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Morrowind:Corprus Weepings

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Corprus Weepings
Corprus Weepings
Value 50 Weight 0.1
Alchemy Effects
1st Drain Fatigue Drain Fatigue
2nd Fortify Luck Fortify Luck
3rd Drain Willpower Drain Willpower
4th Restore Health Restore Health
# Samples 8
Creature Corprus Stalkers
Lame Corprus
% 60
Found Red Mountain Region
Sixth House Strongholds
Corprus Weepings

"Corprus weepings are hardened secretions that fall from the fleshy sores of corprus victims."

Corprus weepings are found on the bodies of corprus stalkers and lame corprus, which can be found in the areas worst hit by the blight, Red Mountain and most Sixth House strongholds.



The following vendors carry a restocking supply:

Loose samples can be found in the following locations: