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Bloodmoon:The Ritual of the Winds

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Free the Winds from the Greedy Man's bag.
Quest Giver: Tharsten Heart-Fang in the Skaal Village
Location(s): Glenschul's Tomb
Prerequisite Quest: The Disappearance of Captain Carius
Next Quest: The Skaal Test of Wisdom
Concurrent Quest: The Ritual of Water, The Ritual of Earth, The Ritual of Beasts, The Ritual of Trees, The Ritual of the Sun
Reward: None
ID: BM_Wind
Suggested Items: Fire Damage spells
Suggested Level: 30
Difficulty: Medium
The Wind Stone

The Story of Aevar Stone-SingerEdit

Aevar had one final Gift he had to recover, the Gift of the Winds, so he traveled to the Wind Stone, far on the western coast of the island. When he arrived, the All-Maker spoke to him, giving him his final task.

"Find the Greedy Man and release the Wind from its captivity."

So, Aevar wandered the land in search of the Greedy Man. He looked in the trees, but the Greedy Man did not hide there. Nor did he hide near the oceans, or the deep caves, and the beasts had not seen him in the dark forests. Finally, Aevar came to a crooked house, and he knew that here he would find the Greedy Man.

"Who are you," shouted the Greedy Man, "that you would come to my house?"

"I am Aevar of the Skaal," said Aevar. "I am not warrior, shaman, or elder. If I do not return, I will not be missed. But I have returned the Oceans and the Earth, the Trees, the Beasts, and the Sun, and I will return the Winds to my people, that we may feel the spirit of the All-Maker in our souls again."

And with that, he grabbed up the Greedy Man's bag and tore it open. The Winds rushed out with gale force, sweeping the Greedy Man up and carrying him off, far from the island. Aevar breathed in the Winds and was glad. He walked back to the Wind Stone, where the All-Maker spoke to him a final time.

"You have done well, Aevar. You, the least of the Skaal, have returned my gifts to them. The Greedy Man is gone for now, and should not trouble your people again in your lifetime. Your All-Maker is pleased. Go now, and live according to your Nature."

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Find and activate the Wind Stone on the western shore of the Harstrad River.
  2. Travel to Glenschul's Tomb and free the winds from the Greedy Man's bag.
  3. Return to the Wind Stone and activate it to complete the ritual.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

The Wind StoneEdit

The Greedy Man's Bag

The Wind Stone is located right on the western shore of the Harstrad River near where it joins the Isild River. Activate the Stone to be told to travel south and east of the lake of ice to Glenschul's Tomb and free the Winds from the Greedy Man's bag.

Glenschul's TombEdit

Travel to the southeast corner of Lake Fjalding and continue on in the southeastern direction over the high ridge. The tomb is located on the other side of the ridge. The entrance is composed of large, black stones and is hard to miss.

Inside the tomb you'll find more draugr as well as some undead bonewolves. The tomb is small and in the west end you'll find a large bag which you can open to free the wind. Return to the Wind Stone and activate it to complete this portion of the ritual.


  • This is similar to a scene in the Odyssey. Odysseus was given a bag full of wind so he could safely sail home. One of his greedy crew members opened the bag hoping to find treasure and let the wind escape dooming most of the crew.
  • Contrary to the scroll, the Wind Stone is not found "far on the western coast of the island", but rather towards the center, on the western bank of the Harstrad River.

Quest StagesEdit

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

The Ritual of the Winds (BM_Wind)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 As I approached the Wind Stone, I saw magical writing appear on its surface. It read: "Travel south and east of the lake of ice to Glenschul's Tomb and free the Winds from the Greedy Man's bag."
50 Finishes quest  I have opened the Greedy Man's bags and freed the Winds. I should return to the Wind Stone.
100 Finishes quest  As I approached the Wind Stone, it began to glow with a mystical light.

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