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This archival work is dedicated to Loranna Pyrel, who passed away in early 2023. Rest in peace, friend. — Rock
Loranna Pyrel

Loranna's RP was a forum-based roleplay campaign series propagated by forum user Loranna Pyrel that lasted from 2004 to late 2006. It unofficially began with The Trial of Vivec and semi-officially ended with the From the Ashes campaign.

A word document catalogue of Ted Peterson's lore contributions for Loranna's RP can be downloaded: here.



The significance of Loranna's RP to unofficial lore lies in the forum posts of developer Ted Peterson, who used the roleplay as a doodle ground to play with worldbuilding and character ideas.[UOL 1] According to Peterson, he would get insider information on what Bethesda was doing for the next game and its worldbuilding, such as King Helseth of Morrowind outlawing slavery or Arch-Mage Hannibal Traven of the Mages Guild existing, and incorporate it into the campaigns. Later on, he would use concepts originated in the roleplay, some of which made it into official lore via A Pocket Guide to the Empire: Third Edition and in-game books present in Oblivion. As a source, Loranna's RP can inform these official materials with greater context.[UOL 1] Peterson himself maintains that roleplay is "only partially canon," and that its contents should be treated as a Secondary Source that only become fully canon or fully non-canon once incorporated into or disproved by Primary Sources later on.[UOL 1]


Reference Referencer Source
The mention of Azura's realm being unreachable and "the events of Hogithum Hall" in the Census of Daedra Lords are direct references to The Trial of Vivec. Michael Kirkbride Unofficial Lore
The Welwa mob can trace its origins back to user Allerleirauh, being introduced in the Twisted Tower campaign and used throughout the entire roleplay as a nod to real world Romanian folklore. They were later canonized in the Summerset section of A Pocket Guide to the Empire: Third Edition. Ted Peterson Pocket Guide
The character of Sed-Yenna mentioned in Remanada is a canonization/flip of a character created by user Loranna Pyrel, named "Sen-Yedda," who was the daughter of Vivec and Azura introduced in The Evening Star Parade. Ted Peterson Oblivion
The small Wayrester village of Candlemass mentioned in The Warp in the West was first introduced in The Blue Dawn campaign. Ted Peterson Oblivion
The Naga argonians were introduced in The Blue Dawn campaign, before appearing in The Argonian Account later on. Ted Peterson Oblivion
The characters of Prince Goranthir and Princess Rinnala (children of Queen Morgiah and King Karoodil of Firsthold) were invented for Morrowind Moonlight and both had major story archs throughout the remainder of the roleplay. They were both referenced in the Summerset section of A Pocket Guide to the Empire: Third Edition. Ted Peterson Pocket Guide
The "destruction in the east" mentioned in the Skyrim section of A Pocket Guide to the Empire: Third Edition was referring to the "Morrowind Civil War" which took place in the Playing Houses campaign. Additionally, while Ted Peterson did not invent this concept, he foreshadowed Helseth outlawing slavery, and his alliance with House Dres within the very same campaign. Ted Peterson Pocket Guide
The character of Movarth Piquine shows up within the Playing Houses campaign in a sequel appearance to the events of Immortal Blood, however this bit actually took place before Oblivion was published, where Immortal Blood was first made available to fans. So Piquine's appearance in the roleplay was really his first. During Playing Houses, Piquine eludes to having cured himself of vampirism after contracting it in events Immortal Blood -- an idea that was not picked up for Movarth's appearance in Skyrim, where Piquine was building his own vampire clan outside Morthal. Ted Peterson Oblivion
The city of Necrom's ESO appearance taking a literal approach on the 36 Lessons by subtly looking like the bones of the tusked beast Gulga Mor Jil. This aesthetic was first established by Ted Peterson in Morrowind Moonlight, where it is said that even in the morning sun, the city looks like desiccated tusks along the eastern coastline. ZeniMax Online Studios ESO


The following is a descending list of campaigns and the developers who participated in them...

Campaign 1: The Trial of VivecEdit Summary:

In the aftermath of the events around the 427th year of the Third Era, some idividuals decided to put Vivec, hero-god of the Dunmer, on trial for his crimes. Much debate arose about this proposal until Vivec himself agreed to be tried, and so, the events of what would later be called “Hogithum Hall and the Judgement of Vivec” began.

The judgement was to be held in traditional Dunmeri style, where three chosen ones would form a tribunal to do their best to condemn Vivec and everyone else present could try to influence the opinions of these three. The ones named by Vivec himself as his Tribunal were Allerleirauh as Mercy, Hasphat Antabolis as Mystery and Nigedo as Mastery.

Many a word was spoken and evidence was brought forth, and Vivec defended himself. During the judgement, Vivec proposed that the Daedric Prince Azura should be summoned to question her on Vivec and shed more light on the matter at hand. Hogithum came, Azura's holy day, and the Prince of Oblivion was summoned to be asked for answers.

Vivec stopped the procedures and took control of the events. Azura’s spirit was shattered by his spear MUATRA and she was bound to the Mundus. Then, after finally having taken his revenge on the Daedric Prince for the demise of Almalexia, Sotha Sil and himself, Vivec ascended to Aetherius.

It is important to note that though the Trial kicked off Loranna's RP, it was never intended to do so by its original participants. The Trial was originally a spur of the moment forum thread started by fans, which Michael Kirkbride propagated into a roleplaying event with developer involvement. Some months later, after the event was over and the core developers' involvement done, the fans themselves were responsible for the story's continuance, picking up where the Trial left off. The result was a series of latter campaigns, of which developer involvement remained by virtue of series regular Ted Peterson.

