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Elder Scrolls Online: People
Archcanon Tarvus
Home City Vivec City
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Tribunal Temple, House Indoril
Archcanon Tarvus

Archcanon Tarvus is the Dunmer high priest of the Tribunal Temple and Lord Vivec's primary servant.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Divine ConundrumEdit

Upon your first visit to Vivec's palace, you'll be introduced by Canon Llevule despite the protestations of Tarvus:

Canon Llevule: "This is the person who helped me at the tomb, my lord."
Archcanon Tarvus: "Lord Vivec, we don't need the help of this … outlander."
Vivec: "Oh hush, Archcanon Tarvus. Outlanders have their usefulness and this one intrigues me."
Archcanon Tarvus: "As you say. I'll be in my office if you need me."
Vivec: "Step forward, friend of Llevule, and let us speak."

Tarvus will exit the room.

After speaking to Vivec, the living god will ask you to coordinate a ritual with the Archcanon:

"Ah, outlander. Lord Vivec trusts too much to put his faith in one such as you, but who am I to question my God?
I suppose he sent you to me so I could put you to work? Did he say which task he wants us to accomplish first?"
Lord Vivec said he needed to perform a divination ritual.
"Ah, yes. We do need to perform a ritual to reveal the nature of the … phenomenon that vexes Lord Vivec.
Now, listen closely. I hate to repeat myself."
I'm listening.
"Despite my objections, Vivec believes you were sent to help, so I'll do my best to assist you. Go to the ziggurat that's still under construction and tell the Overseer that Lord Vivec requires the Blessing Stone. Then bring it to me in the palace."
I'll go to the unfinished ziggurat, get the Blessing Stone, and meet you at Vivec's Palace.
"You receive a simple errand in the service of Lord Vivec and countless questions form unbidden in your mind.
Very well. Go ahead. Ask your questions. It's not like I'm the busy Archcanon of a Living God or anything."
What's a Blessing Stone?
"Ah, the ignorance of Outlanders! How refreshing!
The Blessing Stones serve as repositories for small amounts of Lord Vivec's power. They allow his favor to permeate sanctified locations. We need such a stone to power the divination ritual."
Can't Vivec perform the ritual without the Blessing Stone?
"If you haven't guessed yet, the phenomenon interferes with Lord Vivec's power in unusual ways. It will be safer for everyone if I perform the ritual by using the Blessing Stone instead of drawing on my lord's personal store of energy."
What does Lord Vivec hope to learn from the divination ritual?
"Even if I told you, you wouldn't comprehend it. Lord Vivec's senses eclipse those of mere mortals. Suffice it to say, he feels a disturbance in the flow of energy throughout Vvardenfell. He seeks to discover the source of that disturbance."
Vivec mentioned Red Mountain and Daedra. Do you think there's a connection?
"Lord Vivec sees signs and portents everywhere. It's the poet at his core. I tend to be much more pragmatic. Sometimes a volcano is simply a volcano and not a harbinger of doom.
As for the Daedra, I have no idea. Perhaps a summoning got out of hand."
Have I offended you in some manner?
"Offend me? You give yourself too much credit. No, I feel the same about all outlanders. This is Tribunal business, best handled by Tribunal resources. However, I also obey my Lord Vivec. So I will tolerate your involvement and do my best to aid you."
"Overseer Shiralas supervises the construction of the unfinished ziggurat. I'm sure she'll let you borrow the Blessing Stone for Lord Vivec, provided you ask nicely."

Return to the palace with the stone and he'll remark:

"The outlander returns. I understand there was trouble at the construction site, but you were able to save a few of the workers. Lord Vivec always draws the straightest arrow from the quiver, praise the Tribunal!
Did you bring the Blessing Stone?"
I have the Blessing Stone.
"Stand over there. In Canon Llevule's absence, you will form the third corner of our ritual triangle.
When you're ready, place the Blessing Stone and we'll begin the ritual."

