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Morrowind:Daedra's Heart

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Daedra's Heart
Daedra's Heart
Value 200 Weight 1.0
Alchemy Effects
1st Restore Magicka Restore Magicka
2nd Fortify Endurance Fortify Endurance
3rd Drain Agility Drain Agility
4th Night Eye Night Eye
# Samples 16 (+4 cursed)
Creature Clannfear, Daedroth,
Dremora, Golden Saint,
Hunger, Ogrim
% 60
Daedra's Heart sample

"A daedra's heart must be removed during the brief period of its appearance on the mortal plane. The daedra's heart has modest magical properties, but, since removing the heart is generally fatal to the specimen, the substance is rare and expensive."

Daedra's Hearts are found on the bodies of Daedra, except for Atronachs, Scamps, and Winged Twilights. You can also harvest them from summoned Dremora.

There is a special variety of Daedra's Heart, ID: ingred_cursed_daedras_heart_01, which can be found in many Daedric Shrines. Beware though, because these are cursed, and will cause a Dremora Lord to appear behind you and attack when you pick them up.

Daedra's Heart is one of only two ingredients in vanilla Morrowind which can be used to create Night Eye potions, the other ingredient being Kagouti Hide. The Bloodmoon expansion adds five other ingredients with a Night Eye effect. However, combining a Daedra's Heart with their cursed variant leads to a potion containing all four effects.

Three other unique hearts are added by the Bloodmoon expansion. While they are not in any way associated with Daedra, they are identical in appearance and effects while their weights and values vary. They are all needed for various quests, and so should not be used for alchemical purposes. They are:

  • Heart of an Innocent (ID: ingred_innocent_heart)
  • Heart of the Udyrfrykte (ID: ingred_udyrfrykte_heart)
  • Heart of the Wolf (ID: ingred_wolf_heart )

You will need to offer four Daedra's Hearts to Malacath during the Malacath of the House of Troubles quest for the Tribunal Temple.



For a safer (but more expensive) way to stock up, the following vendors carry restocking supplies:

Loose samples (non-cursed):

Loose samples (cursed):