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This is a transcript of the credits for The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard as presented in the game and in the manual. Variations between the in-game credits and manual credits, as well as between regional versions of the game, are recorded in the footnotes.

Development TeamEdit

Project Leader
Todd Howard
Lead Programmer
Andy Taylor
Lead Artist
John Pearson
Andy Taylor
Richard Clark
Craig Walton[note 1]
Guy Carver[note 1]
Paul Hoggart[note 1]
World Art
Michael Kirkbride
Jimmy Alam
Todd Howard
Kurt Kuhlmann
Sean Conlon
Don Nalezyty
Character Art And Animation
John Pearson
Hugh Riley
2D And Inventory Art
Hugh Riley
Additional Programming
Marvin Herbold
Morten Moerup
Peter Sundholm
Cutscene Animations
XL Translab
Sean Ekanayake
Steve Green
Josh Jones
Mark Jones
Gionvanni Nakpil
Christopher Ondrus
Istvan Pely
Christopher Singh
Michael Smith
Rafael Vargas[note 2]
Story Paintings
Mark Jackson
Original Score
Chip Ellinghaus
Grant Slawson
Ken Rolston
Design And Writing
Todd Howard
Michael Kirkbride
Kurt Kuhlmann


Michael Kirkbride
Kurt Kuhlmann[note 3]
Help And Liberal Theft From[note 4]
Richard Guy
Ken Rolston
Art And Invocations
Michael Kirkbride
Hugh Riley
Hugh Riley
Elizabeth Carnes

Voice OversEdit

Michael Mack
Richton, Basil, And Others
Jeff Baker
Tobias, Nidal, And Others
Jonathan Bryce
Saban, Falicia, And Others
Dale Stein
Iszara, Siona
Gayle Gessup
Michael Howell

Recorded at Absolute Pitch Studios, Washington, DC.


Elizabeth Carnes
Sean Ekanayake
Todd Howard
Christopher Ondrus
Hugh Riley

Quality AssuranceEdit

Testing Coordinator
Michelle Buenzli
Customer Service[note 5]
Josh Neven
William Woodford


Vlatko Andonov
Public Relations
Ashley Cheng
Bob Ippolito
Istvan Pely


Christopher Weaver
VP Finance
Constance Gachowski
Division Director
Douglas Frederick
Tim Starinieri
Assistants[note 6]
Jay Beale
Tim Khouri
Julian Watkins
Aleem Ali
Virgil Trice
Maria Jaramillo[note 7]

Special Thanks ToEdit

Bruce Nesmith, Gary Noonan, Julian Lefay, Louise Sandoval, Brent Erickson, Kim Howard, Jeff Howard, Indy, Cherry Shore, Loren Kirkbride, Uncle Atari, The Pearson Family, Renee Dadds, Demon Mummy,[note 8] Café Kenny, Lori Nicholson, Gary Noonan,[note 9] Juan Sanchez,[note 8] Brian Stokes,[note 8] Sophie Ondrus, Gerri Osentoski, Coors Lite, Hoffman, The Smiley Rileys, The Magic Wands, George Lucas, And The Almighty[note 10]


  1. ^ a b c The manual credits Carver, Walton, and Hoggart under "Additional Programming".
  2. ^ Vargas is instead credited under Special Thanks in some versions.
  3. ^ Kuhlmann is credited under Additional Writing in some versions.
  4. ^ This is titled "Additional Writing" some versions.
  5. ^ Not all versions include credits for Customer Service, though Woodford is credited under Special Thanks in some versions.
  6. ^ Assistants are not credited in the manual, though Beale is credited under Special Thanks in some versions.
  7. ^ Jaramillo is not credited in some versions of the game and manual.
  8. ^ a b c "Demon Mummy", Sanchez, and Stokes do not appear in the manual.
  9. ^ The in-game credits list Gary Noonan twice, as recorded here. The second inclusion may refer to Noonan's father, Gary Noonan Sr.
  10. ^ Some versions of the game and manual simply state "God".