During the ritual, Tarvus will narrate:

Archcanon Tarvus: "Hear the words of the Warrior-Poet and reveal the source of Lord Vivec's distress!"
Archcanon Tarvus: "An Ashlander?"
Archcanon Tarvus: "A clockwork mage?"
Archcanon Tarvus: "A Daedric cultist?"
Archcanon Tarvus: "Something interfered with the ritual, my lord. But we may have learned something. Excuse me while I compare the results to our previous research …."

Tarvus will again leave the room without another word.

Divine InquiriesEdit

Vivec will send you to speak with Tarvus again. Find him in his office and he'll be in an even more foul mood:

"I performed that ritual countless times and it never exploded in my face before! If I discover that you sabotaged the divination ….
No, I shouldn't take my failure out on you. It's not your fault that things are … difficult."
By difficult, you mean Lord Vivec's loss of power?
"How do you know about—Lord Vivec told you? Of course he did. It's his prerogative, I suppose.
You must swear to keep this secret, though. There would be panic in the streets if the people believed one of the Tribunal was incapacitated."
Lord Vivec said you might need help investigating the source of the problem.
"It's true. I'm much better at scholarly pursuits than field work. And the ritual wasn't a total failure. It confirmed three locations from my earlier studies—Balmora, Ald'ruhn, and Barilzar's tower.
I need you to investigate each of these sites."
Tell me more about these locations before I head out.
"I researched what I could using the resources available here in Vivec City. To learn more, I need an agent to personally assess each location. Lord Vivec thinks you're the best one for that job.
I hope he's right."
Can you tell me anything about Barilzar's tower?
"I believe the mage seen in the ritual is Barilzar, who works out of an ancient Velothi tower. His experiments radiate energy similar to Vivec's affliction, but they're not a perfect match.
Find out what he knows about the transfer of divine energy."
What can you tell me about Balmora?
"House Redoran controls the town and nearby mines. House Hlaalu also has interests in the region. Rumors of a cult in the area concern me the most. I believe we saw a cultist during the ritual.
Make discreet inquiries and see what you can learn."
What kind of a cult are we talking about?
"I have no idea. That's why we're sending you. I suggest you start at the inn. Secrets get spilled along with the drinks in such places.
The miners may know something as well. I've heard that House Redoran has issued some kind of proclamation."
What do you know about Ald'ruhn?
"Savage Ashlanders, like the one seen in the vision, use the area as a tribal meeting ground. These nomadic heretics deny the divinity of the Tribunal and have no love for Vivec, but how they could be involved eludes me. See what you can uncover."
Is there anything else I should know?
"I traced tendrils of Vivec's energy to these locations and the ritual confirmed the connection before it went awry. Just don't discuss Lord Vivec's condition with anyone. We don't want to start a panic.
If anything changes here, I'll contact you."
I'll investigate Balmora, Ald'ruhn, and Barilzar's tower.
"Haven't you left yet? The sites at Balmora, Ald'ruhn, and Barilzar's tower aren't going to investigate themselves."
I need to know more about those locations before I head out.
"I researched what I could…"<repeats from above>

Speak to him again before leaving and he'll bark:

"Haven't you left yet? The sites at Balmora, Ald'ruhn, and Barilzar's tower aren't going to investigate themselves."

Once you've completed all three investigations, Tarvus will appear to you in a projection and call you back to Vivec City:

Archcanon Tarvus: "Outlander! Over here!"
Archcanon Tarvus: "This requires a considerable amount of effort, so just listen."
Archcanon Tarvus: "We have a … problem here. Return to my office immediately."

