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Oblivion:Disintegrate Armor

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OB-icon-Disintegrate.png Disintegrate Armor
School Destruction
Type Offensive
Effect ID DIAR
Base Cost 6.2
Barter Factor 0
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Sigil Stones

Disintegrate Armor M points

Damages the health of the target's armor by M points; see Armor for the health in points of the various types of armor. Each time you cast this spell, a single piece of armor will be affected. The damage is permanent, at least until repaired, for example using a Repair Hammer. Disintegrating the armor does not have any effect on enchantments; even when enchanted armor is completely ruined, any enchantments continue to be active. Your target will drop their shield if it becomes 100% damaged, but will continue to wear any other pieces of armor after they are 100% damaged even if they are no longer providing any protection.

At the spellmaking altar it is possible to create a Disintegrate Armor spell with a duration greater than 1 second. However, the extra duration provides absolutely no benefit, and only causes the spell to cost more magicka. For example, a 100 point for 5 seconds spell only does 100 points of damage, just like a 100 point for 1 second spell.


  • This effect can be gained for spell making and enchanting via spells only.
  • If you create a custom spell, Disintegrate Armor (or Disintegrate Weapon) can be used on yourself to easily train Armorer skill: magically damage your equipment then repair it, and repeat as many times as desired (or until you run out of repair hammers).
    • To avoid having to cast the spell repeatedly (e.g., if you want to avoid simultaneously increasing your destruction skill), you can create an enchanted ring with this effect. Because this effect ignores duration, the damage is only done once, when you first equip the ring. Removing and re-equipping the ring allows you to damage your equipment again.
  • As opposed to Disintegrate Weapon, Disintegrate Armor is not subject to Weakness to Magic. The magnitude is only defined by the magnitude of the Disintegrate Armor spell.
  • If the target is wearing multiple pieces of armor, only one piece is targeted, selected randomly. The spell animation effect may be seen by the brief red glow on whichever piece of armor is attacked. Even pieces that have broken can be targeted.

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