Campaign 2: Hearthfire BallEdit Summary:

One need not to guess who wrote these words, and in light of these words, the events of the Hearthfire Ball should be regarded. Darius Practus, an imperial nobleman, invited all kinds of folk to dancing and merrymaking. It seemed, with the term "all kinds of folk", he was a bit too careless. The ball, while it began pleasantly with food and drink, attracted the attention of two most formidable dancers, Sheogorath and Azura, confined in the body of Loranna, a nordic barmaid.

Confusion led to madness and madness to Sheogorath's merry laughter and amusement.

Campaign 3: Noble Seamstress' Spotted OwlEdit

Campaign 4: Twisted TowerEdit

Campaign 5: Trail of Frozen TearsEdit Summary:

Loranna, the vessel of Azura, decided to move from High Rock across the icy plains of Skyrim to the east, to Morrowind. Her intent was to restore the Province to its ancient glory under the guidance of Azura, hoping that Azura would be able to learn to understand mortals through her as medium.

She gathered around herself her friends and many heroes of great reknown, among them Allerleirauh, Mercy from the Trial of Vivec, Aricyn, a great Nord warrior, Solin, a mysterious Dunmer, Arynel, a Breton traveller and many more like Dur’el, Reichi, Dante, Dane...

The first stop of many was Solitude (or Haafingar, as the Nords call it) and already, foreshadows of what would come to be clouded the horizon, as Sheogorath – in form of a storm – raged over the city and laid waste to it. The companions fled towards Markarth and during their stay there, the College of the Voice also was destroyed.

Several other cities they visited suffered equally, in Snowhawk, children were slain after Loranna whispered to them to let the company into town. Half of the village of Stonehill was destroyed as well.

During the Trail of Frozen Tears, Loranna found out that she was pregnant with Sen-Yedda, the child of Vivec and Azura who was in her.

Just before the end of the Trail of Frozen Tears, Ciel Dolbinen, an officer of the Kingdom of Wayrest, stopped the party, on orders to arrest Loranna, who seemed to lose hold to herself and her sanity more and more during the Trail.

A battle followed, but eventually, Loranna yielded and was taken into custody on the condition that she would be tried in a similar manner as Vivec – in Morrowind, and thus, the events of the Parade in the months of Evening and Morning Star began to slowly unfold.

Campaign 6: Come to Your SensesEdit Summary:

After the Trail of Frozen Tears, many heroes left the group for a while, only to receive a message from a person who called himself "the Speaker" and meet again at the "Cave of the Dog" somewhere on the Morrowind Mainland. Many other folks had received the message as well, and so it came that Arynel, Mirea, Reichi, Erenius, Nalion, Sekka - a Dunmer with multiple personalities and a dog named Dumac at his side - and others joined up with new faces like Melampus and Jahar to explore this cave.

The "Cave of the Dog" proved to be a rather extensive network of tunnels and caves, through which the Speaker led the party by riddles and tasks that were designed to tickle the companions' senses.

Keys had to be found to open doors and riddles to be solved to open the next section of the cave. After one of these adventures, some of the party's members were awarded a Dagger of Senses by the Speaker, however, only Reichi and Nalion are still reported to be in the possession of one.

As the party explored the cave further, illusions came into play, confusing the eye so that the companions had to utilize other senses to advance. The events culminate in a surreal battle in an illusionary town, and after the illusion was broken, it is revealed that the Speaker is in truth Sekka's dog Dumac, who is able to talk and regained his voice by the riddles he posed the party.

Meanwhile, in other parts of Tamriel, the wheel whirled as well. Loranna was imprisoned, but the threads of fate again were drawn towards her.

Allerleirauh wove the miraculous Cloak of the Firmament and presented it to Arynel and this artifact should prove to be a saviour in many occasions.

Arynel himself taught Solin the secrets of the Void and Solin began to study the secrets of the Clockwork City, gaining knowledge that would prove to be critical in the events to come.

Soon after the companions left the "Cave of the Dog", the events of the Evening Star Parade would begin and it would be proven that the Arena very well deserves its name.

Campaign 7: The Evening Star ParadeEdit Summary:

During the feast, madness reigned happily, as was the daM doG's promise.

After that, Loranna decided to set out alone to the shrine in the fields of Kummu, and the majority of the Parade was led – under guidance of a fake Incarnate Mother and Aricyn the Nord – moved slowly towards Ghostgate, the location of then next shrine.

As Loranna was paying honest homage at the Fields of Kummu, she transgressed against Azura's will, and her skin's colour turned ashen-grey.

Meanwhile, during the main party's stay at the Ghostgate, opposition towards Loranna began to form, as some heroes, among them Arynel and Allerleirauh saw the threat a Daedric Prince would cause, and secret plans were set in motion.

After Loranna had rejoined the Parade and fulfilled the pilgrimage to the Ghostgate shrine, Suran was chosen to be the next stop on the way towards Vivec. After a long stay, there, the Parade finally had reached Vivec and – fulfilling the last three shrine quests – Loranna, who had grown increasingly insane by the influence of the Daedric Prince in her, finally saw the mistakes she made and agreed to put herself on trial. Again, a Tribunal was formed and Allerleirauh was again chosen to be Mercy. Solin represented Mystery and Arynel was to be Mastery.

The Trial was held, yet Azura finally managed to gain full control over Loranna. In a wrath of fury, she called on her power and thousands all over Tamriel swore their souls to her, bowed their heads in reverence and thus, the Azurites were created.

