.
Legends say that this occurs when a Dragon eats the Moon. This one hopes that is only a legend."

When the Dragons arrive, Zamarak will elect to go with you:

Prefect Calo: "Dragons! Go join Queen Khamira! I'll take charge down here!"
Zamarak: "Zamarak will go with you!"

If you talk with him, he will mention where you need to go:

"That path over there leads up to the top of the Moon Gate. We need to reach it before the Dragons break through our defenses."

However, the dragons will soon destroy a wall and the Euraxians

Zamarak: "Euraxians? The wall has been breached!"
Euraxian Knight: "Kill the cats and the traitors!"

Zamarak will then point out where the Euraxians are coming from:

Zamarak: "Up there! More Euraxians!"
Zamarak: "Here they come. Prepare yourself."
Zamarak: "More soldiers come. Prepare yourself!"

After Cadwell's intervention, the way forward will be clear:

Zamarak: "The path is clear. We need to reach Queen Khamira!"

As soon as you reach Gharesh-ri, he will be caught in a targeted dragon attack:

Zamarak: "Gharesh-ri, no!"
<Zamarak kneels beside him.>
Zamarak: "Stay with me, old master."
"Gharesh-ri still breathes, but his injuries are serious. He needs a healer.
In the meantime, Zamarak knows what he must do."
What do you mean, Zamarak?
"With Gharesh-ri injured, someone else must take command of this position. Make sure the Euraxians and the Dragons encounter enough resistance to slow them down.
That task now falls to Zamarak."
Are you sure about this?
"Yes, my friend. This is Zamarak's chance to finally atone for his past mistakes.
Wait, what is this? The Dragonhorn? This one doesn't know why Gharesh-ri was carrying this, but you must take it and reach the Moon Gate. Queen Khamira needs you."
I'll guard the Dragonhorn and join up with Khamira. Good luck, Zamarak.
Zamarak: "Go now, five-claw!"

The Heir of AnequinaEdit

After Khamira sends you out of the city to find out what happened to your other companions, they will have arrived at the main entrance of Rimmen. Zamarak will be deep in prayer:

"Zamarak is happy to see you, friend. After the Dragons entered the Moon Gate and you followed, this one worried that all was lost. But then the Moons parted and suddenly everything seemed all right."
Khamira sent me to find out what happened to you and the others.
"Just what you would expect. We held our ground against the swarming Euraxians and their necromancers. Repelled the Dragons as best we could.
This one let the Desert Wind flow through his limbs and claws while our soldiers rallied to his side."
You defeated the Euraxians?
"Between the Khajiiti militia and the Cygnus Irregulars, we held them off. When the Moons separated, the Euraxians broke off their attack and scattered to the four winds.
The remainder will be a nuisance, but they pose no threat to the kingdom."
What about the Dragons?
"Zamarak doesn't know for certain. We faced mostly the Euraxians on the upper ridge. Prefect Calo commanded the ballistae, so he could tell you more.
This one does know that when the Moons began to separate, the Dragons roared in rage and flew away."
What will you do now, Zamarak?
"Zamarak hopes to serve as Queen Khamira's Claw and defend the throne as he was trained to do.
If she will not have me, well, Gharesh-ri has many plans for improving life in Elsweyr. This one would be happy to help in any way he can."

At the coronation, Zamarak will be in the throne room.

"Zamarak cannot wait to see Khamira formally recognized as our queen. It is a proud day for Anequina, my friend."

After the ceremony, he'll say:

"This one's heart sings at seeing Khamira crowned queen. Her parents would have been so proud.
Thank you, my friend, for getting us to this moment. And for helping Zamarak find his way back to his true calling."
Your true calling? Adept or Queen's Claw?
"Zamarak will always be an adept, but Queen Khamira has agreed to accept me as her Claw. This one will protect the queen and serve her as best he can.
It is what Zamarak was born to do. Yes?"

The Pride of ElsweyrEdit

Zamarak in Senchal

You will find him in Senchal Palace with Cadwell, Prefect Calo and Khamira. Speaking with him before Khamira:

Zamarak: "How can we protect you, my queen, if you continue to leave us behind?"
Khamira: "I am no fragile kitten, Zamarak. My duty will always take precedence."

You have the option of speaking with him.

"This one thanks the Moons that you and Queen Khamira both appear safe and well.
Zamarak's tail turned gray when he realized he had lost his charge before we had even departed from Rimmen!"
It's good to see you too, Zamarak. Have you been here long?
"We arrived a short time ago. After Queen Khamira abandoned us, we had a long march down from the north. Zamarak would have worried about her more, but we had Dragons and other hostile creatures to deal with along the way."
Is serving as the Queen's Claw everything you hoped for?
"Everything and more, my friend, everything and more. In the time that Zamarak has served, Queen Khamira has proven to be … a very active monarch.
She is exactly what Elsweyr needs. Even if it makes this one's job ever more difficult."

Speaking with him after Khamira:

"Zamarak still cannot believe you are here, five-claw. Still, if this one wasn't close enough to protect the queen, Zamarak is glad that you were.
Now, this one must see to the queen's luggage. She will want to look royal for what comes next, yes?"

Speaking to him outside before the ceremony:

"The queen refuses to begin the ceremony until she has spoken with you, friend. Zamarak suggests you hurry and talk to her."

After the ceremony:

"Zamarak suspects we will be making many journeys between Rimmen and Senchal. Queen Khamira isn't fond of simply sitting upon her throne day in and day out.
It is good that Zamarak never stopped his training."



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