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Shaman Uraccanach
Race Reachman Gender Male
Resided in Druadach Mountains, The Reach
Druadach Mountains
"Like the fingers of your hand, like the clutch of the Hagraven, like the arrows to kill a bear, Five are the Aspects of Lord Hircine. You may meet any of the Five. All are true and right and death-in-the-woods. All are worthy of reverence." —Uraccanach the Witchman[1]

Uraccanach the Witchman was a revered shaman among the Reachfolk. He fervently advocated for the recognition and adherence to the five distinct aspects of Hircine: Alrabeg the Hunter, Storihbeg the Manbeast, Uricanbeg the Great Stag, Gulibeg the Quick Fox, and Hrokkibeg the Mighty Bear, and was known to cooperate with Academy of Chorrol to some degree, leading to the transcription and publication of some of his statements and texts by a scholar affiliated with the institution.[1][2][3]


Skinchanger Armaments
Huntsman Armaments

Uraccanach's lineage was deeply rooted in the shamanic traditions, boasting a heritage that he asserted spanned an impressive five generations of Witchmen.[3] Little is known of his past, but Uraccanach resided in the Druadach Mountains within the Reach. Over time, he emerged as a renowned shaman, revered for his extensive understanding of Hircine's Five Aspects and the appropriate accoutrements for those seeking to pay them homage.[1][2][3] His teachings resonated with his people's interpretation of Hircine, and did not differ greatly from those shared by shamans of the Shrine of the Hunt-Father led by High Shaman Glynroch.[4][5]

Uraccanach authored texts that meticulously detailed the proper attire and artifacts that paid homage to these Five Aspects. His writings encompassed both those that emulated Hircine's Daedric servants, the Huntsmen,[3] and those tied to the Skinchanger and the festive celebrations of the New Life Festival.[2][6][UOL 1]

At some point before 2E 582, Uraccanach encountered Juno Procillus, a scholar affiliated with the Academy of Chorrol. During this encounter, Uraccanach's insights about the Five Aspects were documented and transcribed.[1] Additionally, it is known that Juno Procillus published another text attributed to Uraccanach,[3] although one of the other texts was solely authored by the shaman himself, and not attributed to the Academy.[2]

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