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Find the culprit behind the Barkbite "curse".
Zone: Grahtwood
Objective: Reman's Bluff — Protect Barkbite Stronghold from bandit attacks.
Quest Giver: Shaman Bogham
Location(s): Reman's Bluff, Barkbite Stronghold
Prerequisite Quest: Enemies at the Gate
Next Quest: A Chief Concern
Reward: Barkbite Breastplate
308 Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience
"You should speak with Moramat... you'll need her approval."
I've helped track down the source of the poison in Barkbite Stronghold, but the poisoner still remains to be found. I should work with Moramat to bring the culprit to justice.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Moramat.
  2. Gather alibis or search the mine.
  3. Confront the suspect.
  4. Return to Moramat.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Once you have completed Enemies at the Gate, talk to Shaman Bogham for your next directive:

"Someone deliberately poisoned our stronghold's well. The sickness began the day of the bandits' first attack. It couldn't have been them, not directly.
You should speak with Moramat, one of Chief Dushkul's wives."
"She's tended the chief since he fell ill. You've shown you stand with the stronghold, and for that you'll remain welcome.
But if you wish to stop the poisoner, you'll need her approval or the others won't help."
I'll talk to Moramat.

Thankfully, Moramat isn't too far away, sitting in front of the central bonfire in the Longhouse. Speak to her:

"You've proven yourself bloodkith to our stronghold. If any here would call you outsider, you are welcome to answer with the back of your hand.
Now. What is it you need?"
Shaman Bogham said I should speak with you about the poisoner.
"Yes, he convinced me there was never a curse.
Know that while Chief Dushkul remains ill, I speak on his behalf. I'm his hearth-wife, and I say the poisoner must be brought to justice."
Who could it be?
"The sickness happened before the first bandit attack. None are missing from the stronghold. The poisoner must be among us.
It can't be any of the victims. There are … unpleasant symptoms. Very unpleasant."
What do you propose?
"Speak with the unafflicted. Find out where they were the night before the sickness began. Return to me with their tales, and we can find the lies within them."

You have two ways to go about this: question the citizens of Reman's Bluff, or check the mine for any evidence.

Interrogation RouteEdit

If you want to question Orcs:

  1. Shaman Bogham is where he usually is, in the left section of the longhouse
  2. Rakhaz is sweeping near the forge diagonally-left of the longhouse, on its leftmost side
  3. Shakul is also around the forge, but working on its rightmost side
  4. Namoroth is sitting in front of the Cooking pot at the camp, which is in the area to the right of the exit
  5. Sharnag is standing on post at the gate entrance

After you're done talking with the Orcs, return to Moramat with your findings:

"What have you learned? Whose tales are false?"
Namoroth and Sharnag said they were training by the gates.
"I remember that. They were sparring for hours. And the others?"
Shaman Bogham said he was collecting herbs for his poultices.
"Yes, he'd complained for weeks about his herbs. I finally told him to stop whining and get what he needed. He returned later with an armload of plants.
Who else?"
Rakhaz checked weapons in the longhouse, while Shakul worked the forge alone.
"That's strange. I didn't see Rakhaz, and I was here all that day. Shakul's apprentice is rarely away from her side.
Curse that girl, I hope her feelings for Gargak didn't drive her to foolishness."
Gargak? Who is Gargak?
"My husband's brother, who challenged him for leadership. Rakhaz was upset when Gargak lost, but that was nearly a year ago.

You have my blessing to confront her. We must know if it was her, and if so, her reasons."

I'll find out why Rakhaz lied.

Investigation RouteEdit

It's had its venom sacs removed...

If you instead want to investigate the cave, it is to the right when you are leaving the Longhouse; enter it and go straight into it, down the left fork this time. On the right side, you can see a dead spider with a knife sticking straight out of it. Interact with it, and you will find that it's had its venom sacs removed. Go to Shakul with the blade, located in the forge in the northernmost part of the Stronghold, and ask her about the blade:

"Yes? What is it now?"
Can you tell me whose knife this is?
"Let me see.
Ah, that belongs to Rakhaz, my apprentice. You can see where the hilt doesn't quite fit the blade. Wish I could say it was one of her first attempts, but she's a slow learner."

