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Skyrim:Skaal Village Dialogue

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Take Bera's necklace to Runil in Falkreath.
Quest Giver: Morwen
Location(s): Skaal Village, Falkreath
Prerequisite Quest: The Fate of the Skaal
Reward: Nordic carved helmet, Morwen as potential spouse
Disposition: =3 (Morwen)
ID: DLC2SkaalVillageFreeform1

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Speak to Morwen in Skaal Village.
  2. Take her mother's necklace to Runil in Falkreath.
  3. Return to Morwen.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

If you return to Skaal Village after the quest The Fate of the Skaal, you may find Morwen working near the forge. She may tell you, "My mother was Skaal, but she left the village and I was born in Skyrim." If you ask her why her mother left the village, she will tell you the whole story of her family. A trade ship from Skyrim struck ice off the coast near the village, and the Skaal took in the surviving sailors. Her mother, Bera, fell in love with one of the sailors—her father, Ulfarr—and eventually returned with him to Skyrim. However, Bera never returned to the village and died in Falkreath, where little Morwen was born.

If you are willing to give Morwen a hand, she will tell you that she came across a few of her mother's old things not long ago and among them was a necklace that her father gave to her mother when they were married. She believes it would be meaningful to place it upon her tombstone in Falkreath, as a symbol of her undying love and the great sacrifice she made for it. She wants you to deliver her mother's necklace to the priest Runil. After the conversation, Bera's necklace will be added into your inventory. If you haven't talked to Gjalund Salt-Sage about the passage back to Skyrim, a quest marker will appear at his location.

Travel to Falkreath and you may find Runil in Falkreath's Hall of the Dead. Talk to him about the request of Morwen of Skaal Village; he will recall the name. "I knew her parents quite well, you know. Bera and Ulfarr were good people, very much in love." Then he will be willing to grant her request. "Bera's silver necklace. It was a wedding gift and she rarely took it off. I'll be glad to oblige. What a touching gesture, to display the symbol of her devotion in such a way." He is sure it will bring joy to her parents as they walk in Aetherius. Then he will take the necklace from your inventory.

Return to Morwen in Skaal Village, and she will be grateful. "You've brought warmth to my heart, outsider, and I'm in your debt." Then she will reward you with a Nordic carved helmet and regard you as an ally to the Skaal. She will also become a potential spouse.


  • You can steal the necklace back from Runil after the quest is complete.

Quest StagesEdit

Skaal Village Dialogue (DLC2SkaalVillageFreeform1)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective 10: Take Bera's Necklace to Runil in Falkreath
Objective 20: Return to Morwen in Skaal Village
350 Fails quest 
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