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Hero of Kvatch
OB-npc-Hero of Kvatch.jpg
The Hero of Kvatch
Race Unknown Gender Unknown
Born Third Era
Reign 3E 433-
Previous Ruler Sheogorath
Resided in Cyrodiil
Shivering Isles
Appears in Oblivion, Skyrim, Legends, Blades
...that Martin fellow... he turned into a dragon god, and that's hardly sporting... You know, I was there for that whole sordid affair. Marvelous time! Butterflies, blood, a Fox, a severed head... Oh, and the cheese! To die for." —The Hero of Kvatch reminiscing about their adventures in Cyrodiil[1]

The Hero of Kvatch, also known as the Champion[2] among a number of other titles, is a Daedric Prince and former hero of prophecy. As a mortal, they assisted in saving all of Tamriel from the Oblivion Crisis[3][4] and ascended to godhood as the new Prince of Madness in 3E 433.[5][UOL 1]



Very little is known about the hero's background. They are a long-lost relative of both Greywyn Blenwyth,[6] an Altmer vampire,[7] and Taris Rendil, a former Arch-Mage of the Mages Guild.[8] Before his assassination, Emperor Uriel Septim VII, who possessed the Sight, foresaw the Oblivion Crisis and the hero's role in ending it.[3]

The Oblivion CrisisEdit

Uriel Septim VII's assassination

On the 27th of Last Seed, 3E 433, the hero awoke to find themself within the prison of the Imperial City, with an apparent lack of knowledge as to why. As fate would have it, Emperor Uriel Septim VII and a contingent of Blades were attempting to flee from the Imperial City after his children were murdered, and their secret escape route lead through the hero's cell by way of a false wall. The Emperor recognized the hero from his dreams of the Gates of Oblivion, indicating to the Emperor that his time had come but hope remained in the hero. As his Blades were otherwise occupied defending their ruler, Uriel VII, sensed his imminent death. He tasked the hero with seeking Brother Jauffre at Chorrol, and delivering to him the Amulet of Kings, because Jauffre alone knew of Uriel VII's secret son. Just then, after a final farewell, assassins arrived and killed the Emperor.[9] With the death of the Emperor, the Oblivion Crisis began. Oblivion Gates to the Deadlands, the realm of the Daedric Prince of Destruction Mehrunes Dagon, opened across Tamriel and armies of Daedra invaded the continent. The dreams of Emperor Uriel VII had come to fruition, and the hero was now the last hope of saving Tamriel.[3]

The hero journeyed to Weynon Priory and delivered the Amulet to Jauffre, who turned out to be the grandmaster of the Blades.[10] When the hero told Jauffre what happened, the grandmaster realized the Daedric threat and tasked the hero to travel to Kvatch and find Uriel VII's illegitimate son, Brother Martin, who was living as a priest in the Chapel of Akatosh.[11] When the hero arrived in Kvatch, they found the city under siege by Daedric forces, pouring out of a large Oblivion Gate. The hero helped the town's remaining guard close it and rescue the surviving citizens taking refuge in the ruins of the city's chapel,[12] as well as fight their way through Castle Kvatch to attempt to save the Count.[13] For their efforts in aiding the city, the hero became known as the Hero of Kvatch. Once the Daedric forces were defeated in the city, the hero found Brother Martin in the chapel, and escorted him back to Jauffre.[12] Arriving at Weynon Priory, they helped fend off an attack by the same people that assassinated Martin's father and half-siblings, the Mythic Dawn cult. In the chaos, the hero protected Jauffre from the assassins but discovered that the Amulet of Kings was stolen.[14]

