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Tertullian Verus
(RefID: 0001D20A)
Home City Imperial City, Market District
Store Three Brothers Trade Goods
Race Imperial Gender Male
Level 8 Class Trader
RefID 0001D20A BaseID 00015EA5
Available 8am-8pm every day except Tirdas and Turdas
Gold 1000 Mercantile Journeyman (60)
Sells Miscellaneous Items,
Helm of the Deep Delver
Other Information
Health 78 Magicka 137
Responsibility 100 Aggression 5
Faction(s) IC - Three Brothers; IC Citizens
Tertullian Verus

Tertullian Verus is an Imperial trader who lives and works with his two brothers Cicero and Sergius at Three Brothers Trade Goods in the Market District of the Imperial City. Tertullian sells general goods as well as the unique helmet Helm of the Deep Delver, which cannot be found anywhere else. Until you complete the Unfriendly Competition quest, Tertullian is one of the merchants complaining about Thoronir's low prices at the newly opened The Copious Coinpurse.

While the name indicates that all three Verus brothers run the store, it's actually Tertullian and Sergius who provide the services. When they are not standing behind the counter together, they do their duties in shifts, making sure they both get a day off every now and then. They share a room in the private quarters above the store and sleep there every night between midnight and 6am. After waking up, they always eat breakfast with Cicero for two hours in the main trading room. Tertullian works every day of the week except Tirdas and Turdas and when the clock strikes 8am, he opens up the store and works a solid twelve hours until 8pm. On weekdays, after closing up, he accompanies Sergius and Cicero to The Feed Bag for dinner until his bedtime at midnight.

On Tirdas, he leaves the shop and Sergius, and heads to the Temple of the One for four hours of praying. After that, he heads to the Imperial City's popular Arboretum and strolls around there until his usual dinner time at 8pm. On Turdas, he skips the temple and spends the entire day at the Arboretum. Loredas evening sees him, Sergius, and fellow merchant Maro Rufus from The Best Defense praying in The Temple of the One between 8pm and midnight. Sundas is Sergius' day off and Tertullian is alone in the store all day. After that, he accompanies Cicero to the Talos Plaza District where he wanders around until midnight.

The only exception to this schedule is during the Light the Dragonfires quest, when Tertullian (like most Imperial City citizens) is confined to his home.

His choice in clothing reflects his middle-class status: a russet felt outfit and matching shoes. He carries around the shop key, a spare pair of burgundy linens, and a fair amount of gold.


When greeting you he will say:

"Tertullian, Sergius, and Cicero... the Three Verus Brothers. I'm Tertullian." (first time, 20% of the time thereafter)
"May I help you?" (inside the Three Brothers Trade Goods)
Imperial City
"It's a beautiful city. But stay away from the Waterfront. It's not dangerous, but it's dirty, and the beggars are a nuisance."

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Unfriendly CompetitionEdit

If you approach him before having met either of his two merchant colleagues, Claudette Perrick or Ogier Georick, he will not hesitate to complain about Thoronir:

"Say, you look like someone that could help us out. Having a bit of trouble with another merchant in town who goes by the name Thoronir."
"He is dirty. Plain and simple. I don't trust him at all. Won't even come to merchant meetings and sets his prices so low, he undercuts everyone. If you want to give me a hand, go speak with Jensine at her Good as New Merchandise store. She can clue you in and maybe offer some coin."

Asking again, will have him repeat:

"Jensine is the lady you want to speak with about Thoronir."

When you received the Weatherward Circlet from Thoronir, but before you went to Jensine, Tertullian will say the following when you enter conversation with him:

"Incredible, we've been trying to solve this for months. A job well done."

When you have successfully completed the quest, he will share his gratitude upon entering conversation:

"Be happy to help you."
"The society triumphs once more! Thanks to you, of course."


The Verus brothers are well-known throughout the Imperial City:

"Don't the Verus brothers run a good shop?"
"Have you ever browsed the goods at Three Brothers Trade Goods?"

Confusion about which brother is which reigns throughout the city. Some folk will say:

"I shopped at Three Brothers a couple of days ago. Not sure which one I talked to, though."
"Three Brothers have some good merchandise. Don't know if I've met all three brothers, though."
"I don't know which is which. Still, it's a good shop they run."

The three of them have definitely made a good impression on the people of the Imperial City though. Townsfolk will often be overheard saying:

"Cicero, Sergius, and Tertullian run a good shop."
"All three of them are nice folks."
"I've shopped there many times. The brothers never fail to please."