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Shivering:Black Tar

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Black Tar
Black Tar
Value 1 Weight 0.1
Alchemy Effects
1st Damage Fatigue Damage Fatigue
2nd Damage Speed Damage Speed
3rd Damage Health Damage Health
4th Shock Damage Shock Damage
# Samples 43
Plant Mushroom Tree Sapling
Black Tar
 % 33,66
# Plants 893 Total (791 in SI, 1 in Tamriel, 101 in caves)
Mushroom Tree Sapling, Dementia

The ingredient Black Tar comes from 2 different plants: "Mushroom Tree Saplings", found throughout Dementia including in caves, and "Black Tar", almost always found outdoors. Only the two Dementia varieties of Mushroom Tree Saplings yield Black Tar, one with 33% harvest chance and the other with 66% harvest chance; the two Mania varieties yield Unrefined Greenmote instead. Black Tar is found dripping from the fully-grown mushroom trees, and all four varieties of tar yield ingredient with an 80% harvest chance.


43 guaranteed samples can be found. The places with the highest numbers of samples are:

It can also be found randomly in Ahjazda's inventory and in some loot chests.


Black Tar

The places with the highest concentrations of plants that yield Black Tar are:

  • 14 plants are in SI exterior cell (-15, -2) (map)
  • 10 plants are in SI exterior cell (-14, -1) (map)
  • 10 plants are in SI exterior cell (4, -5) (map)
  • 10 plants are in SI exterior cell (-3, -1) (map)

Map marker locations with high concentrations include:

101 can be found growing inside:

Locations of Black Tar plants