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Elder Scrolls Online: People
Buoyant Armiger
(lore page)
Home City Vivec City
Location Vivec's Palace
Race Dark Elf Gender Variable
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Buoyant Armigers
A Buoyant Armiger (male)

Buoyant Armigers are a military order of the Tribunal Temple. They seek to emulate Vivec's deeds through their actions and words. Two of them can be found standing guard outside Vivec's Palace, saluting and sometimes speaking as you climb up the stairs.

Buoyant Armiger
(lore page)
Home Settlement Molag Mar
Location Near the Molag Mar Wayshrine
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Buoyant Armigers
The Bouyant Armiger questgiver, sharpening his sword near a dreugh

This Buoyant Armiger is a questgiver for the related quest. He disappears after the quest is accepted. He can be found sharpening his sword over the corpse of a dreugh or fishing. Two Buoyant Armigers who don't speak can be found with Captain Naros in front of the Dreudurai Glass Mine at the end of the related quest.

Related QuestsEdit


The armiger guards outside Vivec's Palace can say one of the following:

"Praise Vivec!"

During Divine Inquiries, they address some civilians when questioned about Vivec:

Baladas Dren: "Stand aside. Lord Vivec is expecting me!"
Buoyant Armiger: "Lord Vivec isn't receiving visitors today."

During Divine Delusions, they comment on Red Mountain:

Buoyant Armiger: "Red Mountain's particularly active today."
Buoyant Armiger: "Pull yourself together! You're a Buoyant Armiger, for Vivec's sake!"

Or they might comment on the priests:

Buoyant Armiger: "The priests seem nervous today."
Buoyant Armiger: "Pull yourself together! You're a Buoyant Armiger, for Vivec's sake!"

During Divine Disaster, they will be commenting on Baar Dau:

Buoyant Armiger: "Baar Dau! It's moving!"
Buoyant Armiger: "Lord Vivec, save us!"

Quest-Related EventsEdit

When you speak with the Buoyant Armiger quest giver in Molag Mar, he will warn you of the dangers on the roads.

"Be wary, traveler. Pilgrims have been attacked on these roads. Should you encounter violence, don't hesitate to call on us. We're here to protect you."
I can handle myself, but what's the cause of these attacks?
"I hope your confidence is merited. We have our hands full with the dreugh and the Ashlanders, so rescues are in short supply.
Captain Artisia Naros is at the canton of Molag Mar. She can tell you more than I. Safe travels."
I'll speak to her.

Speaking to him again:

"Captain Artisia Naros is handling the situation at the canton of Molag Mar. If you think you can help, she'll be glad to have you."



  • A Bouyant Armiger's corpse is found near Molag Mar, later identified as Armiger Sydra.