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Deal with the leader of the bandits attacking Barkbite.
Zone: Grahtwood
Objective: Reman's Bluff — Protect Barkbite Stronghold from bandit attacks.
Quest Giver: Moramat at Barkbite Stronghold
Location(s): Reman's Bluff, Abandoned Iron Mine
Prerequisite Quest: The Enemy Within
Reward: Barkbite Greaves
308 Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience XP
"If you find Gargak, do what you must to stop him."
Moramat has asked me to find and deal with Gargak, the real force behind the attacks on Barkbite Stronghold.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Search for Gargak at a nearby Imperial tower.
  2. Meet Gargak inside the Ruined Tower, or survey the Imperial Mine.
  3. Return to either Moramat or Gargak, depending on your choice.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Once you have completed The Enemy Within, talk to Moramat for your next directive:

"I must remain here and see my husband recovers. If you are willing, you should track down Gargak and … put an end to his madness."
Where could Gargak be?
"Sharnag said most attacks come from the north. There are some caves, an old mine, and a ruined Imperial tower in that direction. If you find Gargak, do what you must to stop him.
You do so with my husband's authority. With my authority."
I'll stop Gargak.

Leave the Longhouse and head north, either through the gate or through the wall breach in the northern part of the Stronghold. Look for a tower— in front of it stands Gargak:

"What do we have here?"
I'm here on behalf of Barkbite Stronghold.
"Do you know the Code of Mauloch? It's a simple code, but it's the one I live by.
'Don't steal' … so I aim to conquer. 'Don't kill your kin' … and none have died in my attacks. 'Don't attack without cause' … but I have more than enough cause."

Upon his latter statement, you are at a crossroads: challenge him to a fight, or try to convince him peacefully.

Iron Mine RouteEdit

If you want to convince him:

Isn't there a way to avoid further bloodshed?
"I don't see how. It's my birthright to rule, and my brother stands in the way."
Why rule over Barkbite Stronghold? Why not here?
"What do you mean? Base my mercenaries out of this tower? It's a central location, certainly. Overlooks a chokepoint through all corners of the Valenwood.
But no, I'm a Reman's Bluff Orc. Without a mine to work, I'd be nothing next to my brother."
Moramat said there was an Imperial mine nearby.
"A played out Imperial mine, I'd heard. And it's infested with trolls. Clearing them out will be no easy task.
Hmm. I suppose if there's ore in the mine, I could leave my brother to rot in the stronghold. But I'd need proof."
I'll search the mine for ore.
"And I'll send someone I trust to meet you at the mine. I can't just take your word on this. I'm sure you understand.
But I'll hold my mercenaries back until we find out if there's ore in that mine. I give you my word."

Head east to the Imperial mine, and watch out for Red Sun Bandits on the way there. Sometime after you enter the mine, Gargak's ally, Rakhaz will approach you:

"I'm glad you came to your senses about Gargak. He asked me to verify any ore we find, so here I am.
Let's get this over with."
Let's go.

Descend the mine, avoiding (or dispatching) any Trolls that you come across. There is a singular Ore Vein at the very bottom of the mine, which is hard to miss. Interact with it so Rakhaz can examine it, which only takes a few seconds. She tells you that it is iron, and to go and tell Gargak about your findings. He is still standing in front of the tower, so head back over there and talk to him:

"Have you brought any proof? What did Rakhaz say?"
Rakhaz says you'll have the finest weapons in Grahtwood.
"She wouldn't say that lightly. With quality metal, I could rebuild this tower as a new home and drive my brother's tin profits into the ground.
I'm an Orc of my word. My quarrel ends today."

This completes the quest; if you go back to Moramat, however, she does comment on your choice:

"Gargak was a hard-skulled fool, but convincing him to back down? Such wisdom … we could all learn from your example.
Our fires are yours to tend, whether forge or hearth. You are always welcome in Reman's Bluff."

