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For the Priest NPC class, see Priest (class).

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Priests are caretakers of the Tribunal Temple and Imperial Cult shrines, and councilors and educators for the faithful and laymen. They can tell you about the Temple, the Daedra, the saints, and the ancestors. They can also tell you something about other cults. You can acquire books, ingredients, potions, and spells from them for a donation.

List of PriestsEdit

Here is a list of all priests in the game, sorted by the amount of gold with which they can trade.

Name Gold Location Faction Notes
Lalatia Varian 500 Ebonheart, Imperial Chapels Imperial Cult 6(Oracle) Imperial Cult trader
Tivam Sadri 500 Holamayan Monastery
Dileno Lloran 500 Vivec, High Fane Tribunal Temple 6(Disciple) Temple, high rank only
Uvele Berendas 400 Indarys Manor, Berendas' House House Redoran 5(House Cousin)
Methal Seran 350 Ald'ruhn, Temple Tribunal Temple 7(Diviner) Temple, high rank
Mehra Drora 300 Gnisis, Temple Tribunal Temple 4(Adept)
Lloros Sarano 300 Ald'ruhn, Temple House Redoran 4(Kinsman) Spells and Spellmaker
Nebia Amphia 300 Ebonheart, Hawkmoth Legion Garrison Imperial Legion 3(Agent)
Relms Gilvilo 300 Vivec, Redoran Temple Shrine House Redoran 1(Retainer)
Llathyno Hlaalu 300 Balmora, Temple Tribunal Temple 4(Adept) Sells some books too
Eldrilu Dalen 250 Vos, Vos Chapel Tribunal Temple 1(Novice)
Aunius Autrus 200 Sadrith Mora, Wolverine Hall: Imperial Shrine Imperial Cult 1(Novice)
Dulian 200 Buckmoth Legion Fort, Interior Imperial Legion 2(Trooper) Some ingredients and books
Salen Ravel 200 Maar Gan, Shrine Tribunal Temple 1(Novice) Spellmaker
Sedris Omalen 200 Maar Gan, Outpost House Redoran 1(Retainer) Spellmaker
Guls Llervu 150 Ald'ruhn, Guls Llervu's House House Redoran 3(Lawman)
Somutis Vunnis 150 Moonmoth Legion Fort, Interior Imperial Cult 4(Adept)
Rirnas Athren 150 Vivec, Hlaalu Temple Tribunal Temple 1(Novice) Sells spells and is spellmaker
Llarara Omayn 150 Balmora, Temple Tribunal Temple 1(Novice)
Nilvyn Drothan 150 Ghostgate, Temple Tribunal Temple 2(Initiate)
Elynu Saren 150 Suran, Suran Temple Tribunal Temple 1(Novice)