Jauffre and the hero escorted Martin to Cloud Ruler Temple to be guarded by the Blades, where they recognized him as the dragonborn Emperor Martin Septim. At the Blades sanctuary, Jauffre tasked the Hero of Kvatch with finding more information on the Mythic Dawn cult, locating their headquarters, and retrieving the Amulet of Kings so Martin Septim could relight the Dragonfires and end the crisis. Jauffre let the hero know to check with the Blade member Baurus in the Imperial City, who had been looking into the Mythic Dawn since the Emperor was assassinated. Arriving in the Imperial City, the hero discovered a Mythic Dawn cultist attempting to assassinate Baurus, though the pair took down the assassin. The hero of Kvatch found the first volume of the Mythic Dawn Commentaries on the cultist's body, and Baurus suggested that the hero ask Tar-Meena in the Arcane University about it since she was an expert on Daedric cults. Tar-Meena told the hero more about the cult and its patriarch, Mankar Camoran. She also mentioned that the complete set of the Mythic Dawn Commentaries, also known as Commentaries on the Mysterium Xarxes, is needed to find their headquarters. She offered the Hero of Kvatch the second book, which left the hero to find Books Three and Four. Tar-Meena then suggested the First Edition, over in the Market District since the proprietor Phintias catered to specialist collectors. At the First Edition, the hero discovered that Phintias had never even seen the fourth volume of the book, but he had just sold the third to a man named Gwinas who was fascinated by Mankar Camoran's views on Mehrunes Dagon. After the Hero of Kvatch told Gwinas that the Mythic Dawn assassinated the Emperor, however, Gwinas frantically rejected the Mythic Dawn and gave the hero the third volume. In addition, Gwinas informed the hero of his planned meeting with the Sponsor, a member of the Mythic Dawn who was going to give Gwinas the fourth volume. Making their way through the Sunken Sewers, the hero and Baurus eventually came across the Sponsor. For one reason or another, the Sponsor realized that the meeting was compromised, and a fight ensued. The hero looted the fourth volume from the body of the Sponsor. With all four volumes of the Mythic Dawn Commentaries, the hero was able to decipher clues within the books to read "GREEN EMPEROR WAY WHERE TOWER TOUCHES MIDDAY SUN". This led the hero to the Tomb of Prince Camarril, where the midday sunlight revealed the Mythic Dawn headquarters on a runic map.[15]

The Hero of Kvatch followed the location from the runic map to Lake Arrius Caverns and entered the Mythic Dawn headquarters. The hero came across the Warden of the Shrine of Dagon, Harrow. The warden asked the hero to hand over their belongings and don the robes of the Mythic Dawn. Reports differ on if the hero complied or chose to fight their way through the cult. Some reports say the hero cooperated with the cult, and even performed a ritual sacrifice of Jeelius, an Argonian priest. Other reports claim that the hero fought their way to the Shrine of Dagon, defeating every cultist they came across. Either way, the hero arrived to find Mankar Camoran performing a ritual. While Mankar disappeared with the Amulet of Kings through a portal to "Paradise", the hero to managed to successfully steal the cult's bible, the Mysterium Xarxes. With the book in their possession, the hero returned to Cloud Ruler Temple and delivered it to Martin. With the Mysterium Xarxes, Martin believed he could find out out to find Mankar Camoran.[16]

