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A deer

Deer are non-aggressive animals found throughout Skyrim. Quite shy by nature, they will flee when approached or threatened, but they can become hostile and attack while under the influence of a spriggan. They are hunted for their venison, hide, and large or small antlers. There are two different species of deer in Skyrim, though the differences between the two are largely aesthetic. "Deer" resemble caribou or reindeer. "Elk" resemble the extinct Megaloceros. Occasionally, either species can be heard bugling for mates.

When hunting a deer, it is advisable to try to kill them in one hit, as they move swiftly and have a tendency to change direction when fleeing. Alternatively, you can poison an arrow with a slow effect, to allow for an easier second or third shot. You may also cast a Fury spell on them to prevent them from fleeing. Sneaking can be problematic, since the detection eye does not indicate whether deer detect you.

Smiths should note that unlike deer hides, the deer pelts occasionally found in hunter's camps cannot be tanned into leather.

In the quest Ill Met By Moonlight, you are tasked with hunting the unique white stag. It is considerably larger than a standard deer, and its fur is much lighter in color.

Vale deerDG are exclusive to Darkfall Passage and the Forgotten Vale, and the light patches on their pelts glow in darkened environments.

Creature (ID) Lvl Health Magicka Sta. Drops Soul
1 50 0 25 Venison (1 × 100%)
Deer Hide (1 × 100%) (000D284D)
Large Antlers (1 × 50%)
Minor loot: gold, leveled ring, gem (1 × 10%)
Venison (1 × 100%)
Deer Hide (1 × 100%) (0003AD90)
Large Antlers (1 × 50%) (Male elk) OR Small Antlers (1 × 50%) (Female elk)
Minor loot: gold, leveled ring, gem (1 × 10%)
Vale DeerDG
Venison (1 × 100%)
Vale Deer Hide (1 × 100%)
Minor loot: gold, leveled ring, gem (1 × 10%)


The Hearthfire add-on lets you build a deer statue on a large base in the trophy room addition of any homestead. The materials needed are:




  • Elk incorrectly use footstep impact sounds from horses.

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