If you talk to the chief in the room to the far right, he also comments on it:

"I didn't think anything short of my death would sate Gargak's bloodlust. We may still end up at each other's throats one day, but for the time being we can enjoy a little peace. We owe you much."

Ruined Tower RouteEdit

If you would rather settle this out with violence, you can challenge him to a duel on behalf of the Stronghold. He will say "So be it", then disappear in a puff of black smoke. Enter the Ruined Tower that he was formerly standing in front of. Upon entering, he will immediately attack you; kill him, then return to Moramat with the news:

"Is it done? Is Gargak dead?"
Yes, but he claimed to be the rightful ruler of Reman's Bluff.
"A true leader doesn't poison his own people.
Oh! My husband still recovers from the poison, but he wants to thank you personally. You should speak with him before you leave."

Approach Chief Dushkul, who sits at a table in the Longhouse's right corridor:

"Moramat has told me what you've already done for us, outlander, but I have to ask... is it done? Is Gargak dead?"
Yes, Gargak is dead.
"I see.
I take no pleasure in my brother's death. I know he blamed me for his loss, but to come after his bloodkin in this way? It was what must be done."

Whichever route you take, you will receive the same reward.


  • Gargak won't exist in the Red Sun Bandits camp before starting the quest.
  • While the objective description when needing to talk to Gargak states he is atop the tower, he is actually at the bottom of the stairs leading to the tower's entrance doors.
  • If you agree to help Gargak investigate the abandoned mine, despite saying he will make his mercenaries stand down in the meantime, they will remain hostile towards you.
    • They will only become neutral upon returning from the mine.
    • Killing Red Sun Bandits after having bargained with Gargak has no negative effect with him, both during and after the quest.
  • The ore vein won't exist inside the mine before starting the quest or reaching the related objective.

Quest StagesEdit

A Chief Concern
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
She suggested I investigate a nearby ruined Imperial tower.
Objective: Search for Gargak
Hidden Objective: Search the Ruined Tower
I spotted Gargak atop the tower. I should speak to him.
Objective: Talk to Gargak
Gargak claims he was cheated in a duel, causing him to lose Barkbite Stronghold to his brother. I must decide whether to challenge him or try to find another way to settle this dispute.
Complete one:
Objective: Challenge Gargak to Fight
Objective: Convince Gargak to End His Feud
I have decided to challenge Gargak. I should meet him at the bottom of the tower. (if you choose to challenge Gargak)
Objective: Meet Gargak at Base of Tower
I met Gargak in the bottom of the tower. Now I must kill him to end his attacks on Barkbite Stronghold.
Objective: Kill Gargak
I defeated Gargak, and thus ended the attacks against Barkbite Stronghold. I should return to Moramat and let her know what happened.
Objective: Return to Moramat
Finishes quest  I killed Gargak. Chief Dushkul is well enough to speak. Moramat has asked me to bring him the news directly.
Objective: Tell Chief Dushkul that Gargak is dead
Gargak has agreed to halt his attacks while I investigate an abandoned Imperial mine. If it has valuable resources, he would have no reason to attack Barkbite Stronghold. Gargak's ally will meet with me inside the mine to help inspect the ore. (if you choose to convince Gargak)
Objective: Meet Gargak's Ally in Abandoned Iron Mine
Gargak has agreed to halt his attacks while I investigate an abandoned Imperial mine to determine if it has valuable resources. I should speak with Rakhaz and see if she's ready to inspect any ore I find.
Objective: Talk to Rakhaz
Gargak has agreed to halt his attacks while I investigate an abandoned Imperial mine to determine if it has valuable resources. I should point out any ore veins I find to Rakhaz.
Objective: Find Ore Vein
Gargak has agreed to halt his attacks while I investigate an abandoned Imperial mine to determine if it has valuable resources. I should wait for Rakhaz to give me her results.
Objective: Wait for Rakhaz's Findings
Finishes quest  Rakhaz confirmed the mine had valuable ore in it. I should return to Gargak and tell him the good news.
Objective: Return to Gargak
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