At some point soon after returning from the Mythic Dawn headquarters, Fort Sutch was attacked by a Daedric invasion. The Hero of Kvatch managed to fight their way through the Daedric forces and close the Oblivion Gate.[17] Back in Cloud Ruler Temple, Jauffre discovered that a couple of spies were found along the road near the temple. He tasked the hero with finding these spies and discovering their plans. The commander of the Blades at Cloud Ruler Temple, Captain Steffan, mentioned that these spies have been seen around the nearby runestone at dusk. The hero tracked down the spies, and slew them. Then, with the help of Captain Burd of Bruma, the hero located the enemy base and discovered their plans to attack both Cloud Ruler Temple and Bruma through the use of Oblivion Gates.[18] At this point, Martin Septim had discovered that in order to follow Mankar Camoran to Oblivion, four items were needed. The only one that Martin had deciphered thus far was the "blood of a Daedra Lord". Because a Daedric artifact is made of the essence of its lord, Martin surmised that one such artifact would suffice. It is unknown which artifact was retrieved by the hero, though it is certain that the hero had to complete a trial to receive it from its Daedric Prince.[19] With the Daedric artifact in his possession, Martin continued to decipher the Mysterium Xarxes, but told the hero that Jauffre had a task for them. Jauffre informed the hero that an Oblivion Gate had opened near Bruma, and Captain Burd wanted the hero to teach them how to close it. The Hero of Kvatch arrived just in time to help repel a wave of Daedric invaders, and they lead the charge into the gate. Making their way to the top of the Sigil Keep, the hero and Captain Burd will defeat the Sigil Keeper and enter the Sigillum Sanguis. The hero then fought their way to the Sigil Stone and removed it, closing the gate. With this success, Captain Burd thanked the hero, who then returned to Jauffre.[20] While the hero was away, Martin managed to translate the next item from the Mysterium Xarxes, "the blood of a Divine". Despite the fact that the Divines allegedly had no artifacts, Jauffre had the idea to use the blood of Tiber Septim, who became the Ninth Divine Talos upon his death. The Blades knew of the Armor of Tiber Septim, which lay in the ruins of Sancre Tor. However, Jauffre warned the hero of an evil that lurked within the ruins, and feared he was sending the hero to their death. Nonetheless, the hero ventured into the catacombs, fighting through many ethereal dead. The hero came across Rielus, one of the top Blades in the service of Tiber Septim. The ghost of Rielus told the hero about the curse of the Underking, which bound the souls of four Blades to guard the ruins and barred the Armor of Tiber Septim from entry. The Hero of Kvatch defeated each ghost of the Blade members and freed them from the curse. The spirits of the Blades members then dispelled the evil enchantment on the armor, allowing the hero to retrieve it from the Tombs of the Reman Emperors. The hero then brought the artifact to Martin, who had already deciphered the third item, a Great Great Welkynd Stone. Martin knew of only one that hadn't been lost or plundered, the Great Welkynd Stone in the Ayleid ruin of Miscarcand.[21]

At some point before retrieving the Great Welkynd Stone, the hero was tasked by Jauffre with requesting aid from the other cities to help in Bruma's continued defense. Each city's count or countess agreed under the condition that the Oblivion Gates threatening their cities were closed. After the Hero of Kvatch entered each gate and removed their Sigil Stones, thus closing the gates, the cities agreed to lend aid to Bruma.[22]

The Hero of Kvatch made their way to Miscarcand and entered the ruin. The hero fought through waves of zombies, goblins, and skeletons until finally reaching the Great Welkynd Stone. After they retrieved the stone, the undead King of Miscarcand was released and attacked the hero. Once the lich was defeated, the hero was able to bring the stone back to Martin at Cloud Ruler Temple.[23] The hero arrived at the temple to find Martin speaking with Jauffre about a daring plan. Martin revealed to the hero that he deciphered the final item from the Mysterium Xarxes, a Great Sigil Stone. Martin had the idea of letting a Great Gate open near the city of Bruma, so the Great Sigil Stone powering the gate could be retrieved. Jauffre was worried about the risk, and Martin knew the Countess of Bruma would not like the idea, but this plan was the only way to retrieve the fourth item. For his part, Martin would lead the Blades in defense of Bruma, acting as an Emperor should. The hero was tasked with convincing the Countess of the plan, which they succeeded in doing after the Countess realized the situation was hopeless while this plan offered a possibility victory against the Daedra. The Countess met with Martin Septim at the Chapel of Talos, and they prepared for the battle ahead. Martin Septim then led the amassed forces of Bruma against a crescendo of opening Oblivion Gates. Wave after wave of Daedra poured through the gates, but they were each defeated. The hero defended Martin Septim against each threat, making sure the Emperor stayed alive. At last, the Great Gate opened, and Martin's plan could be enacted. The Hero of Kvatch charged through the gate, and entered into Oblivion once more. [24] Inside of the Great Gate, the hero rushed to the Great Sigil Stone. A Daedric Siege Crawler slowly advanced to the gate, pressuring the hero to move quickly. Fighting their way through the Daedra, the hero ascended the World Breaker tower, and retrieved the Great Sigil Stone. The Great Gate closed, and the Siege Crawler collapsed halfway through the portal. The hero emerged from the gate and helped defeat the remnants of the Daedric forces. The city was saved, and the hero was dubbed the Savior of Bruma. Martin told the hero to meet him at Cloud Ruler Temple when they were ready to follow Mankar Camoran into his "Paradise".[25]

