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Shivering:Blind Watcher's Eye

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Blind Watcher's Eye
Blind Watcher's Eye
Value 1 Weight 0
Alchemy Effects
1st Restore Intelligence Restore Intelligence
2nd Fortify Magicka Fortify Magicka
3rd Light Light
4th Reflect Spell Reflect Spell
# Samples 0
Plant Watcher's Eye  % 100
# Plants 3
Watchers Eye plants

Blind Watcher's Eye is an ingredient that can be harvested from certain rare versions of Watcher's Eye plants (see plants for details). Blind Watcher's Eye is one of three unusual ingredients that can be given to the Museum of Oddities (the other two are Deformed Swamp Tentacles and Mute Screaming Maws). You will receive a finder's fee of 200 gold. Only one eye is needed for the quest; any additional ones that are collected can be used as regular alchemy ingredients.

Blind Watcher's Eye has all the same alchemical properties as standard Watcher's Eye. Therefore, the two can be combined to easily create multiple effect potions.

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  • There are two versions of this ingredient: the variant with id=00043430 only occurs when the player hands over a plant as part of the Museum of Oddities quest. This variety theoretically weighs 0.2 rather than 0.0, but has a script that changes it to the first variety when picked up and thus it can only be acquired through use of the Console.
  • Blind Watcher's Eye also appears in the Rare Curios Creation for Skyrim Special Edition.


There are only three plants that will yield a Blind Watcher's Eye. The plants are named identically to the standard Watcher's Eye plants and are identical in appearance, therefore you cannot recognize the special plants until you try to harvest an ingredient. The three plants are located:

  • 1 plant is in Knotbone Chamber, on the side of a doorway in the main chamber, growing on the left side. The doorway opens into the main chamber from the lower level of the southernmost part of the chamber.
  • 1 plant is in Knotty Bramble, Lost Crypt zone.
  • 1 plant is in Milchar, Nexus zone. Go down the hill and take the first left. There will be one Watcher's Eye surrounded by many Flame Stalks.
Locations of Blind Watcher's Eye plants