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Lore:Attribution's Share

Lore: Places: A
Realm of Boethia
Type Plane
Realm Oblivion
Appears in Oblivion, ESO
A statue of Boethia within the realm (Oblivion)

Attribution's Share is the plane of Oblivion created and ruled over by Boethiah,[1] the Daedric Prince of Deceit.[2] The Realm of Boethia is described as a country of labyrinthine policy and betrayals, with maze gardens and twisted towers. It was formerly known as Snake Mount.[UOL 1]

One realm under the Princes dominion, called Boethia Stadium,[3] consists of stormy skies, volcanic islands and lava seas, similar to the Deadlands.[4] Although usually avoided by mortals, Boethia uses this particular realm to host prestigious arena tournaments so that mortals can earn her favor. The most well-known of these is the Tournament of Ten Bloods. Champions from each of the ten major races of Tamriel are taken to the realm, where they battle one-on-one to the death. The victor earns the Prince's favor, the title of Chosen One, and a suitably martial prize, such as the Goldbrand.[5]


The Champion's Arena (ESO)

In 2E 582, followers of Boethia repurposed ancient Nordic ruins near the city of Dragonstar, naming it the Dragonstar Arena. Combatants that entered the arena would pass through Daedric portals as they completed each round, until facing Boethia's current champion in the Champion's Arena, a staging area located within her realm.[6] Circa 3E 433, Boethiah opened a portal to Boethia Stadium to allow the Hero of Kvatch to compete in the Tournament of Ten Bloods.[5]

In 4E 201, a group of Blades entered a portal to Attribution’s Share within the Throat of the World to chase Oviron Salith, the leader of a Dunmer cult of Boethiah that were promoting dissent and violence throughout Skyrim. For hundreds of years they hunted Salith through the realm, and he was seemingly lost forever. The Blades died dozens of times, but somehow came back to life again and again, dying in grisly ways such as being swallowed whole by nightmarish creatures.[1]

After centuries in Attribution’s Share, Boethiah gave them a chance to win their freedom and the heroes were sent back to Skyrim in 4E 201, and they are reborn, rebuilt, and recreated from their ashes with amnesia. The only task required of them is to help the Daedric Prince in her eternal fight against Molag Bal. Frustrated by their slow pace, Boethiah returned Oviron Salith to Tamriel to act as competition. When the Blades saw their old nemesis emerge, their memories of their time in Oblivion washed upon them.[1]


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