By chance or fate, however, the heroes around Loranna were not unprepared. Powerful magic was cast in form of Azura’s true names - spoken by the Psijiic Master B - and by the sword of Moon Reiver - wielded by Aricyn - Loranna was freed from Azura’s influence. Sen-Yedda, the unborn child of Vivec and Azura, could also be saved and she was put into a Simulacrum created by Solin

Yet the damage was done. Azura had found her power and destruction followed in her wake. Vivec City was almost laid to waste in the battle that followed, the Ministry of Truth, fulfilling Vivec's old prophecy of falling down when the love of the Dunmer for their god dwindled, was destroyed and the heroes, terrified, only barely managed to flee from the raging forces of the Azurites.

Campaign 8: The Blue DawnEdit Summary:

The party had to flee the city of Vivec and the swarming forces of the Azurites and took shelter in nearby Ald Sotha. Jazbet, a Khajiiti knight of the Dunmer Great House Dres, offered them shelter in his home Ald Raathim on the mainland and thus, the party moved under many perils to this town on the mainland.

A time of healing and regrouping followed, where the party gathered its strength. However, the enemy in form of the Azurites was not idle. During the following weeks, the Azurites gathered strength and conquered Vvardenfell and began a secret project in the vicinity of Red Mountain.

Meanwhile, information reached the party that a certain artifact called Flamekiss could provide a part of a solution to the Azurite threat. It was to be found in the dreadful dungeons of the Vaults of Gemin near Stormhold in Blackmarsh. A part of the companions set out to gain this artifact and after arduous adventures, they were able to obtain this great prize. During these adventures, a large force of Azurites attacked the village of Ald Raathim to vanqish all opposition. Only by the combined powers of many heroes and soldiers alike, this battle was won.

After many other adventures, the heroes that retrieved the Flamekiss artifact returned to Ald Raathim. Matters had worsened, for the plans of the enemy became clearer.

A giant soulgem called the Pillar of Dawn had been erected on the very spot of the heart of Lorkhan at Red Mountain. Would a soul of a powerful being, like the soul of the yet unborn divine child Sen-Yedda, be sacrificed on Hogithum, Azura would gain the power to subjugate creation itself under her will only.

It came to be, that by unfortunate events, Solin, the mysterious Dunmer, became possessed by Alandro Sul, immortal son of Azura. He kidnapped Sen-Yedda and brought her to Red Mountain only days before Hogithum.

Despair reigned among the heroes, but then, by chance or by fate, they were able to forge a plan. Flamekiss was a power source for an artifact called Eidolon, which had been found recently and was now in the possession of King Helseth of Morrowind. This artifact would be able to destroy the Azurites, if it could be controlled. Uncontrolled, it would destroy creation itself.

The Eidolon was kept, under the close observation of Helseth, in Ebonheart, and the party managed to convince Helseth of their cause. Many armies gathered for a final assault on Red Mountain, Helseth’s Imperial Legions, Nordic warriors under the command of Aricyn, various small groups of Tamriel and many more.

The party decided to use the Eidolon on the Pillar of Dawn, center of the power of Azura. While a major force assaulted Red Mountain, a small group of heroes managed to sneak by the defenses and come close to the Pillar of Dawn on the day of Hogithum.

On Hogithum, Azura was summoned in the flesh of Nibani Maesa and Sen-Yedda was born.

In the last moment, eight heroes, with the help of eight shards of a sword that was forged earlier and which represented the eight Aedra, managed to circle around the Pillar of Dawn.

What then happened is hard to describe. Eight took upon them the powers of the Aedra and broke time itself. They were able to control the Eidolon and target its destructive force in a way that it would vanquish all Azurites and defeat Azura. In the last moment, Azura was banished, the pillar was destroyed and Sen-Yedda saved. Chaos broke out as Red Mountain erupted and caused massive destruction to the island of Vvardenfell.

The heroes managed to escape the turmoil and met again at Ald Raathim, though there were grave losses, too. Many brave soldiers fell in battle, and also many heroes. Jazbet, Loranna's husband-to-be, had died as his soul had left his body. However, with his soul being gone, Jazbet's body presented a unique chance for the Lich Slyvos Araberith, who also won Loranna's love, to regain a new body and embrace mortality once again.

Allerleirauh took the responsibility to raise Sen-Yedda, child of Vivec and Azura.

In the time that followed, Loranna took over the task of ruling Ald Raathim, with her fiancee Slyvos at her side.

Campaign 9: High Rock HighjinksEdit Summary:

During the events of the Blue Dawn, a hero called Illidan was unfortunately turned into a vampire, and the following weeks, the party spent in search of a cure for this disease. Allerleirauh found out that the witches of Tamarylin Coven might be able to provide a cure, but first, this coven had to be found.

The search for this cure took them from Wayrest to Menevia, where the party stayed for a while, gathering rumours and information about the coven, and well, having some fun in the in an area in which Dibella was originally worshipped...

After Menevia, the companions followed the hints they had gathered into the countryside and ended up at Old Elyssa's farmhouse, a somewhat haunted manor. The first hint that something was not right was that they were attacked by flying vegetables and only barely managed to flee into the farmhouse. The farmhouse was as peculiar as the vegetables were unconventional, with its closets within closets. There, the companions met Vycta Bucking, a former maid to Old Elyssa. They found out that somehow, Elyssa's malevolent spirit had been trapped in the house and presented a danger to the farmpeople in the vicinity. Slyvos banished the spirit and the house was burnt down.

