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The Fighters Guild, present across most of Tamriel, provides a common and, more importantly, public place of training, study, and employment for those of a martial persuasion. The guild is a professional organization chartered by the Emperor to regulate the hiring and training of mercenaries, protect commerce, capture or drive away beasts, and similar security duties.[1] Guild halls can take on a contract from any citizen, provided it does not conflict with the laws or customs of the region.[2]

The Guild gained greater prominence at the beginning of the Third Era under Uriel I.[3] Guild Stewards are entrusted with receiving and dispensing contracts to Guild members, hearing complaints about the servicing of said contracts, promotions, and determining the eligibility for re-admittance into the Guild of former members who had stolen from or assaulted other members.[1]


The Fighters Guild was conceived in 2E 320 by Versidue-Shaie at the suggestion of Dinieras-Ves, "The Iron" to provide for public order without having to resort to standing armies.[4] At first, it was called The Syffim ('soldiers' in Tsaesci). Although it began as an Akaviri-only organization, it eventually opened its doors to all races.[4]

During the time of the Planemeld, the Fighters Guild was contracted to destroy Dark Anchors sent to Tamriel by Molag Bal. The guild master at the time had ties to the daedric prince Meridia, and is reflected with the highest ranking members, who were given the power to summon Dawnbreaker in the midst of battle to aid them in fulfilling this contract.[5]

In the Third Era, in Morrowind, after the previous guild master left his position, the new guild master along with many in the upper ranks were enticed into supporting the Camonna Tong. During the corruption, the Guild providing some of the only concrete evidence of the Thieves Guild, as well as it being masterminded by a man called Gentleman Jim Stacey. Reports vary, but some claim that after the Morrowind's Thieves Guild came into conflict with the Camonna Tong, the Camonna Tong used the Fighters Guild to take down the Thieves Guild.[6] others state that the former guild master slayed the corrupts members, and others believed that the Thieves Guild helped in killing the corrupt members.[7]

The Fighters Guild is highly organized in Cyrodiil and is run by a ruling family, the Dontons. They have had numerous rivals over the years, including the dubious Blackwood Company,[8] and outmaneuvering them has kept the Guild performing at its best.

Council of Province GeneralsEdit

The Council of Province Generals is a council of the Fighters Guild's highest ranks. Each general represents a province of the Empire, managing the guild's business there on behalf of the guildmaster.[9] During the Interregnum, the number of delegates was lessened. Only five former provinces were represented in the Council: Cyrodiil, Elsweyr, High Rock, Skyrim, and Valenwood.[10]

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