Confronting the CulpritEdit

After you find out who's the potential culprit, leave the longhouse and approach Rakhaz, who is still sweeping on the western side of the forge:

"What is it now?"
You lied to me. You weren't checking weapons in the longhouse. (if you interrogated the Orcs)
I found your blade in the mine. (if you investigated the mine)

If you interrogated the Orcs:

You lied to me. You weren't checking weapons in the longhouse.
"Now that I think about it, I checked the weapons the day before. The day everyone got sick, I worked here, in the forge."
Shakul worked the forge herself that day.
"Fine. I'm the one who poisoned the stronghold.
But what I did was for the good of my people."
You poisoned them for their own good?
"None of my bloodkin died from the poison. It only made people sick, just as Gargak showed me.
His brother isn't fit to rule a privy, let alone our tribe."
Moramat wants to speak with you.
"I'm sure she does.
Don't believe everything she's told you. Gargak is no monster, and Chief Dushkul would be nothing without his wives."
You can tell Moramat yourself.

If you instead investigated the mine:

I found your blade in the mine.
"So? I needed some ore. Three spiders came from nowhere and I had to defend myself.
I must have lost it in my rush to escape. It's a wonder I made it out of there alive."
How did you have time to cut out the venom sacs?
"Fine! You got me! Are you satisfied?
I did it for the town and if you noticed, I made sure not to use too much just like Gargak taught me."
What does Gargak have to do with this?
"Gargak is the rightful Chief of this stronghold! His brother is half the man and an utter fool. He won the trial by fighting dirty. I am simply trying to help set things right."
Moramat wants to speak with you.
"Sorry to disappoint, but I don't plan to walk into my death. There is more to the brothers' story than you've been told.
Please, don't rush into anything. Seek out Gargak and hear his side of the story before deciding what you believe."
I'll think about it, but in the meantime I need to bring you to Moramat so you can't hurt anyone else.

Regardless of your investigation choice, she will run away in a puff of smoke, uttering "I don't think so". Return to the Longhouse and tell Moramat of your discovery:

"Where is Rakhaz? Was it her?" (if you interrogated the Orcs)
Rakhaz fled. She was working for Gargak.
"What have you found?" (if you investigated the mines)
Rakhaz was the poisoner. She was working for Gargak.

In either case, Moramat responds in the same manner:

"What has the fool girl done?
Never mind that. Shaman Bogham has almost finished his antidote. Once Reman's Bluff recovers, our warriors will find these bandits and crack open their skulls."

Receive your reward and continue with the next quest.


  • The spider corpse stabbed with the knife won't exist in the mine before starting the quest.
  • After completion of the quest, all the sick Orcs will be back on their feet, except oddly for the chief.

Quest StagesEdit

The Enemy Within
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
  Shaman Bogham suggested talking to Moramat. I should seek her help in questioning the Wood Orcs of Barkbite Stronghold.
Objective: Talk to Moramat
Moramat suggested questioning the Wood Orcs of Barkbite Stronghold to see if anyone appears to be guilty. I should question them, but the mine may hold evidence as well.
Complete one:
Objective: Question Reman's Bluff Citizens
Objective: Find Evidence of the Poisoner's Identity
Hidden Objective: Talk to Shaman Bogham
Hidden Objective: Talk to Rakhaz
Hidden Objective: Talk to Shakul
Hidden Objective: Talk to Namoroth
Hidden Objective: Talk to Sharnag
I searched the mine and found a knife in a dead spider. I should ask Shakul the blacksmith if she recognizes the blade.
Objective: Ask Shakul About the Knife
(if you chose to investigate the cave)
I've collected alibis from all the unafflicted citizens of Barkbite Stronghold regarding where they were before the attacks and should consult with Moramat.
Objective: Consult with Moramat
(if you chose to interrogate the Orcs)
After reviewing everyone's alibis with Moramat, it looks like Rakhaz has been lying. I should confront her. (if you chose to interrogate the Orcs) OR
It's very odd that Rakhaz's blade would be in a spider in the mine. I should confront her. (if you chose to investigate the cave)
Objective: Confront Rakhaz
Finishes quest  I confronted Rakhaz, and she revealed that Gargak is behind the attacks. I should tell Moramat.
Objective: Tell Moramat that Rakhaz was the Poisoner
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