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Oblivion:Command Humanoid

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OB-icon-Command.png Command Humanoid
School Illusion
Type Offensive
Effect ID COHU
Base Cost 0.75
Barter Factor 0
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Command Humanoid up to level L for D seconds.

Make the targeted humanoid fight for you for D seconds. The afflicted humanoid will behave very much like a summoned creature. They will ignore your presence, engage hostiles, and will turn hostile if you hit them 3 times.

For calculating magicka costs of this spell, the level needs to be converted into a magnitude, see Magnitude to Level Conversion. One implication is that the enemy levels affected by any Command Humanoid spell will be less than the quoted values if your Spell Effectiveness is less than 100%.


  • This effect can be gained for spell making and Enchanting via spells only.
  • As with many other custom level-dependent spells such as Frenzy and Calm, the maximum displayed magnitude is Level 25, but they will actually affect all levels as long as Spell Effectiveness is 100%, thus precluding the use of armor.
  • If you kill a target that has been affected by this spell, it will count as a murder in your statistics page. You do not get a bounty even if in front of witnesses (e.g. arena); however you will still initiate the Dark Brotherhood quest line.


  • Commanded humanoids are vulnerable to backstabbing. Just command them, get some stealth attacks in, and command them again.
  • Using command humanoid spells on otherwise non-hostile NPCs can result in a significant drop in their disposition towards you.
  • Command Humanoid spells are especially useful against vampires, as it can be used to lure vampires out into daylight and rapidly kill them.

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