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Castle Rilis
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Quest Hub
Discoverable Yes
Completion Objective
Giant Bat, Mudcrab, Skeletal Archer, Skeletal Soldier, Skeletal Striker, Skeletal Tempest
(Quest-specific): Captain Arame, Captain Ralimbar, Captain Taarulae
North of Firsthold
Loading Screen
Castle Rilis is one of the oldest Elven structures in all the Summerset Isles. The vaults beneath the castle are even older still—and are said to preserve some things that would have been better left forgotten.
Castle Rilis

Castle Rilis is a ruined elven castle in northern Auridon, north of Firsthold. Skeletal guardians have been raised to defend the ruins. A young noble is seeking to claim his heritance from the ruins.

A copy of Crimes of the Daggerfall Covenant is located upon a stool on the southern path heading towards Castle Rilis. A heavy sack is located along the path to the eastern ward.

Related QuestsEdit

  • Castle Rilis Objective: Discover the truth of Sorondil's claim at Castle Rilis. / You helped Sorondil secure his inheritance at Castle Rilis.
  • The Jester's Joke: Help reunite a spirit with his soul.



The AntechamberEdit

Lisondor is located in the northern ruins. The door to the Antechamber, where Falarel the Jester resides, is near him. A love letter can be found past the first two fire traps, next to a skeletal corpse.

A note titled To My Reviewer is on the landing down the second flight of stairs. Head down the stairs west and continue until you hit the wall. Upon an altar beside this western wall is Another Grim Jest. If you head to the opposite side of the room, a note titled Grim Jest is upon an altar beside the eastern wall. Falarel is located in the back of the ruins.

The Vault of ExileEdit

You will enter this vault during Rightful Inheritance. The spirits of past kinlords of the Rilis bloodline will appear to dissuade Sorondil from taking the cursed Rilis Helm.


  • The area's objective once read "Aid Sorondil, the scion of Castle Rilis."
  • The skeleton enemies in the exterior ruins switch between Neutral and Hostile as part of the Rightful Inheritance quest. They start off Neutral before starting the quest and turn Hostile when finding Sorondil the first time. They become Neutral again after exiting the Vault of the Exiles.
    • This doesn't apply to the skeletons found in the Antechamber.
  • This area uses the general ruin icon instead of the arched Aldmeri ruins icon which is used by all the other Aldmeri ruins on Auridon.


A map of the Vault of Exile


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