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This page lists the credits of The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal, the first expansion for Morrowind, as given in the game manual.


Project Leader
Todd Howard
Ashley Cheng
Lead Designer
Ken Rolston
Lead Programmer
Craig Walton
Lead Artist
Matthew Carofano
Lead Character Artist
Christiane Meister
Writing and Quest Design
Gavin Carter
Brian Chapin
Mark Nelson
Ken Rolston
Ahn Hopgood
Chris Innanen
Mike Lipari
Craig Walton
Additional Programming
Steve Meister
Matt Picioccio
World Art and Building
Hope Adams
Noah Berry
Christine Miller
Gary Noonan
Additional World Art and Building
Mark Bullock
Frank Ward
Character and Creature Art
Christiane Meister
Juan Sanchez
Ka-Kei Wong
Additional Character and Creature Art
Mark Jones
Tohan Kim
Associate Producer
Todd Vaughn
Quality Assurance Lead
Mike Fridley
Quality Assurance
Mike Fridley
Mike Mazzuca
Alan Nanes
Jeff Baker
Shari Elliker
Linda Kanyon
Voice Recording
Absolute Pitch Studios, Washington, DC
Manual Writing
Ashley Cheng
Pete Hines
Manual, Map, and Package Design
Michael Wagner
National Sales Manager
Lori Rehr
Director of PR and Marketing
Pete Hines
Vlatko Andonov