The party followed the rumours further, and finally found the hiding place of the witches coven - after having to convince a corrupt local constable to give away their location. The witches there knew how to craft a potion to cure vampirism, but they lacked a rare plant which was needed to complete the elixir. The group found the plant after having to fight a wizard who intended to take the power of the plant for his own.

While the witches were finishing the potion, Tris wanted to see the resting place of his friend Dom, once a infamous duelist, who had been hanged and not properly buried. At this grave, the party had encountered Dom's powerful and angry ghost, and had to uncover the mystery that surrounded his death. But finally, Dom's ghost was laid to rest.

Meanwhile, Nalion had left for his hometown of Llainfair, where he hoped to make peace with the father of his late wife Lirielle. However, Nalion was imprisoned by Lirielle's father Lord Tailas, and rumours had spread that Nalion had murdered his wife - who in truth had died by disease. The group investigated the case and found evidence that Tailas had been involved in supporting banditry and with these charges, Loranna and Tris were able to force Tailas to put Nalion on a trial before the village elders to wash his name clear. At the culmination of Nalion's trial, Lirielle's ghost appeared and confirmed Nalion's innocence, and the mage was acquitted. Tailas instead was brought to Wayrest for charges of banditry and high treason.

Finally though, the witches of Tamarylin Coven finished the cure for Vampirism. Illidan, still unwillingly staying in the vampire-infested town of Balmora, had to be freed and the companions set out to cleanse the town and rescue Illidan. After a hard battle, they had accomplished this task and Illidan was brought back to the living.

After Illidan's cure, Allerleirauh, leader of the secret Void Ranger guild in Daggerfall, invited the companions to her guildhouse to celebrate. However, the festivities did not last long. The party encountered many apparitions and ghosts, fallen friends of the battle of Red Mountain, ghosts with unsettled business and even an army of dead Nords.

Clearly, matters grew worse. With the help of the seeress Skein, the cause of the apparitions was revealed. Tris, a young Breton Void Ranger had – out of love – revived his friend Ciel, who had died in the Vaults of Gemin, with Void Ranger powers. This caused a rift in the realm of Arkay, thus weakening the borders between life and death. Ghosts and apparitions grew more troublesome and matters became worse. A solution was far away...

During all these events, Ald Raathim began to prosper. With slavery abolished in the small district of Daruhn, and refugees and escaped slaves coming to Ald Raathim, the former village grew in size, and with it, influence.

Campaign 10: Morrowind MoonlightEdit Summary:

The problem of the restless ghosts persisted, though. While many worked on finding this solution, the ghosts spread over Tamriel and began to affect Ald Raathim as well. Dres Raithmat, former Lord of Ald Raathim, and cruel in his reign, threatened to purge his city from the benevolent reign of Loranna, if Loranna did not find his true heir and gave him the district to rule. A long search took place and many new friends were found, until, at last, light was shed on the history of Raithmat and Seres, his lost son. Loranna struck a deal with Seres and thus Seres confirmed Loranna in her office. Raithmat was outraged and it came to battle in the catacombs of Ald Raathim. In a joint effort of Loranna and her friends, the evil spirit was finally banished.

In the meantime, Loranna kept up her duty as mistress of Ald Raathim, and forged bonds of friendship with Queen Mother Barenziah of Morrowind, thus, gaining recognition among House Dres and the royal court. With the support of the throne of Morrowind, Ald Raathim gained a considerable boost in power, recognition and wealth.

However, the ghosts still haunted Tamriel, and things grew worse. Allerleirauh had taken steps to prepare a solution and retreated to a secret location called True Solunastra. From there, she sent letters of advice to Loranna and her friends, and so, grand efforts were taken to rid Tamriel of the ghost problem.

Truly, the events would prove to end up to be cataclysmic. The instant Tris had saved Ciel in the Vaults of Gemin, the realm of Arkay, God of Life and Death, was damaged, and the damage spread, threatening to dissolve the fabric of the Mundus itself.

Many hands of heroes were needed, Arynel in finding a path, Solin, in finding a way to restore what was, Nalion in finding what had to be saved and, most importantly, Eight who would leave Mundus and travel through the Spheres of the Gods. All heroes who wanted to become one of the Eight would participate in training, for the voyage through the spheres was a hard and dangerous one. During one of these trainings, reality shattered for a brief moment, a glimpse of more horrible things that would happen soon. And horrible they truly were. Reality shifted again, and this time, it reverted to a reality, where Azura was not defeated at Hogithum, and the Azurites threatened to take over all Tamriel. The heroes barely managed to flee to the tavern, and there it was where they were sent on their voyage through a gate and bridge of blades Arynel created, bearing the Mythopoeic Tome found by Nalion and containing the story of the heroes.

What followed was epic, breathtaking, dangerous and terrifying. While the Eight in the spheres made their way through the realms of Akatosh, Kynareth, Dibella, Julianos, Mara, Arkay, Stendarr and Zenithar and finally reached the Antechamber of Souls where they prepared for their final battle, the situation on Mundus was grim.

The Azurites threatened to take over the Imperial City in Cyrodiil and kill the Emperor. If that would happen, all the miracles the Eight in the spheres could work would be in vain as well. And so, at the same time, two battles were fought, one for the Emperor and the Imperial City, and one on the Plane of Conflict.

The Eight had to challenge a group of eight powerful warriors known as the Source of All Sorrows to reach the final gate to True Solunastra and their goal in this mission. After a terrifying battle, they finally won, and the final preparations to restore the world could begin.

Meanwhile, on Mundus, the brave forces of Cyndarius and the remaining heroes fought at the palace steps, hoping they would not be too late to save the Emperor, as the battle grew fiercer and fiercer, and reality finally began to break apart.