Back at the archcanon's office, he'll ask:

"At last! Did you see what's happening outside? Red Mountain rumbles louder and more frequently, the sky grows dark, and, worst of all, the people are beginning to notice!
Soon, I'll have to muster the Ordinators to keep them from the palace doors."
Is that the emergency? The people want to see Lord Vivec?
"In part. Lord Vivec is … not well. I won't allow his followers to see him in this state. He continues to lose energy and it's becoming difficult for him to maintain the realm in his usual fashion.
Now, what did your investigations uncover?"
I investigated the three locations. Here's what I learned.
"I'll review these documents and present your findings to Lord Vivec.
I was against bringing you into this investigation, but I was wrong. Thank you for aiding us. You should go see Lord Vivec now. He's been asking about you. I'll be along shortly."
You're going to just read the notes? I thought we could discuss what I learned.
"Very well. Tell me what you learned at each of the locations and let's see what conclusions we can come to."
Barilzar told me about Sotha Sil's experiments with divine energy. He gave me his notes.
"Barilzar faithfully served Sotha Sil. He's as loyal to the Tribunal as I am. He would never intentionally harm Lord Vivec. But that tool he mentioned.
Perhaps one of the priests Vivec sent away could search the Temple archives for more information."
Vivec sent away all his priests?
"Lord Vivec doesn't want his followers to see him in such a weakened state. Only you, Canon Llevule, and myself are permitted into his palace now.
Speaking of the palace, Lord Vivec wants to see you when we're done here."
Cultists took over the mine outside Balmora.
"From what you discovered, I dare say there may be a correlation between the Nycotic relic and the tool Barilzar mentioned. And it seems the Ashlander thieves are connected to Chodala.
Your evidence points to a clear conclusion."
Chodala is using Sunna'rah to steal Vivec's divine energy?
"So it appears.
Lord Vivec's doing his best not to complain, but I can see how much the draining of his energy has cost him. Just seeing you again should improve his mood considerably. And the progress you made with your investigations, outstanding!"
An Ashlander named Chodala has been inciting the tribes.
"So your notes say. And this Seryn assisted you. Interesting. Most Ashlanders want nothing to do with the Tribunal. Even so, they rarely become aggressive. I'd say this Chodala bears watching.
If we can spare it, I'll send an Armiger to Ald'ruhn."
Chodala's newfound power might have something to do with Vivec's problem.
"Interesting theory. Perhaps Chodala's staff can steal Vivec's energy, but I have a hard time imagining how an Ashlander could accomplish such a feat.
Lord Vivec said the draining has grown more intense since you left. He doesn't look well."
"I need a few moments to review these documents. Report to Lord Vivec and tell him what you found. I'll meet you inside shortly."

Divine DelusionsEdit

After speaking to Vivec, Tarvus will enter and make an announcement:

Archcanon Tarvus: "My lord, the outlander may have actually discovered something!"

Speak to him and he'll tell you:

