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Skill: Acrobatics
Governing Attribute:
Fall: +3.0
Jump: +0.15

The Acrobatics skill involves jumping, climbing, and avoiding damage from falls. The higher one's Acrobatics, the higher one can jump vertically, the farther one can jump horizontally, and the greater the height one may fall from (or jump down on purpose). Developing this skill also enables one to slow and (eventually) stop a sliding descent that could cause damage or kill; to walk along increasingly steep slopes without sliding or falling down; to climb steeper inclines, and with less effort; and to more effectively use the jump-run-jump-run technique to get up very steep (eventually vertical) surfaces. Those skilled in Acrobatics can reach areas others cannot get to, and can direct their paths (to an increasing extent) while falling or jumping. With Acrobatics pushed by magic to abnormally high levels, one can jump and fall rather extreme distances.

This skill is extremely useful for travel. Combined with a lot of speed, using acrobatics is by far the fastest way to get from place to place on foot. The higher your acrobatics, the steeper a slope you can climb.

Character CreationEdit

The following races receive bonuses to their Acrobatics skill:

The following classes have Acrobatics as a Major skill:

The following classes have Acrobatics as a Minor skill:


The following factions include Acrobatics as one of their favored skills:


The Master Trainer of Acrobatics is Senyndie at the Arena Fighters Quarters in Vivec. Other trainers of note are:

See Acrobatics Trainers for the complete list.


  • Having 125 acrobatics will completely negate falling damage.
  • Encumbrance also affects your jump distance so players wishing to jump higher and further, should carry less mass
  • Receiving fall damage grants massive amounts of experience for your Acrobatics skill. The fastest known way to increase the skill is to use a weak Jump spell without Slowfall, just strong enough that you take a tiny bit of fall damage from every jump.
  • You will never be damaged by a fall that you can jump the height of. In other words, if you can jump 100 meters into the air, a fall of 100 meters will not damage you, as long as...
    • Your Acrobatics skill at landing is at least what it was when you jumped; for example, no Fortify Acrobatics effect wore off mid-jump.
    • The jump was not aided by a magical Jump effect. The Jump effect can send you higher than your ability to land safely.
  • With an extremely, excessively high acrobatics skill it is possible to jump from one end of the map to the other.