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Tools are a category of miscellaneous item that groups together an odd assortment of items, ranging from very useful (lockpicks) to useless. Jewelers and blacksmiths, as well as general goods merchants, will buy all tools.

Name (ID) Weight Value Notes
SR-icon-misc-Charcoal.png Charcoal
0.5 2 Sources:


SR-icon-misc-Charcoal2.png Charcoal
1 5 This second variety of charcoal is found in the Nightcaller Temple and may be carried by a few NPCs. However, it cannot be used at the Atronach Forge. Also, the second variety is not in the "Tools" merchant category, so it can only be sold to General Goods merchants.
SR-icon-misc-EmbalmingTool1.png Embalming Tool
0.5 3 These are found in most Nordic Ruins, but none of them have any use.
  • According to the editor IDs, the four tools are supposed to be a scalpel, a "screw tool", an "embalming pick", and scissors, respectively
SR-icon-misc-EmbalmingTool2.png Embalming Tool
1 4
SR-icon-misc-EmbalmingTool3.png Embalming Tool
3 2
SR-icon-misc-EmbalmingTool4.png Embalming Tool
0.5 3
SR-icon-misc-EssenceExtractor.png Essence Extractor
1 0 Quest: Discerning the Transmundane
SR-icon-misc-LinenWrap.png Linen Wrap
3 2
  • These are found in most Nordic Ruins, but do not have any use.
SR-icon-misc-Lockpick.png Lockpick
0 2 Sources:


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