"After further examination of the documents you brought back, I have to agree with your assessment. The Ashlander Chodala has somehow siphoned divine energy away from Lord Vivec."
So you know how to restore Lord Vivec's power?
"Not exactly, but now that we know that the affliction isn't natural, we can work toward a solution—one that probably involves Chodala's staff.
How the Ashlander got his hands on Sotha Sil's tool and turned it into a weapon is beyond me, though."
You want me to acquire the staff called Sunna'rah?
"Eventually, but we need to be cautious. If Chodala is as respected as you say, attacking him would start a war we can't afford to partake in.
Go to Ald'ruhn and talk to his sister, Seryn. I don't trust her either, but she worked with you before."
I'll go talk to Seryn.
"Get to Ald'ruhn and locate Seryn. She needs to tell us more about Chodala and then help us acquire his staff. Without it, we can't restore Vivec.
Meanwhile, I need to placate the populace. The people grow concerned over Vivec's continuing isolation."
What's happening to Vivec again?
"Didn't we cover this? Let me refresh your memory. Lord Vivec suffers stoically as his divine energy drains away. Neither my administrations nor his defenses have been sufficient to plug the hole, so we've isolated him to keep panic to a minimum."
What's causing Vivec's loss of divine energy?
"If we knew for certain, we wouldn't be sending you to make a deal with a heretical Ashlander, now would we?
Chodala must have something to do with Vivec's energy loss, but the how and why remains a mystery. That's why I must examine that staff."
Why do you think the staff is important?
"Everything you uncovered suggests that the staff and Sotha Sil's missing tool are one and the same, and it's obviously connected to Chodala's newfound powers. Bring it back here so I can study it.
The solution resides in the staff, I'm sure of it."
Why do you think the people are going to panic?
"Experience, outlander, experience.
I have seen the Dunmer rage against the gods at the least provocation. When they realize that Vivec is ill, that his powers are failing, they'll weep and gnash their teeth like frightened children."
You really expect that strong a reaction just because Vivec's ill?
"The people don't handle the infirmities of their deities very well. Especially when those infirmities could foreshadow Red Mountain's eruption or portend the moonlet's fall from the sky.
Once such fear ignites, it spreads like wildfire."
What does the Tribunal think of the Ashlanders?
"They try not to think about them at all.
The Ashlanders are savages! They refuse to acknowledge the supremacy of Lord Vivec and the Tribunal, instead putting their faith in the despicable Daedra. They're heretics, pure and simple."
Do you really think this could lead to all-out war with the Ashlanders?
"The Ashlanders hold to superstitions the way kwama protect their eggs. If they really consider Chodala to be the Nerevarine, then any action you take against him will enrage the tribes.
Talk to Seryn and see if she can suggest an alternative course."

Return from Ald'ruhn and he'll inform you of Vivec's condition:

"You're back! It's Lord Vivec! He just … he just collapsed! The more he weakens, the closer the moonlet slides toward the city and the more Red Mountain churns with fire and ash!
I hope you brought good news. Vivec knows we could use some!"
Note: During my run I encountered a slightly different version of dialogue with Tarvus, not sure what's the cause of the discrepency.
"After further examination of the documents you brought back, I have to agree with your assessment. The Ashlander Chodala has somehow siphoned divine energy away from Lord Vivec."
So you know how to restore Lord Vivec's power?
"Not exactly, but now that we are certain that the affliction isn't natural, we can pursue a proper solution. I suspect we'll need Chodala's staff.
How the Ashlander got his hands on Sotha Sil's tool and turned it into a weapon, I have no idea."
You want me to acquire the staff called Sunna'rah?
"Chodala won't hand over the staff. And trying to take it could lead to a war we can't afford to wage.
I suggest you go to Ald'ruhn and talk to his sister, Seryn. I don't trust her either, but she worked with you before. Perhaps she'll do so again."
I'll go talk to Seryn.
"Get to Ald'ruhn and locate Seryn. She needs to tell us more about Chodala and then help us acquire his staff. Without it, we can't restore Vivec.
Meanwhile, I need to placate the populace. The people grow concerned over Vivec's continuing isolation."

(No further option here, need to go back to Archcanon's Office to ask him more questions)