Just as they entered the throne room, the Eight, with Solin and Arynel wielding powerful magic, managed to restore the world, heal the realm of Arkay and set right what was wrong.

It was a time to rejoice then, and to recover, both in mind, body and heart.

Campaign 11: Hearthfire HearthfiresEdit Summary:

And a recovery of the heart it truly was meant to be. Lyssia and Landon, two nobles of Daggerfall were to be married, and many heroes were invited to share their joy. However, the joyous events were overshadowed by a murder. Selvia, a jealous relative of Lyssia, sought to disturb the wedding and kidnapped her, seeking refuge in the deserts of Hammerfell. The heroes followed in close pursuit and managed to free the bride, but Selvia escaped. The relationships between the heroes intensified as well. Goranthir, a newly joined hero and son of Morgiah and Reman of Firsthold, fell in love with Allerleirauh. Together with Tris, they traveled to a mask ball in Firsthold, to talk to Morgiah and inquire about a deal she made years ago with Mannimarco, the King of Worms. It was revealed that Mannimarco had marked Goranthir as his and would claim him when the time was right. In Daggerfall, Laurent Lyonswurst, an "advisor" to the Queen, was discovered by Mirea, Tris and Herwyn Brand to have been possessed by a demon of Sanguine. During this, Mirea fell in love with Quill, a circus owner. Maranda, sister of Lyssia, fell in love with a priestess of Dibella and joined the Order of the Lily. Anya and Shaka also found a liking for each other, though both, physical and mental barriers kept them apart... yet. Nalion grew fond of Doll of Solunastra and after some turmoils, they found together.

During all this, there was peace in the land, and Ald Raathim prospered more and more. New trade routes were opened, an Arena was built, new taverns were constructed, among them the Nymph and Noggin led by Isidor and Kethiah, who, after some struggles as well, discovered their love for each other. Ald Raathim also had a new and greater harbour and outlying forts, making it an important trade city and a military power to be recognized.

The days were pleasant, but already, darker clouds could be seen on the horizon.

Campaign 12: Playing HousesEdit Summary:

Helseth, King of Morrowind, made his move to abolish the Great House system in Morrowind and unite the Dunmer under his banner. His strong ties with his own House Hlaalu and the bonds with Great House Dres won him great support, and an alliance - well, more of a truce - between himself and House Telvanni ensured that the wizard's house would not move against him.

However, Houses Indoril and Redoran rebelled against Helseth's plans, and Morrowind erupted in civil war.

The tides of battle went back and forth, as each side claimed the right to rule Morrowind. In an attempt to disrupt the war efforts of the rebellious Houses Redoran and Indoril, Helseth abolished slavery, and this enraged the enemy more and more.

Meanwhile, persistent rumours that the Tribunal of Vivec, Sotha Sil and Almalexia fighting on the side of Indoril and Redoran were heard, and in the battle for Molag Mar, Almalexia was seen in her full glory - or was she?

Seeing the power of this supposed living Tribunal, Ald Raathim faced hard times. Goranthir was sent to Vvardenfell to investigate and find out whether the Tribunal was true or fake. However, his mission failed. A reported explosion at the time he was about to meet Almalexia face to face caused Ald Raathim to send a rescue mission. To the shock of many, Goranthir was found changed. Mannimarco had finally claimed him and from then on, Goranthir was known as Geht.

During the rescue mission, the heroes discovered a huge army of Fabricants and giant mechanical war crabs crafted by Sotha Sil, and after the rescue party was discovered, this army set out to attack positions of Helseth's loyalist forces. Unfortunate events during this mission led to the abduction of Anya by the hands of the Bathogorgen vampire Dayla and the Bosmer herself was turned into a vampire.

One target was Ald Raathim, and a terrible battle was fought both inside and outside of the walls. The Redoran forces were able to breach through the city with their war crabs and with that, accomplished even what the forces of Azura did not manage to do. Only barely and with the strength of all the heroes assembled in Ald Raathim, the enemy was forced to retreat, however, many of Ald Raathim's soldier were dead on the battlefield and great parts of the city were destroyed.

But the pains of war were not Ald Raathim's alone. Mournhold had been attacked as well, suffering heavy damage, but managing to repel the enemy. Vivec City was one of the major battle sites of the offensive, and this particular battle ended with Indoril and Redoran managing to conquer the city. However, Houses Indoril and Redoran suffered heavy losses, too. All three Tribunes - called the False Tribunal - were present at the battle for Vivec, and false Almalexia, Sotha Sil and Vivec were defeated by Arynel and Solin. Sotha Sil and Vivec died by the two heroes hands. During the battle between Solin and false Almalexia, the Dunmer used an amulet that contained the force of a Thu'um, and blasted Almalexia away. The power of the magic cast was so strong, that a certain event at Loranna's Trial after the Evening and Morning Star Parades had been undone. Once more, the renegade moon that was formerly the Ministry of Truth, hovered over the Temple Canton.

But even despite the lost battles at Ald Raathim and Mournhold, the Indorial and Redoran alliance was able to gain significant foothold in Helseth's lands, further adding pressure on the king.

After these battles, there were few opportunities to rest. Major efforts were made to rebuild the damage and already, things were set in motion to face the threat Mannimarco represented.

With different agendas, several heroes went to Firsthold. Loranna and her entourage - Isidor, Shaka, Erenius, P'rassha and Reeds - were asked by King Helseth to seek the support of his sister, Queen Morgiah of Firsthold, in the war against Indoril and Redoran, and Loranna herself wanted to talk with Morgiah about Goranthir's fate.

