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New Sheoth
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Shops and Services
Bliss is vibrant and full of bright colors.

Bliss is the bright and cheery half of New Sheoth, in Mania, most of whose residents are utterly insane. Bliss is guarded by the Golden Saints and ruled by the Duke of Mania, Thadon.

The district comprises a central plaza, a main thoroughfare, a side street and the public gardens. The plaza consists of various shops and houses and contains a fountain sculpture depicting Sheogorath surrounded by mermaids. The main road in Bliss leads from the plaza to the gate to Crucible, while a side street is home to several residents of Bliss. In the northern part of the district are the public gardens, boasting flora native to Mania. Various walkways crisscross above Bliss, with one connecting to New Sheoth Palace.

Along with Crucible, Bliss does not have its own jail. Criminals who are arrested in the district are instead sent to Aichan, located north of The Fringe.

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  • One flawless pearl can be found on the roof of Common Treasures.
  • Several gold coins can be found in the fountain by the main gate, and 3 gold coins can be found on the roof of The Missing Pauldron.
  • It is possible to complete the Shivering Isles main quest and become Lord Sheogorath without ever entering or discovering Bliss.