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The Heroes Reforged Event

This event begins with the launch of Update 29 on the live servers. This is Monday, March 8, 2021 for PC/Mac, and Tuesday, March 16, 2021 for Xbox One and PlayStation4. It will run for two weeks, and will allow you unlimited free respecs from Rededication Shrines for the following:

  • Attributes (Health/Stamina/Magicka)
  • Skills (and Morphs)
  • Champion Points (from the Champion Point system menu)

When you first log in after Update 29 goes live, all Skills and Champion Points will be automatically reset. Though the changes to skills in Update 29 only affect the Champion System, this event will allow you to test builds, reset/respec as many characters as you'd like for free for two weeks.

This was not a full in-game event, as there were no event tickets distributed—just free re-specializations to allow for builds to be experimented with and tested at no cost.


Despite there being no rewards for activities, there will be a free pet offered in the Crown Store during this event: the Ambersheen Vale Fawn. You can find this free pet under the Pets category within the Crown Store, and it is available only during the event period for your platform.

Previous Respec ResetsEdit

In the past free Skill Respec events have often been held after large updates:

Update 24Edit

Update 23Edit

Update 19Edit

Update 18Edit

Update 14Edit

  • All Champion Points will be automatically respeced when you first log in. You will also have the option to respec your skill points at a reduced price of one gold per skill point spent, rather than the usual 50 gold per skill point. This opportunity wa available Patch 3.0.5 and changed back to normal in Patch 3.0.6/1.26.

Update 10Edit

Update 3Edit

  • The cost for respecs was reduced to 1 gold in Patch 1.3.2 and changed back to normal in 1.3.4 and again in Patch 1.3.7[verification needed — no such patch as 1.3.7]

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