Nalion pursued a hint that information about Mannimarco might be gained in the Firsthold's Royal Library.

As it happened, it was ball season in Firsthold at that time, and many social events took place. Aside from Princess Rinnala's Royal Cotillion ball, there was a ball at the Royal Library itself. With the help of Lord Faormier, Nalion managed to get an invitation, and used a chance to sneak into the library, where he met Venevria Estacirce, who had sneaked away from the ball to her own honour. Venevria, who wanted to be called Ria - in honour of her aunt Ria Silmane - sought to leave for Artaeum to become a Psijiic. Nalion let her go, and in exchange, Ria showed him a book that might prove helpful against Mannimarco.

Loranna had visited the Library Ball as well, but the far more important ball would be the Cotillion of Princess Rinnala, which was about to happen soon. However, a grave event happened shortly before this ball. Crown Prince Aedrin was killed by an as yet unknown force, apparently ripped apart by birds.

Despite this ill-fated event and Aedrins funeral, the Royal Cotillion took place as planned, with a grandeur that probably only can be found on Summerset.

After the ball, Loranna and her companions had the chance to talk to Morgiah about the news, but were interrupted by the arrival of Queen Barenziah. A heated dispute between mother and daughter occurred when they met in Firstholds harbour, but it calmed down and the discussion was continued in the royal palace... only to be interrupted by Rinnala's cries for help.

Geht - formerly Goranthir - had attacked her using his skills to control animals and it was revealed that he was responsible for Aedrin's death. It also was apparent, that Mannimarco had control over him now. A battle in the gardens of the royal palace inflamed between Goranthir and Morgiah, Barenziah, Loranna and Maranda - who had also visited Firsthold. Rinnala could be saved and Geht be repelled, but not without cost. In the heat of battle, Maranda selflessly died at the hands of Geht, protecting Rinnala. Maranda, receiving honours after her death, now rests entombed as heroe in the Temple of Auriel.

As a result of the appearance of Geht, Morgiah divorced from King Reman in an attempt to revoke the contract she made with Mannimarco years ago in promising her "First" to the God of Worms. Morgiah took Rinnala and went with Barenziah to Mournhold.

However, as one of her last deeds as Queen of Firsthold, Morgiah had sent a large relief fleet of her troops to support Helseth in Morrowind.

Rebuilding Ald Raathim continued and after the events of Firsthold, an alternative hidden trade route has been found, awaz from the prying eyes of Indoril and Redoran soldiers.

While this was good news for a short time, the bad news caught up quickly. Reports from the Dres town Tel Dresori - Dres Minsero's land - trickled in and told of an attack by the western Diodata vampire clan. Seeing that this would be a major threat - especially taking in the fact that the Diodata were in an ancient feud with another vampire clan, the Korgari - the heroes of Ald Raathim decided to cleanse the city. Little they knew what would await them there.

After fighting horrible battles against vampires in the town, Anya and Slyvos were captured by the Diodata and brought into the castle of Tel Dresori. There they faced torture and pain by the hands of Ashana, Slyvos' vengeful daughter, herself a Bathogorgen vampire who posed as Almalexia of the false Tribunal.

The rest of the party tried to push forward towards the castle, but they, too, were taken prisoner and were to be used in Ashana's schemes. Only with the help of the Korgari vampire Kingston Mune were they able to turn the leaf. Ashana was killed by Anya and Slyvos in the battle that followed and thus, the last false Tribune was defeated. However, the pain inflicted by the vampires and Ashana would still linger in the hearts of the heroes.

After a brief time of recreation and an inspection of the Mages Guild's Archmagister Hannibal Traven, the threat of Mannimarco became once more apparent. The area of Ephesus in Hammerfell was reported to be void of life from a death aura that Mannimarco had created around his former lair of Scourg Barrow.

The heroes of Ald Raathim gathered once more to find ways of entering this death aura and face Mannimarco. A small group, consisting of Tsei, Slashes-with-Claws (Hesek), Dar'Tessir and Nalion entered Black Marsh in search for Hist sap, and after cleansing a desecrated Wamasu temple, they were given what they sought. Loranna took the Hist sap and traveled to Skyrim, and with powerful magic, she was able to craft potions that would enable the heroes of Ald Raathim to pass safely through Mannimarco's death field.

Sivartus, Athaso, Dana, Vaan and Osa went to Sentinel in Hammerfell to ask the temple of Arkay for help. The temple sent them on a quest to help Sir Gancolm, a Knight of the Circle, and retrieve the legendary shield Spellbreaker. After defeating the bearer of the shield, Gancolm, suffering from a curse, took the shield for himself in a personal quest for revenge, and only could be convinced to give the shield up after much talking and lifting the curse.

Anya and Reichi set out on a quest to discover Anya's vampire heritage and perhaps seek hints on Mannimarco in the extensive library Ashana had kept in the Bathogorgen refuge. The books and the artifacts found there, like the Masque of Clavicus Vile, would certainly be helpful in the future.

With these items, the heroes set out to Hammerfell, to wage war on the Wormgod.

Campaign 13: War of the WormgodEdit Summary:

It was in Ephesus, a remote territory in the Dragontail Mountains which cut through the kingdom of Sentinel, that it began. A group of mages from the local Mages Guild had gone to investigate the ruins of Scourg Barrow, the former haunt of Mannimarco, the so-called King of Worms. They never returned, and shortly thereafter contact was lost with all of Ephesus.

An aura of death spread over the mountains, slaying all who came within its boundaries, man, mer, animal, or plant.

