Blades:The Eldritch Grotto

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Event Quest
BL-icon-questmap-Portal Inactive.png
Fight spell-casting enemies.
UnavailableUnavailableTime (refresh)
Rarity: Rare
Location(s): Cave
Reward(s): Leveled (medium)Leveled (medium)Sigils, Leveled Soul Gems (Every stage, increasing per stage)
Stage 5 Bonus Reward: 0LeveledLeveledGold
XP: 700 (Every stage)
ID: EQ05_Cave
The Eldritch Grotto
Magicka floods the caves found beyond the portal, greatly increasing the power of spell-casting enemies, at the cost of their sanity. I must prepare carefully before venturing into the other side.
BL-icon-Magicka Weapons.png Use weapons that deal Magicka damage
BL-icon-Armor.png Wear armor that provides elemental resistance
BL-icon-Potion.png Drink elemental resistance potions
Use magicka to your advantage



In this event, magicka damage is significantly increased. As such, it is recommended that you stock up on enchantments that deal magicka damage, as well as the fire, frost, and shock resist enchantments. Also be sure to note that enemies in this event will not use any conventional attacks and instead employ the sole use of spell-based skills. This leaves strategies such as blocking and dodging as relatively ineffective; as such, it is recommended to rely on spells such as ward and resist elements as replacements if necessary.

First ChestEdit

Upon starting the stage, you will find yourself in a cave filled with a thick red fog. Ahead of you, there will be a goblin caster guarding the passage forward. The passage leads to a fairly large opening occupied by two necromancers and two more goblin casters. Most of these enemies will remain stationary, so it should be relatively easy to pick them off one-by-one. On the far left of the opening you will find a Silver chest.

The first chest

Stage Boss and Second ChestEdit

You will soon find yourself back in another passageway, inhabited by another goblin caster. You will soon find yourself at a closed door. On the other side, you will find an opening that contains the stage boss, a necromancer. They will be guarding a Golden chest, be sure to pick it up on your way out, as defeating the boss will complete the stage.

The stage boss guarding the second chest


The following Breakables can be found in this event:

  • 4 Cave Common
  • 4 Cave with a chance of 58.8% Common, 29.4% Uncommon, and 11.8% Rare
  • 4 Cave with a chance of 38.5% Common, 38.5% Uncommon, and 23.1% Rare


The difficulty of the enemies scales with your own level. The level of your enemies increases each stage as seen in the following table:

Stage Enemy Level
1 -6
2 -3
3 0
4 +3
5 +7