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Eimhir's Cavern
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Discoverable No
King's GuardGlenumbra
Within Hag Fen
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The Wyrd Sisters give the shoreline cavern near Hag Fen a wide berth, fearing it's haunted after being abandoned for so long. Recently, however, activity in the area hints at a much more menacing threat.
Eimhir's Cavern

Eimhir's Cavern is a small cave containing an old wyress ritual site. Back in the Merethic Era, the Last Druid King and the Beldama Wyrd met to there to perform an unknown ritual. In the current time, Archdruid Michiel and the Firesong seeks to corrupt the ritual site deep within the cave.

Once within the location, the map will instead refer to the place as the "Glenumbra Ritual Site".

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