Then in Totambu to the east of the mountains, a dragon was spotted arching through the skies. No sooner was it reported, then whole villages were annihiliated.

No such attacks had then occurred to the west yet, in the capitol of Sentinel, but fear could be seen on every face.

From all across Tamriel, different factions joined to combat the rising menace of the King of Worms. Joining with the army of Sentinel were the Imperial troops, led by the Emperor Uriel Septim VII himself, and the Mages Guild, led by Archmagister Hannibal Traven.

The former Queen of Firsthold, Morgiah also lent her influence to the battle to come. Her son, Goranthir, had become a pawn of Mannimarco’s called Geht, responsible for the dragon and other beasts coming to the land.

The Tribunal Temple, the Temples of the Nine, the royal army of King Helseth of Morrowind, and its rivals in the Civil War, the Indoril Redoran Alliance also pledged troops.

And the heroes of Ald Raathim also heeded the call.

Some joined the armies to surround the Dragontail Mountains to the east and west, in Ramakawan and Kalaal, and others went into the Mountains themselves, shielding from the death aura by a potion concocted by the very elixir of the Hist of Black Marsh.

In the jungles to the east, a group of mages saved the village of Turodon by luring a rampaging undead dragon of Mannimarco to the fortress of Ramakawan where he was driven off by Gistral, Sir Gancolm, Ota, and the factional warriors stationed there under the command of Digitus Eros. In the seaside fortress of Kalaan, an even larger dragon was driven off to sea by Dana, Vaan, the Fist of Harg, Samson, and the factional warriors stationed there under the command of Laretha Warhaft. In Sentinel, Loranna’s brave attack against the largest of the three dragons gave the Psijics of Artaeum just enough time to conjure up a storm to drive it away.

In the Dragontail Mountains, the heroes had four Blightstones to destroy to end the death aura of the King of Worms. At the first, they faced an undead dragon and Geht himself. His power now increased so that he could control the minds of men, Geht ordered the heroes to fight one another, but ultimately his beloved nurse Taolle destroyed Geht, and died in the process.

The heroes, now including Goranthir, continued on, destroying two more of the Blightstones and defeating Mannimarco's surreal, nightmarish minions, until they came to Scourg Barrow. There in a beautiful mockery of a city, entirely composed of corpses, they found the final Blightstone in the claws of the King of Worms himself. Having thousands of other Blightstones he could recharge, Mannimarco crushed it in his hands, causing an implosion that slew all the heroes.

At the same time, however, Loranna had found herself in a strange dream, hosted by Sheogorath, where she was reliving many of the events of her past. As she interacted with them, she began to change things, actually at one point bringing a young Arynel out of the past with her as a companion. In the Vaults of Gemin, the three watched Tris once again resurrect Ciel, creating cracks in the firmament of Arkay. Loranna and Arynel attempted to teleport away, and found themselves in gray nothingness together with the heroes whom Mannimarco had slain.

Sheogorath then brought them all to where it began, The Hearthfire Ball of Lord Darius. They witnessed all the events, participating in them, and changing them, until the grand conclusion, when the Mad God danced with Loranna-Azura.

History did not repeat itself. Instead of Sheogorath ascending and leaving Azura behind, Sheogorath (divided in two) carried both Azura and the younger version of Loranna with him to Oblivion.

Loranna used the gift Sheogorath had given her in the first Hearthfire Ball, the spark of madness that would give her a moment of genius inspiration, and helped one and all escape the dream before the illusion was torn apart. They woke up, naked and dancing, in Loranna's room in Sentinel.

Meanwhile, with the death aura gone in the Dragontail Mountains, the western and eastern armies battled against Mannimarco's army of the dead. After a harrowing battle and many losses, the combined army defeat the Worm King and took Scourg Barrow. Whether Mannimarco was killed or merely escaped is a matter of some controversy.

Campaign 14: From the AshesEdit Summary:

The Marble Jaws of Oblivion had been shut. The Champion of Cyrodiil was victorious. But the price was high. Martin, Last of the Septims is gone, with the furious and glorious blaze of the Dragon. Cities lie in ruins, armies scattered, the warriors weary. There is no Emperor and no heir to hold the Covenant together. The Elder Council tries its best, yet already, secret plans are in motion... Where will Tamriel go in these times? Where will the Empire go? Will there be an Empire?

Four years have gone by since the War of the Wormgod and many of the heroes in this battle against the undead have gone their separate ways. However, all were drawn together again after the events of the Oblivion Crisis.

As a symbol of hope and an inspiration for others to do the same, there was to be held a Fundraising Event to rebuild the city of Kvatch. Many events and contests were scheduled and organised by various parties: races, magick challenges, poetry contributions, arena fights, a scholarly symposium, a fundraising dances and many more. It is in this environment when the heroes of the past meet in the present, share their newest stories and take part in the various competitions to fund the rebuilding of Kvatch.

Many have taken interest and concern in the events of the Oblivion Crisis and wonder about the future, even try to shape it or at least take part in it.

The Elder Council - apparently not as strong in leadership as they would like - was trying to consolidate and conserve the Empire and its Provinces, though with perhaps little effect. Skyrim seemed to be on the brink of succession and the other provinces each have their own internal and external problems to deal with.

Yet still, the Fundraising Event is a huge success, crowned by the dancing contest sponsored by Solunastra. However, this contest was also the stage of many grievous events to come.

Aricyn, who has accompanied the heroes for a long time, has consolidated his power in Skyrim and at the end of the fundraising ball, kidnapped young Princess Rinnala of the Summerset Kingdom of Firsthold. His plans apparently were to marry her, thus joining Altmer and Skyrim blood in his plans to take the Seat of Sundered Kings and make himself Emperor.

