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Online:Temple of the Mourning Springs

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Temple of the Mourning Springs
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Quest Hub
Discoverable Yes
Completion Objective
Skyshards 1
Outside: Harpies, Skeletal Archers, Skeletal Cryomancers, Skeletal Warriors, Thunderbugs
Inside: Giant Bats
(Quest-specific): Revenants, Uldor
Khenarthi's Roost
Northeast of Eagle's Strand
Temple of the Mourning Springs

The Temple of the Mourning Springs is a ruined Khajiiti temple on the eastern side of Khenarthi's Roost. It is inhabited by skeletons who have recently become restless. A local scholar and his apprentice are trying to figure out why, and how to stop it. The only way to enter the ruin's Catacombs is to have Gathwen disable the two wards preventing entry.

Related QuestsEdit

  • Temple of the Mourning Springs Objective: Explore the Temple of the Mourning Springs. / You defeated Uldor and restored the Mourning Stone.

Temple of the Mourning SpringsEdit


The outskirts of the temple include numerous ruined structures inhabited by harpies, thunderbugs and alit, including a Crosstree Bandits camp to the north. A note in the bandit camp will start a quest to rescue a Khajiit from the bandits at their main base nearby.

To the west of the ruins is an abandoned Dominion camp where the scholars were based, where a Wind-Ripped Page from Ealcil's notebook can be found inside the largest tent. A skyshard is located opposite the camp, south of the stairs leading up to the courtyard.

A second abandoned camp can be found to the south of the ruins, where you can find Ealcil's Khenarthi's Roost: Interim Orders and a copy of Bolga's Guide to Island Beasts. A Thieves Trove spawns beside a skeleton in the smaller tent.

Southeast of the ruins, below the inner courtyard and above the beach, sits a small shrine. The ravings of a bird-hater can be found here, next to a body. A locked chest spawns nearby.


The courtyard is heavily guarded by skeletons. During the related quest, you will need to make your way to the Scorpion Temple and Spider Temple at opposite ends of the courtyard to dispel the wards blocking the entrances to the Catacombs.

Once the quest is complete, the fountains in the courtyard will have sprung to life again, and the skeletons will be replaced with dozens of non-hostile spirits.


You will enter the Catacombs through one of three entrances during the related quest. Rurelion's Observation No. 1 can be found behind a column in the middle of the room. A note detailing Mourning Springs Burial Rites can be found in a small shrine behind the northeastern stone altar. The way to the Central Ruins is blocked by a barrier which requires activating the nearby moon tiles in the correct order, as indicated on the central column.

Central RuinsEdit

The Central Ruins is where Ealcil originally found the Mourning Stone. Water still rests in the lower levels of the courtyard, and Rurelion's Observation No. 2 and a page from Ealcil's Journal can be found on crates nearby.

Great HallEdit

Rurelion's Observation No. 3 rests on the wall as you descend into the Great Hall, and includes comments on the nature of the spike traps you can see ahead of you. Between the spike traps, giant bats roam the halls. The lever to disarm the traps is on the opposite side of the hall, where you will also find a Lost and Dusty Journal.

Once the quest is complete, a temporary portal here will take you back to the outer courtyard. The ruins up until this point remain accessible once the quest is complete.

Uldor's TombEdit

Also known as the Tomb of the Waning Moons, the final room of the ruin is only accessible during the final stage of the related quest. The centerpiece of the tomb is the sarcophagus itself, surrounded by a pool of water. During the related quest, you will need to dodge Uldor's lightning bolts and restore the seal on his tomb by activating the four pedestals around the room. The seal takes the form of a series of fountains around the sarcophagus, fed by the Tears of the Two Moons crystals in the pedestals and maintained by the Mourning Stone in the inner courtyard.



  • After completing the quest and clearing the location, the skeleton enemies will be removed and replaced by the friendly spirits that were used by Uldor to raise them before.
    • The friendly blue spirits can be seen prematurely when entering the ruins while the location is not cleared but will despawn when getting further in. They will become visible again when stepping far enough back to the entrance.



A map of the Temple of the Mourning Springs