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Spiderkith Enervator
Location The Crypt of Hearts
Cradle of ShadowsShadows of the Hist (Crown Store)
Race Spiderkith Gender Varies
Health Normal49116Veteran136704 (Crypt of Hearts)
Normal11644Veteran(?) (Spiral Shadows)
Reaction Hostile Class Storm Mage
A female Spiderkith Enervator in the Crypt of Hearts
A male Spiderkith Enervator in the Maelstrom Arena

Spiderkith Enervators are Spiderkith storm mages that are associated with Mephala. They can be encountered in Crypt of Hearts II, the Cradle of Shadows, and the Spiral Shadows round of the Maelstrom Arena.

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  • "Now you will feel pain!"
  • "I'm going to enjoy this!"
  • "Let's get this over with."