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Almsivi Intervention Molag Mar
Divine Intervention Wolverine Hall
Abbot Gilvas Barelo
Console Location Code(s)
Holamayan Monastery
Azura's Coast, [19,-4]
South of Sadrith Mora, east of Mount Assarnibibi
Holamayan Monastery

Holamayan is a monastery located on an isolated island located north of the Shrine of Azura on Azura's Coast.

Holamayan at dusk

It is south of Sadrith Mora and east of Mount Assarnibibi on Azura's Coast, and can be reached by boat from Ebonheart after a certain stage in the Main Quest.

Holamayan is the home of the Dissident Priests, who dispute the Tribunal's doctrine. The monastery, the only building on the island, is protected by a stone hood that raises during Azura's Hours, dawn and dusk (6-8 am and 6-8 pm).

The monastery is relatively small in size and equipped with a tiny alchemy lab, ten beds, and a small library. The Library contains several skill books. The beds are free to sleep in. The entrance hall contains twelve shrines. Eleven of them are dedicated to saints (Rilm, Roris, Seryn, Veloth, Aralor, Delyn, Felms, Llothis, Meris, Nerevar, Olms). The twelfth pillar is named Vivec's Fury. It is also home to Taren Omothan, the Master trainer for Hand-to-hand.

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Name   Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Notes
Beraren Sadri   Dark Elf Monk 5 61 86 0 30
Daynillo Lleran   Dark Elf Monk 16 115 104 0 30
Evesa Omalas   Dark Elf Pilgrim 5 65 88 0 30
Felayn Andral   Dark Elf Enchanter Service 12 86 160 100 30 Enchanter; Merchant
Fraki   Nord Pilgrim 9 104 78 0 30
Gilvas Barelo   Dark Elf Priest 19 222 30 100 40
Mibdinahaz Addunipu   Dark Elf Pilgrim 5 70 88 0 30
Taren Omothan   Dark Elf Monk Service 25 210 120 0 30 Master Trainer
Tivam Sadri   Dark Elf Priest Service 14 222 30 100 40 Merchant