What he did not know, though, was that he had only kidnapped Rinnala's double, while the true Princess Rinnala posed as a lowly servant. However, this was not known to the public and for this reason as well as the rescue of the innocent double and to deny Aricyns ambition to the throne, a rescue team was set up, consisting of many reknowned heroes.

Additional rumours among the heroes that Aricyn was one part of the famed and feared 'Enantiomorph' was further motivation to investigate this situation.

The heroes, the real Princess nd her brother among them, set out towards Skyrim and High Hrothgar, the reported residence and base of power for Aricyn.

In the meanwhile, other heroes cared about Somnia Nyx, a noblewoman who was trapped in the dream-realms of Daedric Prince Vaernima's Quagmire. After many adventures and strange occurences in this dreamworld - in which even heroes from the Skyrim group were drawn into - Somnia was finally rescued.

After several adventures in Skyrim, including a surreal experience in the fabled Labyrinthian, the heroes managed to reach Fjerdevinden, in High Hrothgar, where Aricyn and his Five Hundred Companions feasted and protected the double of Princess Rinnala. There, the heroes hatched a - mostly - cunning plan, made possible by the unique powers of the vampires Anya, to wipe the double while Aricyn's brother Cyndarius distracted the young Great Chief elsewhere.

The climb to Fjerdevinden was arduous, testing both body and spirit, though the heroes managed to reach their goal, and indeed rescued the Princess's double - though in the ensuing chaos, several heroes were captured and held prisoner until Aricyn returned. In a magnamious show of mercy, the disappointed Aricyn nonetheless pardoned the heroes for their crimes against him and his people, and invited them to feast with him, not realizing his Princess was now yet another double. During the feast, Aricyn offered his guests chance to join him in his quest to reunite Tamriel; several heroes took him up on his offer.

Meanwhile, Rinnala's father, King Reman of Firsthold, sent Aricyn a letter explaining the original deception and offering an alliance if Aricyn could find the real Rinnala. With some amusement, Aricyn released those heroes who would not side with him, bidding them to pass on the word. Rinnala, to the surprise of more than a few, accepted her father's plans without complaint, and agreed to marry Aricyn, thus cementing the alliance between Skyrim and Firsthold. This alliance would prove to be disasterous for other alliances, however; unbeknownst to anyone else at the time, King Helseth had made an agreement with his hated rival, Queen Elysana, to support her and Gortwog in their efforts against Aricyn. When Helseth received word of Reman's plans, he flew into a rage, denouncing Reman and his consort, Helseth's sister Morgiah.

While many heroes adventured in Skyrim, a new threat revealed itself in Cyrodiil; a Nordic man, calling himself the Bandit King, organized the brigands of Cyrodiil together into an army, outfitted them with the best equipment the Oblivion Gates had to offer, and let them loose to terrorize the countryside, to plunder and strike fear into the hearts of the common man. In the midst of the Bandit King's terror, however, new heroes arose, falling under the banner of the Imperial girl Wriph, a simple brawler who hated to see the little guy get abused. Thanks to Wriph and those heroes who fought with her, the Bandit King suffered his first setbacks, and Cyrodiil saw its first hope to be delivered from this scourge.

Elsewhere, however, hope was much harder to come by; the city of Ald Raathim in Morrowind, having been a rising star for the last several years, was about to suffer its most grievous setbacks ever - and all due to the bad judgement of its Duchess. Told by Helseth to prepare for war against Aricyn, the Duchess Loranna was left with the distasteful task of determining if the Nords in her city would remain loyal to her in this event and, if not, to deal with them accordingly. Rather than plead with the King to let Ald Raathim support his war in other ways, Loranna felt out the loyalty of the Nords, and found it wanting - so, she exiled them from her city, not having the heart to kill them as Helseth would have wanted, nor leaving Helseth with any prisoners he could interrogate. Loranna's decision brought strife into the heart of Ald Raathim; some of her own people outright refused to go along with the orders, but in the end, the Nords left, along with those who felt their fate unfair, or saw exile for themselves in the coming days. In a single stroke, Ald Raathim lost over half its military strength, becoming next to useless to Helseth's plans; angered at Loranna's failure to follow his commands, Helseth ordered her and her family killed, forcing the Duchess to turn Ald Raathim over to the Queen Mother Barenziah to spare it from Helseth's wrath, and flee for her life to Cyrodiil. Helseth would later commute Loranna's sentence to exile, but the damage had been done.

In Cyrodiil, the conflict between the Bandit King and Wriph's band of heroes intensified. Joined by some of the returning heroes from Skyrim and by a squadron of soldiers from Legate Cyndarius's forces, Wriph's band struck a grievous blow against the Bandit King's operations in Cyrodiil, shutting down his base in Gnoll Mountain and discovering his ties to the mysterious Ayaan-Si from Hammerfell, foe of King Lhotun. Several of the refugees from Ald Raathim, including Loranna herself, joined forces with Wriph's growing band to travel to Hammerfell and seek King Lhotun's aid, a venture which eventually culminated in a showdown in the heart of the Bandit King's remaining power. Face to face with the people who had caused him so much trouble, the Bandit King fought against Wriph and her allies while the Bandit King's fortress rang with the sounds of battle, freed slaves rising against their former captors. The end of the battle saw the once mighty Bandit King dead, his forces shattered and easy pickings for King Lhotun's troops, and the beginning of a new legend in Tamriel.


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