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Location Khenarthi's Roost, Malabal Tor, Gold CoastDark Brotherhood, Southern ElsweyrDragonhold
Species Thunderbug
Health 31,364
Reaction Hostile
Carapace, Beetle Scuttle
Razor-Edged Mandible

Thunderbugs are hostile creatures that use lightning based attacks. They are very common on the island of Khenarthi's Roost. These solitary creatures are dangerous, but they do also have uses on the moon-sugar plantations; namely, controlling rats and other pests.

Some thunderbugs are capable of not only shooting lightning from themselves, but also summoning it from the sky.

Related QuestsEdit

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

A basic melee attack dealing minor shock damage.
The thunderbug continuously shocks you with an electric beam from its mouth, dealing continuous minor shock damage. This ability can be interrupted. If not interrupted, lightning strikes you at the end of the ability, dealing moderate shock damage.

Unique ThunderbugsEdit


Generic ThunderbugsEdit

Generic, unnamed thunderbugs can be encountered in various places across Tamriel, including delves, dungeons, and DLC content. These thunderbugs have varying stats, namely health. Below is a list of thunderbugs, categorized by location, difficulty and health.

Zone / Dungeon Specific Location Reaction Difficulty Health
Cyrodiil Bloodmayne Cave Hostile 42677
Greenshade Near Bramblebreach Hostile 60370
Malabal Tor Scattered throughout eastern section of the region Neutral 31364
Malabal Tor Temporary follower during the quest Shock to the System Friendly (?)



There are several Achievements associated with this creature:

Achievement Points Description
    Chitin Accumulator 10 Collect trophies from all the chitinous creatures of Tamriel.
    Nature Slayer 15 Kill a variety of natural creatures in the wilds of Tamriel and beyond.