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Type Island
Continent Tamriel
Province Black Marsh
Region Southern Sea
Appears in ESO
The Norg-Tzel Xanmeer circa 2E 582.

Norg-Tzel (meaning "Forbidden Place" in the Jel) is a small island off the coast of the region of Murkmire, being considered a part of the province of Black Marsh. Norg-Tzel is known as the Forbidden Place for a reason, as it served as the prison of the mythical Golden Skull of Beela-Kaar until it was taken by the Cyrodilic Collections.


In the distant past, the Argonians were establishing their civilization, long before the modern-day races of Tamriel.[1] Among them, a powerful sorcerer known as Beela-Kaar rose to prominence, becoming a trusted advisor of Saxhleel leaders and using his power to help the people of Murkmire.[1] However, when Beela-Kaar's mate succumbed to a debilitating wasting disease, the sorcerer isolated himself to search for an alchemical cure or a spell that would reverse the illness. When every form of conventional magic did not work, Beela-Kaar resorted to darker magic, and eventually fell in to practicing necromancy in an effort to save his mate.[1] Beela-Kaar was unable to restore his mate, but he resurrected her corpse, and she remained by his side as a mindless zombie.[1]

The Argonians saw this as an abomination, and begged Beela-Kaar to allow his mate to rest in peace.[1] He ignored their pleas, and took one of the mighty xanmeers as a laboratory to conduct increasingly darker necromantic experiments.[1] One day, a few of his vile creations escaped his laboratory and ravaged Murkmire. The elders took action, sending a band of warriors to confront Beela-Kaar and end his rituals. The siege of Beela-Kaar's laboratory lasted thirty-three days and thirty-three nights, but the tide eventually turned in Murkmire's favor.[1] At this point, Beela-Kaar knew that the odds were against him, and conducted one last ritual to infuse all of his power within his skull, which turned solid gold.[1] Beela-Kaar was gone, leaving only his haunted golden skull.[1] To protect Murkmire, the elder Argonians sealed the golden skull in the xanmeer of Norg-Tzel, where it remained for centuries.[1]

Sometime around 2E 582, the Cyrodilic Collections, a group of historians and archaeologists that hail from Cyrodiil, made an expedition to Norg-Tzel.[2] The group sought to uncover the lost history of the Argonians and have made attempts to uncover every piece of the past they can document.[3] At the same time, a group known as the Blackguards, comprised of the descendants of inmates from Blackrose Prison, attempted to seek out the Golden Skull of Beela-Kaar.[2] Margus Derius, an Imperial with a grudge against Murkmire, and saw the Skull of Beela-Kaar as a means to enact his revenge upon the Saxhleel for the death of his son at the hands of the Naga-Kur.[4] However, he was stopped in his tracks in Norg-Tzel by an associate of the Cyrodilic Collections.[5] The associate was able to acquire the skull and make a swift escape from the Norg-Tzel Xanmeer, returning to the Collections' alcove in Stormhold.[5] Ever since then, Cyrodiilic Collections had gained fame throughout Tamriel, garnering new members from as far as Stros M'Kai and Vulkhel Guard.[6] News of the events in Norg-Tzel spread to Lilmoth as well.[7]


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