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Gandrung Caverns
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# of Zones 1
Smugglers, Rats
Console Location Code(s)
Solstheim, Gandrung Caverns
Hirstaang Forest, [-21,18]
Gandrung Caverns

Gandrung Caverns is a smugglers hideout northeast of Fort Frostmoth.

The entrance can be difficult to spot as it is in some rocks at the north end of a harbor just to the northeast of the fort. Once inside you'll encounter no immediate resistance other than a few rats, but you will soon be attacked by Mus Roscius—a target of The Frostmoth Smugglers quest—be wary, as he can be tough even for high levels.

Most opponents in the cave have a paralysis weapon, so ranged attacks or lots of Cure Paralyzation potions are a must. There are five total smugglers in this cave, including their leader, Gualtierus Spurius, who will offer you a Nordic Axe of Paralysis if you let him go. At the north end of the cave you will find a piece of Raw Stalhrim which can be mined and used to create new armor or weapons.


Name   Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Notes
Gualtierus Spurius   Imperial Smuggler 45 310 150 0 100 Wields a silver staff of paralysis
Mazorn gro-Gar   Orc Warrior 35 304 114 0 100 Wields a silver sword of paralysis
Mol gro-Shat   Orc Warrior 35 304 114 0 100 Wields a silver sword of paralysis
Mus Roscius   Imperial Knight 40 295 266 0 100 Wields a silver axe of paralysis
Sorian   Redguard Battlemage 35 201 200 0 100 Wields a silver axe of paralysis

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  • Several chests and crates hold random loot.
  • Despite nearly all of them wearing the uniform armor of the Imperial Legion, the smugglers inside the Caverns do not identify themselves as current or former Legionnaires if you manage to use Calm Humanoid or Chameleon to speak to them.


Map of Gandrung Caverns