Mehrunes Dagon the Daedric Prince of Darkness and Destruction

Upon arriving at Cloud Ruler Temple, the hero will find that Martin has prepared the ritual to open the portal. When the hero was ready, Martin opened the portal and the Hero of Kvatch entered into Mankar Camoran's "Paradise". Fighting through Daedra, the hero will come across the Dremora Kathutet, who holds the Bands of the Chosen. The dremora will offer the Bands in exchange for freeing a trapped Xivilai named Anaxes. Whether the hero accepted the task or not is unknown, but either way the hero retrieved the Bands of the Chosen. With them, the hero could enter the Forbidden Grotto. Once inside the Grotto, the hero could not leave it with the Bands still on, and they could not remove the Bands either. In the Grotto, the hero came across Eldamil, a Mythic Dawn cultist that had become disillusioned with Mankar Camoran. Eldamil will offer to remove the Bands if the hero promised to kill Mankar Camoran, and asked the hero to pretend to be his prisoner to get past the Daedra. The hero trusted Eldamil, and was rewarded when the disillusioned cultist upheld his end of the bargain. Eldamil removed the Bands, allowing the hero access to the next part of the realm. The hero made their way to Carac Agaialor, Mankar Camoran's palace. There, the hero came across Mankar's children, Raven and Ruma Camoran. They were expecting the hero, and led them to their father's throne room, where Mankar himself awaited with the Amulet of Kings. A fight ensued, the hero against the Camoran family. Despite the numerical advantage and the usage of powerful sorcery, the Hero of Kvatch struck down Mankar Camoran and retrieved the Amulet of Kings. With Mankar dead, his "Paradise" was destabilized and collapsed. The hero emerged in Cloud Ruler Temple and handed the Amulet to Martin. Martin hesitantly put on the Amulet of Kings, confirming his Septim blood. Martin will reveal that while the hero was gone, he sent a message to High Chancellor Ocato about his claim to the throne and imminent arrival to the Imperial City to relight the Dragonfires.[26]

The Hero of Kvatch and the Blades then escorted Martin to be crowned at the Imperial City, where the Emperor met with Chancellor Ocato. While the Chancellor was about to officially recognize Martin Septim as Emperor of Tamriel, a messenger arrived with news that Oblivion Gates had opened inside of the Imperial City. Suddenly, Daedric invaders entered the palace. With the help of the Palace Guards, the Blades, and Ocato, the Daedra were quickly defeated, though this was only the start of the battle. After exiting the palace into Green Emperor Way, a battalion of Daedra swarmed the Emperor. Alongside the Blades, the Hero of Kvatch defended Martin Septim as he made his way to the Temple District and towards the Temple of the One. Before they could make it to the temple, Mehrunes Dagon himself arrived. With the arrival of the Daedric Prince, all was lost. The Liminal Barriers that protected Nirn from Daedric threats had been completely extinguished, and lighting the Dragonfires would not end the crisis as planned. Martin Septim frantically tried to think of a plan, and in a moment of desperation, asked the Hero of Kvatch to get him past Mehrunes Dagon to the Temple of the One. As Blades members and city guards tried in vain to fight the unstoppable Daedric Prince, the Hero of Kvatch managed to get the Emperor past him and into the temple. Here, Martin smashed the Amulet of Kings and became a fiery golden dragon, the Avatar of Akatosh. The Avatar of Akatosh fought with Mehrunes Dagon, immortal against immortal. The golden dragon finally managed to wound Dagon, and banished the Daedric Prince back to Oblivion. At last the crisis had ended, and Nirn was saved from the Daedric threat.[27] For their efforts in ending the Oblivion Crisis, Chancellor Ocato of the Elder Council awarded the Hero of Kvatch with the title of Champion of Cyrodiil, and gave them their own set of Imperial Dragon Armor.[28]

