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This page lists the statistics shown in the game on your character screen. See also: 100% Completion.

Days Passed
The number of in-game days since you started.
Active Quests
The number of "active" quests in your journal (note that some quests never complete properly, so this number will probably never be zero).
Quests Completed
The number of completed quests. Max: 199 (not counting mods)

Skill Increases
Indicates the number of skill increases, whether by use, training, skill book, or scripted event (e.g. quest rewards). Does not include temporary skill bonuses from items, spells or powers. Includes both major and minor skills, so not an indicator of skills used to level up.
Training Sessions
Indicates the number of times you've used Trainers
Novice Skills
Number of skills below 25
Apprentice Skills
Number of skills between 25 and 49
Journeyman Skills
Number of skills between 50 and 74
Expert Skills
Number of skills between 75 and 99
Master Skills
Number of skills at 100

Your current bounty. This is how much you'll have to pay if you're arrested, or twice what you can pay a Thieves Guild doyen to remove your bounty.
Shivering Isles Bounty
As above, but for Shivering Isles (only if you have the expansion installed of course).
Your current Fame. Max: 200.
Your current Infamy.

Days Jailed
Number of days you've spent in jail
Items Stolen
Number of items you've stolen. Note that this also includes pickpocketed items.
Items Pickpocketed
Number of items you've pickpocketed from NPCs.
Number of times you've received a bounty for tresspassing (only counted if you get caught.)
Number of times you've assaulted a non-hostile NPC.
Number of non-hostile NPC you've killed.
Horses Stolen
Number of horses you've stolen.
Largest Bounty
The largest bounty you've ever received.

Creatures Killed
The number of creatures you've killed. Includes summons, either your own or others.
People Killed
The number of NPCs you've killed, hostile or otherwise.

Places Found
The number of locations you've found. Does not include map locations you can fast-travel to at the start of the game (all major cities), or locations that are marked found via scripts. However, locations that are just marked do count if you still have to travel there on foot/horse to marked it as found. Max: 367 (not counting official mods)

Locks Picked
The number of locked chests or doors you've opened with the Security skill (does not include use of keys or magic.)
Lockpicks Broken
The number of lockpicks you've broken attempting to pick locks.

Souls Trapped
The number of creatures you have successfully soultrapped.

Ingredients Eaten
The number of Ingredients you have eaten straight.
Potions Made
The number of potions you have made.

Oblivion Gates Shut
The number of Oblivion Gates you have shut. Max: 60

Horses Owned
The number of horses you have owned. Does not include Prior Maborel's Paint Horse, or any horse you've stolen. Max: 7
Houses Bought
The number of houses you have purchased. Does not include those given via the Official Plug-ins. Max: 8
Stores Invested In
The number of stores you have invested in.

Books Read
The number of books you've read. This is a fairly meaningless statistic, as it only counts the number of times you have opened and closed a book. You can repeatedly "read" the same book over and over again and increase this stat indefinitely, so it really doesn't mean anything.
Skill Books Read
This stat, however, does count, as each of the Skill Books is only marked as read once. Max: 109
Artifacts Found
This is the number of artifacts from Daedric quests you've found. Max: 15

Hours Slept
Number of hours you've spent sleeping (in a bed).
Hours Waited
Number of hours you've spent waiting.

Days As Vampire
Number of days you've spent as a vampire. Does not include the 3-day infection period before you become a full vampire.
Necks Bitten
Number of people you've fed on as they slept while a vampire.

Jokes Told
Basically just the number of times you've used the persuasion mini-game. You have to tell one joke each time, as well as the other three options, so the numbers would all be the same.
Diseases Contracted
Number of times you've contracted a disease. Includes Vampirism.

Nirnroots Found
Number of Nirnroots you've found. Max: 306 (without official plug-ins).