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Race Wood Elf Gender Male
Health 25,974
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Easy Profession Beggar

Hurgedor is a Wood Elf beggar who can be found with a sleeping Chinjarsi. He desperately needs his "medicine" and will beg you for monatery aid, which you can give you wish.


His greeting will change depending on whether you have deposed Khasda or not:

"Argh. I can't—I can't stop shaking. I just need a little. Just a spec! I can't even afford that now. Khasda's killing me!"

Once Khasda is gone, he will instead say:

"How about some charity for the sick? I may not be getting shaken down by Khasda's thugs, but I've still got the shakes."
"I don't know where it all goes. I don't remember getting robbed since Tasnasi took over, but I'm out of my medicine. Will you help me friend?"
different dialogue if Tasnasi isn't in charge?
What do you need?
"Any gold you can spare! My medicine's expensive and I've got nothing.
Please, it's gonna kill me. Whatever you'll give is fine. Just make the hurting stop!"
Sorry. I've got nothing for you.
"You're just gonna let me die? Or you gonna watch? Like Khasda and his thugs. And laugh!
Go on and laugh!"
Take this. I hope it helps. [0000006969  ]
"Thank you, f—friend. Thank you! This'll get me through a day. Not enough time to get back on my f—feet. You sure you can't spare a bit more?"
That's all I've got for you.
"Not worth saving to you? You're gonna forget about me the moment you walk away. Just like everybody else.
Go on. I'm gonna forget too."
All right. Get all the medicine you need.[00000347347  ]
"Y-you're a life-saver! Best f—friend I've ever had—besides Dashing Dasalzo. I don't see him anymore. I don't think."
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