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Pass Sheogorath's trial to earn his staff.
Quest Giver: Mysterious Note in The Retching Netch
Location(s): Solstheim, The Retching Netch, Tel Mithryn
Reward: Staff of Sheogorath
ID: ccBGSSSE019_StaffOfSheogorathQuest
Prerequisites: Access to a Staff Enchanter
Added by: Staff of Sheogorath
Hunt netches with a kitchen utensil

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Travel to Solstheim and enter The Retching Netch.
  2. Read the mysterious note and take the Fork of Horripilation.
  3. Kill the two specified bull netches using the fork and loot the artifacts from their bodies.
  4. Craft the Staff of Sheogorath using a Staff Enchanter.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Something Waiting for YouEdit

The mysterious message from Sheogorath

A mysterious note can be found pinned to a keg on the ground floor of The Retching Netch cornerclub in Raven Rock, along with the Fork of Horripilation. The items will be hard to miss, as they are surrounded by a green glow before you approach.

The note outlines a proposed combat challenge from Sheogorath, the Daedric Prince of Madness. You are instructed to use the fork to kill two specific bull netches on Solstheim, and recover two "familiar" artifacts from their bodies. Specifically, you will need to recover the Branch of the Tree of Shades and Ciirta's Eye, two items which originally appeared in the Symbols of Office quest in Shivering Isles.

Netch HuntEdit

You must take the fork in order to accept Sheogorath's combat trial. Note that while the fork is literally a kitchen utensil and has very low damage, it is neither generic cutlery, which is not a weapon, nor the harder to find fork weapon, which is weapon type "other" - it actually has the dagger weapon type, allowing your skills and perks to interact with it normally (e.g. it will make no noise when sneak attacking), although both fork weapons do the same base damage of 1. It also weighs 12 times as much as a normal fork, equivalent to the weight of a Daedric Dagger. It has a special enchantment that allows you to deal damage to the Bull Netches while holding the fork, which are otherwise immune to damage.

The first bull netch is located close by on the Isle of Basalt, a small volcanic island directly west of the Earth Stone. Kill the beast as instructed and claim Ciirta's Eye from its corpse. The second netch can be found due west of Skaal Village, next to an icy waterfall. It will drop the Branch of the Tree of Shades when killed. Once you have obtained both artifacts, you will need to use them to craft your true reward: the Staff of Sheogorath.

Staff CraftingEdit

In addition to the two items obtained from the netches, crafting the Staff of Sheogorath will require two Heart Stones and access to a Staff Enchanter. Heart Stones are readily available on Solstheim, and can be mined from deposits all over the island. In order to use the Staff Enchanter in Tel Mithryn, the player must complete the quest Reluctant Steward for Neloth. However, any staff enchanter will do, such as the one added by the Myrwatch or Bloodchill Manor Creations.

Once you have obtained the necessary crafting ingredients and access to the Staff Enchanter, you can craft the Staff of Sheogorath to complete the quest. The staff has a powerful area of effect paralysis enchantment.


  • With the Saints & Seducers Creation installed, the Isle of Basalt where you find one of the netches is also home to several Bliss Bugs as well as a Monarch Butterfly and Green Butterfly. These appear regardless of whether or not you have the Staff of Sheogorath Creation installed.
  • At release, you would receive this quest upon installing the Staff of Sheogorath Creation and be instructed to travel to Solstheim. Upon arriving on the island, you would then be directed to the cornerclub. This was changed by the Anniversary Edition update.
  • The recommended Staff Enchanter to use for this is the one at Myrwatch due to this also requiring two Heart Stones (that are readily available near the enchanter there.) The other staff enchanters are the one at Tel Mithryn (which first requires completion of the side quest “Reluctant Steward”) and the one at Bloodchill Manor.

Quest StagesEdit

Put A Fork In It ()
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 There's something waiting for me on the island of Solstheim. I should travel there and investigate.
Objective : Travel to Solstheim
20 There's something waiting for me in Raven Rock, I should see what it is.
Objective : Investigate the Retching Netch
Objective : Take the Fork of Horripilation
30 I've accepted Sheogorath's combat trial. I'll need to find these special Bull Netches, kill them with the Fork of Horripilation, and obtain the artifacts.
Objective : Obtain the Eye of Ciirta
Objective : Obtain the Branch of the Tree of Shades
40 I've killed the Bull Netches and obtained the artifacts. I need to gain access to a Staff Enchanter and combine them to create The Staff of Sheogorath.
Objective : Craft the Staff of Sheogorath
50 Finishes quest  I have completed the trial, and crafted the Staff of Sheogorath.
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