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Shivering:Wisp Core

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Wisp Core
Wisp Core
Value 2 Weight 0.1
Alchemy Effects
1st Restore Intelligence Restore Intelligence
2nd Burden Burden
3rd Light Light
4th Chameleon Chameleon
# Samples 10
Plant Root Stalk  % 25
# Plants 829 Total (12 in SI, 817 in caves)
Root Stalk plants

The ingredient Wisp Core comes from the plant "Root Stalk", which grows in caves in both Mania and Dementia. There are actually 2 varieties of this plant, both of which yield the same ingredient.

This is one of the few ingredients that Mirili Ulven does not want for the quest Taxonomy of Obsession.

Wisp Cores have nothing in common with the similarly named Oblivion ingredient, Wisp Stalk Caps.


10 guaranteed samples can be found, in the following places:

It can also be found randomly in some loot chests.


817 can be found growing in caves:

Locations of Wisp Core plants