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Location Scrivener's Hall - The Vault
Race Nord Gender Male
Health 5000000
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Scribes of Mora

Reinfyr is a Nord member of the Scribes of Mora and can be found in Scrivener's Hall. He is in charge of the Vault and despises the Cartoklepts.


Reinfyr can be found outside the Vault near through a side passage near the dungeon's entrance. You can speak with him and learn of what he wants, please not this dialogue will also happen if you have completed the dungeon and don't have any vaut keys:

"Hmm. You don't look like one of those useless scribes."
I'm not a Scribe of Mora.
"Good. I can't stand them. So excited about changing the world, but not willing to deal with the real problem here.
Those skittering Cartoklepts keep finding their way into the vault!"
"Vermin. Pests. Thieves! I keep blocking their holes but it's no use. They take the keys, the books, the scrolls. And they don't sign anything out.
If you see them anywhere, slaughter them. Bring back some proof and I'll let you into the vault."
What's inside the vault?
"Hmmm. Treasures. Objects of power and riches beyond your imagination. You won't be allowed near those.
There are chests though. Sometimes the Cartoklepts steal the keys, if you find a key, you're welcome to open the chest."

After you have traversed the dungeon, and have collected Vault Keys from the Cartoklepts, Reinfyr will welcome you as you arrive:

Reinfyr: "Come in! Come in! Tell me all about how you slew those light-fingered vermin."
<He then walks to the Vault's door and unlocks it, going inside.>
Reinfyr: "Is this place not the crowning glory of the hall? These treasures, not those rotting books."

You can then speak with Reinfyr:

"The vault is open to you. Don't let your valiant deeds go unrewarded. I allow very few access to the vault, you know."
Who are you?
"I am the keeper of the vault. The curator of the scribes. I know all that is recorded in the Scrivener's Hall and keep its secrets from prying eyes … light fingers too."
Aren't the Scribes of Mora all about recording new information?
"Recording? Yes. Sharing? No. Our lord Hermaeus Mora taught us that there's power in secrets. I don't let Scrivener's Hall divulge the knowledge and treasures of the realms to just anyone. Not even the Magnastylus can waltz in here."
How restricted is this vault?
"I'm the only one who holds the key to this gate. This is why the Cartoklepts are the greatest threat to our hall. They do more than just break into the vault, they steal from it. They must be stopped!"
Do you work for Valinna?
"Valinna? That newcomer? She came by here once asking for some staff or other. Didn't even want to hear about the genuine threats the Cartoklepts pose!
She said she's our new leader, but at least Keshargo helped me deal with those impish thieves!"

If you stay in the vault for awhile, he may say the following:

Reinfyr: "We keep these prizes until such time as a rift to Apocrypha opens. Then we'll empty the vault and collect anew."
Reinfyr: "I don't know why we have so many chests. Really it'd be better to put everything on display."

You can talk to him there:

"Feast your eyes. Is it not magnificent? Shelves and books grow musty, but the items in here will never age or turn to dust."

In the event the Vault comes under attack, the following will happen:



There are a few Achievements associated with this character:

Achievement Points Description
   Reinfyr's Hero 10 Complete optional content in Scrivener's Hall by finding and defeating 10 Cartoklepts, looting 10 treasure chests in Scrivener's Hall Vault, and obtaining Reinfyr's lost Cartoklept Map.
   Vault Guardian 10 Help Reinfyr protect the vault from the danger which skulks within.
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