Divine InterventionEdit

"Lord Vivec must conserve his remaining energy, so we need to solve this problem on our own.
It all comes back to Chodala. That damned Ashlander's draining the Warrior-Poet's power! We need to stop him and get that damn staff!"
Sunna'rah makes Chodala invulnerable. How do we circumvent the staff?
"How should I know? That's not a skill the Tribunal teaches. Return to Barilzar's tower and get Sotha Sil's former apprentice to come up with some kind of countermeasure. I'm sure he knows more than he's told you.
I do have one concern, though …."
Just one concern?
"You see right through me, outlander. I have more worries than a kwama queen has eggs.
I'm talking about Chodala's sister. Seryn claims to want to help, to want peace, but I don't trust her. Seek out Barilzar, but be wary of the Ashlander's sister."
I'll return to Barilzar's tower and see if he knows how we can circumvent Chodala's staff.
"We need to stop Chodala, and to do that, we need to find a way to overcome the device he's wielding.
Find Barilzar and make sure that crazy mage provides you with something we can use to save Lord Vivec."
Can we be certain that the staff is required to save Lord Vivec?
"Is the bull sure it can bed the betty? No, but by all accounts we'll be better off with Sunna'rah in our hands and away from Chodala.
That won't be possible, however, as long as the Ashlander remains impervious to every attack."
Why don't you trust Seryn?
"The female Ashlander? Well, if that wasn't enough of a reason, remember that she's also Chodala's sister. Blood sings to blood, as the Warrior-Poet so elegantly put it.
Be wary of that one, outlander. She'll stab you in the back, mark my words."
Why does Vivec's condition threaten Vvardenfell?
"Vivec loves this land, and the land loves him in return. He's always had a special bond with Vvardenfell. Is it so hard to believe that Red Mountain reflects his suffering?
Beyond that, there's also Baar Dau, the moonlet that floats above us."
Tell me about Baar Dau.
"Lord Vivec's intervention stopped the moonlet from crashing into the city. He holds it above us by strength of will. But as he weakens, so too does the power that keeps the rock afloat.
If Vivec's energy wanes further, it would spell disaster."

Go to see Barilzar and he'll have you help him invent a tonal inverter. Take the inverter back to Vivec City and you'll find Tarvus in his office… along with two Bouyant Armigers faced off against Seryn.

Archcanon Tarvus: "Your presence defiles this city, Ashlander. How dare you demand to see our god?"
Seryn: "I'm here to help. If you won't listen to me, listen to the outlander!"
Archcanon Tarvus: "Thank the Three, the outlander has returned. Was Barilzar able to help us?"
"Pay no attention to this Ashlander. She's been blathering on about Lord Vivec's condition and how she can help, but I'm certain it's a trick of some sort.
I was just about to have her thrown out of the city—or possibly tossed to the slaughterfish."
That's Seryn, Chodala's sister. She helped me in Ald'ruhn.
"I know who she is! I still don't trust her and I refuse to let her anywhere near Lord Vivec. Who knows what an Ashlander would do while the Warrior-Poet is in such a fragile state?"
I need her help. It's going to take two of us to operate Barilzar's tonal inverter.
"A tonal what now? Well, since I can't go with you, what with Lord Vivec requiring my undivided attention, I suppose we'll have to let the Ashlander assist you.
Very well. Take her and defeat Chodala. Then bring me his staff so we can restore Vivec."
Sunna'rah will soon be in our hands.

Tarvus will leave with the Armigers, leaving you with Seryn.

Go with Seryn to Kaushtarari and recover Sunna'rah. Return to Vivec City and you'll find him in Vivec's Private Chambers where he'll be standing over an unconscious Vivec:

"Oh, this is terrible! Lord Vivec collapsed! Tell me, outlander, were you able to defeat Chodala? Have you brought me his staff? I'm afraid Lord Vivec may not last much longer."
We defeated Chodala and brought back Sunna'rah.
"And just in time! According to my calculations, with every use of Sunna'rah, Chodala drained more energy from Lord Vivec. It almost killed him!
But we can use the staff to save Vivec. Just plant it in the floor and the power will return to him."
I'll plant Sunna'rah in the floor and return Vivec's power to him.

Place Sunna'rah at the foot of Vivec's bed and Vivec will start writhe:

Archcanon Tarvus: "Perfect! It's working just as I expected!"

Seryn will come running in:

Seryn: "What are you doing? It's killing him!"
Archcanon Tarvus: "What did you expect? That's the point of all this, after all!"
Seryn: "I've powered up the tonal inverter! Activate the wave!"

Activate the tonal inverter and the Archcanon will reveal his true identity:

Barbas: "You're too late! I see it now, the Clockwork City! Look what Barbas found for you, Master!"

A version of the Clockwork City appears and Barbas vanishes… with Sunna'rah.