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Help Talvas Fathryon by killing an ash guardian.
Quest Giver: Talvas Fathryon
Location(s): Tel Mithryn
Reward: Random Staff or the Conjure Ash Guardian spell tome
Disposition: =1 (Talvas Fathryon)
Prerequisites: Main Dragonborn quest not running or you've been pointed towards Miraak's temple
Talvas Fathryon has accidentally summoned an ash guardian.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Enter Tel Mithryn and go up to the main floor.
  2. (Optional) Talk to Talvas Fathryon as you exit Tel Mithryn.
  3. Kill the ash guardian near the tower.
  4. Return to Talvas Fathryon for your reward.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

"It's on your head if something goes wrong."

When you arrive in Tel Mithryn, you'll find Talvas Fathryon and Varona Nelas in the middle of an argument. Talvas is attempting to summon an ash guardian, but is having no luck. Enter the main tower of Tel Mithryn, go up to the main floor, then go back outside. As soon as you leave, you'll see Talvas' summoning has finally worked. He'll run to you in a panic: the ash guardian he got is hostile!

You'll have several reply options. However, even if you tell him to clean up his own mess it's no use: the quest will start and the enemy nearby will disable fast travel. Head down the stipe of the mushroom and confront the ash guardian out in front of Tel Mithryn. Be prepared for a tough fight at lower levels: this creature is level 30 and spews ash at long range that is also wide-arcing.

Once the wayward summon is defeated, you'll have to talk to Talvas again. He's fled into Neloth's tower, so go find him. "What a relief," he says once you have reported in. "I don't have any gold I can pay you with, but I can give you this staff." He will then prove true to his word and present you with a staff. In addition, you can now purchase the spell tome for Conjure Ash Guardian from him and recruit him as a follower.


  • You must go up to the main floor of Tel Mithryn to advance this quest—merely entering and exiting the tower does not work.
  • You don't have to speak with Talvas when he's summoned the ash guardian. You can, for example, fast travel away and when you come back, you can kill the ash guardian without ever speaking with Talvas.
  • The ash guardian does not leave any remains behind after its death.
  • If you traded with Talvas outside, you will have to wait for him to restock his inventory before the Conjure Ash Guardian spell book becomes available.
  • Summoning an ash guardian near residents will cause them to go hostile; you may even get a bounty.
  • If your Conjuration skill is at least 70, Talvas gives you your choice of a random staff or the spell tome for Conjure Ash Guardian.

Quest StagesEdit

From the Ashes (DLC2TTF1)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective 100: Destroy the Ash Guardian
Talvas has asked me to destroy an Ash Guardian that is running amok on the Tel Mithryn grounds.
I've encountered an Ash Guardian that is running amok on the Tel Mithryn grounds.
Objective 100: Destroy the Ash Guardian
Objective 200: Talk to Talvas
300 Finishes quest  I destroyed the Ash Guardian that Talvas had accidentally summoned. He was quite grateful.
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