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Find a bow stolen by a false friend.
Zone: Grahtwood
Quest Giver: Orthelos in Elden Root
Location(s): Vinedeath Cave
Reward: Orthelos' Torchstaff
Low Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Low Experience XP
Search the caves for the bow
I met a Wood Elf named Orthelos who wants me to search the caves to the east for his partner Storgh, or just retrieve his bow. <if picked up by Orthelos>
I found a dead Orc in Vinedeath Cave. A well-crafted bow and a note were beside him. <if picked up by Storgh's Bow>

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Orthelos in Elden Root.
  2. Travel to Vinedeath Cave and find Storgh.
  3. Retrieve the bow.
  4. Return to Orthelos.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Acquiring the QuestEdit

A lonely and troubled Bosmer

When you visit Elden Root and cross the bridge in front of the Middens, you can see a Bosmer, Orthelos, standing there and staring to the northeast. Talk to him:

"I don't guess you've run into a big, lumbering, brute of an Orc in your travels? Name's Storgh. Was a friend of mine, emphasis on the "was".
I'm in a pile of trouble because of him."
What sort of trouble?
"Maybe you've heard of the Right of Theft? A Wood Elf tradition. If you pull off a particularly clever theft, you can demand payment from the owner for their things.
Well, I stole this treethane's bow. And then Storgh stole the bow from me."
What's the problem?
"The treethane wants his bow back. And if I can't give it to him, he's going to have me hauled in and whipped.
Last I heard, Storgh was headed toward Vinedeath Cave. The treethane won't let me leave town. Could you look for Storgh?"
I'll see what I can do.

Vinedeath CaveEdit

The remains of Storgh

Travel to the cave which lies quite a way northeast of Elden Root. Enter it and battle your way trough some stranglers and spriggans until you find Storgh's remains. Next to his body there is a Scrap of Storgh's Journal and the bow you are looking for. Grab the bow and leave the cave with it; if you're starting the quest from this point, read the journal scrap afterwards.

Returning the bowEdit

Return to Orthelos and talk to him:

"You actually got the bow? Incredible. Did Storgh give you much trouble?"
He was already dead. He met his end in Vinedeath Cave.
"Vinedeath Cave remains true to its name, then. I'm sorry to hear it. Storgh might have been a dunderheaded double-crosser, but he was still my friend.
I figure I owe you what the treethane paid me for the bow. Some thief I turned out to be, eh?"

If instead you got the quest from the bow itself, the conversation will proceed as follows:

"Hey! I'd recognize that bow anywhere. Where did you get that?"
I found it in a cave. The owner mentioned you in his journal. I thought it might interest you.
"Storgh's dead? Sad news, even if he did steal this bow from me.
It's a good thing you found it. I sort of owed it to a local treethane. Long story. I hope you accept this for a reward."

Collect your reward and finish the quest.

Quest StagesEdit

Storgh's Bow
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
  (If picked up via Orthelos)
I should search for caves east of Elden Root. Storgh was supposedly headed there.
Objective: Search for Storgh
I managed to find Storgh, but it looks like something got to him first. The bow is mine for the taking.
Objective: Take Storgh's Bow
  (If picked up via Storgh's Bow)
I've taken the bow, but I should see if the journal scrap might reveal anything about who he was. Maybe someone would want to know what happened to him.
Objective: Examine the Journal Scrap
Finishes quest  With the bow in hand, I should return to Elden Root and speak with Orthelos. (if quest was taken from Orthelos) OR
I learned the name of an Elf that seemed to be partners with the Orc. I should look for Orthelos in Elden Root. (if quest was taken from Storgh's Bow)
Objective: Deliver the Bow to Orthelos
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