Becoming the Divine CrusaderEdit

Umaril the Unfeathered

At the same time as the Oblivion Crisis, Umaril the Unfeathered returned to Tamriel to seek vengeance upon the Divines who had brought about his fall.[29] Aurorans under his command desecrated the chapel of Dibella in Anvil, and later the chapel of Mara in Bravil.[30]

The Hero of Kvatch learned of Umaril's return from an elderly prophet in Anvil, and that he must be conquered in both the physical and spiritual plane in order to be vanquished, a feat that would only be possible with the aid of the Divines and the Crusader's Relics.[30] The hero gathered the eight Relics originally used by Pelinal Whitestrake to destroy Umaril's physical form. With the prophet's guidance, the Crusader went on to find something which Pelinal did not, could not, have had when he battled Umaril: the Blessing of Talos.[31] Armed with Talos' blessing, the Hero of Kvatch, now known as the Divine Crusader reborn confronted Umaril and his hosts in the Ayleid fortress Garlas Malatar. Umaril noted with begrudging respect that the reach of his old nemesis Pelinal was long and engaged the Divine Crusader in battle. The hero not only defeated Umaril on the mortal plane, but was able to follow him into the spirit realm, where the Unfeathered finally met his end.[32][33][34][35][36][37][38][39][40][41][41]

Stopping the GreymarchEdit

Jyggalag the Prince of Order

After hearing rumours that a strange door had opened in the Niben Bay, the hero traveled offshore Bravil. Investigating these rumours leads the hero to being summoned to the Shivering Isles to assist Lord Sheogorath in countering an imminent threat to the realm. After defeating the Gatekeeper guarding the entrance to the realm proper, the hero traveled to the realm's capital, New Sheoth, and was subsequently tasked by the Prince of Madness himself to assist his servants with reactivating several institutions for the security and stability of the Isles, while countering any threats from the newly emerging Forces of Order. When it is revealed Sheogorath was, in a past life, the Daedric Prince of Order Jyggalag, and soon transformed into his former self, the hero took it upon themselves to mantle the Madgod and defeat the Forces of Order from conquering the Isles.[5] Despite their many personality changes in the following Era. They would go on to consider Martin, "the best Septim that's ever ruled".[1]

Fame and InfamyEdit

Statue of the Savior of Bruma

During their travels of Cyrodiil, the Hero was involved in many quests, earning many titles and adding to their renown:

  • Following Martin's sacrifice, the hero was awarded the title of Champion of Cyrodiil by Chancellor Ocato, becoming the seventh person to ever bear that title.[28]
  • In the Imperial City Arena, they rose through the ranks of the Blue Team, eventually becoming the new Grand Champion after defeating its previous title holder, Agronak gro-Malog.[3]
  • After murdering in cold blood, the hero was invited to join the Dark Brotherhood, rising through the ranks as they unearthed a plot against the guild, and ending it as the Black Hand's Listener.[3]
  • As a member of the Fighters Guild, they were promoted to its new Guild Master after bringing down the rival Blackwood Company.[3]
  • With the return of Mannimarco, the hero assisted the Mages Guild in combating the necromancer threat, becoming powerful enough to replace the institution's late Arch-Mage.[3]
  • As a member of the Thieves Guild, the hero broke into several well-protected locations to steal powerful artifacts, including an Elder Scroll from the Imperial Palace itself, restoring Corvus Umbranox to the throne of Anvil and becoming the new Gray Fox in his stead.[3]






  • ^  The race and gender of the hero is never canonically confirmed and ultimately player determined. However, pre-release content of Oblivion and subsequent "pre-mantling" appearances depicts the hero as a male Imperial. Their appearances as Sheogorath depicts them as a male Breton in appearance.
  • The Hero of Kvatch is the only known player-character to have met multiple other player-characters from across the series, including the Last Dragonborn, Talym Rend, and The Warrior.

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