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Bloodmoon:The Ritual of Earth

Bloodmoon: Quests: Main Quest
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Learn the Song of the Earth.
Quest Giver: Tharsten Heart-Fang in the Skaal Village
Location(s): Cave of Hidden Music
Prerequisite Quest: The Disappearance of Captain Carius
Next Quest: The Skaal Test of Wisdom
Concurrent Quest: The Ritual of Water, The Ritual of Beasts, The Ritual of Trees, The Ritual of the Sun, The Ritual of the Winds
Reward: None
ID: BM_Earth
Suggested Level: 30
Difficulty: Medium
The Earth Stone looms above the countryside

The Story of Aevar Stone-SingerEdit

Aevar then traveled to the Earth Stone, and there the All-Maker spoke to him again.

"Enter the Cave of the Hidden Music, and hear the Song of the Earth."

So Aevar traveled north and east to the Cave of the Hidden Music. He found himself in a large cavern, where the rocks hung from the ceiling and grew from the ground itself. He listened there, and heard the Song of the Earth, but it was faint. Grabbing up his mace, he struck the rocks of the floor in time with the Song, and the Song grew louder, until it filled the cavern and his heart. Then he returned to the Earth Stone.

"The Gift of the Earth is with the Skaal again," said the All-Maker. "The Lands are rich again, and will bear life."

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Find and activate the Earth Stone.
  2. Travel to the Cave of Hidden Music and enter the Chamber of the Song.
  3. Complete the two musical puzzles and return to the Earth Stone to activate it.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

The Earth Stone is a ways south down the coast from the Water Stone, northwest from Raven Rock as shown on the paper map. The Earth Stone pillar is barely visible from the shoreline and is on the top of a small hill in the forest. Activating the stone will tell you to travel northeast to the Cave of Hidden Music to learn the Earth Song.

Follow the stone's directions and head northeast, past Bloodskal Barrow, until the terrain becomes snow covered and rocky, then head due north. Alternatively, head due north from the stone until you cross an inlet and reach a small peninsula created by a fork in the inlet. The Cave of Hidden Music is just east of the peninsula. The cave's hard-to-miss entrance is composed of large, black stones.

The Cave is relatively empty except for a few draugr. Continue until you find the entrance to the Chamber of Song. There are no enemies in this area but you will occasionally hear a strange 'musical' sound. The sound emanates from a cluster of three stalactites and three stalagmites in the large western chamber of the cave. The sound is the same four notes over and over again. You'll notice that if you activate the stones you can produce similar notes; it should be obvious that you'll have to reproduce the sound by activating the stones in the correct order. You get as many chances as you want, but if you aren't musically inclined, the first order of notes is: Middle, Right, Left, Right. The music then changes to another pattern of four notes which you should also duplicate (Left, Right, Middle, Left). Once you get the two patterns correct, you will receive a journal entry to return to the Earth Stone. Do so and activate it to complete this portion of the ritual.

Quest StagesEdit

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

The Ritual of Earth (BM_Earth)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 I approached the Earth Stone, and words magically appeared on its surface. They said: "Travel northeast to the Cave of the Hidden Music and learn the Song of the Earth." Then the words disappeared.
20 In the Cave of the Hidden Music, I have found a large structure made of stalagmites and stalactites. An odd music seems to be coming from them.
30 I have found that when one of the hollowed stalagmites is struck, it produces a musical note like the ones I can hear in this cave.
40 By striking the stalagmites in succession, I was able to recreate the sounds I can hear in this cave. When I did, the pattern changed.
50 After repeating the new pattern, the sounds swelled, and then grew silent. I should return to the Earth Stone.
100 Finishes quest  When I returned to the Earth Stone, it began to glow with a mystical light.

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