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Sugar-Lips Habasi (habasi)
Home City Balmora
Location South Wall Cornerclub
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Level 19 Class Thief Service
Training Acrobatics (77)
Security (67)
Sneak (67)
Gold 300 Mercantile Expert (47)
Other Information
Health 128 Magicka 138
Alarm 100 Fight 30
Faction(s) Thieves Guild 8(Mastermind)
Sugar-Lips Habasi

Sugar-Lips Habasi is a Khajiit thief and a Mastermind in the Thieves Guild. She's the leader of the Balmora Guild found in the South Wall Cornerclub. She will give you some quests dealing with the strengthening of the Balmora branch of the Thieves Guild. Habasi has the largest, and highest quality, selection of restocking Thieves Tools (up to Master level) for sale and also offers major training in Acrobatics, and medium training in Security and Sneak. Unfortunately, these services are available only to Thieves Guild members ranked Bandit or higher. Like all Khajiit, she can see well in the dark and can demoralize others for short periods, but otherwise knows no spells. She is wearing a common shirt with matching pants as well as a chitin cuirass with matching greaves and both leather bracers. She wields a glass dagger.


  • Greetings:
    • "Have you found a diamond for Habasi?"
    • "Did you get the Nerano Manor key for Habasi?"
    • "Where are the Dwemer Artifacts Habasi asked you to get? Have you found them, %PCRank?"
    • "Tell Habasi about the Vintage Brandy. Have you found what Ralen Hlaalo left behind?"
    • "Habasi asked you to free our brother. Where is New-Shoes Bragor?"
    • "It is important we defend the South Wall. Who is the master of security, %PCName?"
  • diamond:
    • "A friend wants a diamond from Habasi. Nalcarya of White Haven had diamonds last time Habasi sniffed out her store. Bring Habasi a diamond."
    • "You have a diamond for Habasi?"
      • Yes, here it is.: [Disposition +10; Diamond has been removed from your inventory; Exclusive Invisibility has been added to your inventory] "Yes, a diamond. Habasi will take care of everything. Habasi cannot pay you until Habasi's friend pays Habasi... But Habasi has this potion to give you.
    • "Habasi has a diamond. Habasi's friend has a diamond."
      • No, nevermind.: [Disposition -10.] "Habasi is concerned. What if Habasi's friend is restless? Then what happens to Habasi?"
  • Dwemer artifacts:
    • "Go to Fatleg's Drop Off in Hla Oad. If Ra'Zhid won't give you the Dwemer artifacts, find them, and return them to Habasi. You must bring Habasi a Dwarven goblet, a Dwarven bowl, and a Dwemer tube."
  • Hla Oad: "Hla Oad is a backwater town of fishermen southwest of Balmora. You can follow an old trail down the River Odai to get there."
    • "You have Ra'Zhid's Dwemer artifacts?"
      • Yes, here they are [Disposition +10; Dwemer Tube has been removed from your inventory; Ornate Dwemer Goblet has been removed from your inventory; Ornate Dwemer Bowl has been removed from your inventory; 2 Master's Lockpick has been added to your inventory; 2 Journeyman's Probe has been added to your inventory; Journeyman's Armorer's Hammer has been added to your inventory.] "Habasi looks. Yes, a Dwemer tube, a Dwemer bowl, a Dwemer goblet. All here. You have done Habasi a favor. Habasi gives you some tools."
    • "You brought the artifacts to your good friend Habasi."
      • No, nevermind "Get them from Ra'Zhid before Ra'Zhid sells them."
  • jobs:
    • "A good friend of Habasi wants a diamond. Nalcarya the Alchemist has diamonds."
    • "Habasi wants the key to Nerano Manor."
    • "Ra'Zhid, no good friend of Habasi, stole Dwemer artifacts from the Guild."
    • "Ralen Hlaalo died recently, but left a bottle of Vintage Brandy."
    • "Fort Pelagiad's jail holds a member of the Guild, New-Shoes Bragor."
    • "A master of security lives here in Balmora. Habasi knows only that he is an Altmer. Perhaps he can help secure the South Wall."
    • "Habasi has no jobs for you. Ask Aengoth the Jeweler in Ald'ruhn or Big Helende in Sadrith Mora."
  • Nalcarya of White Haven: "Her shop is on the northwest side of town. Go across the river, turn right, and keep going. If you reach the temple, turn left."
  • Nerano Manor:
    • "Habasi wants the key to Nerano Manor. Downstairs Manors are rarely locked, but Habasi wants to go upstairs secretly. Who has the key? Ondeea Nerano has a key. Habasi thinks Nerano's servant, Sovor Trandel at the Council Club, has a key."
    • "You have a key for Habasi?"
      • Yes, here it is. "Habasi sees no key. Bring the key to Habasi." OR [Disposition +10. Key to Nerano Manor has been removed from your inventory. 500 Gold has been added to your inventory.] "Yes. Habasi likes this key very much. Habasi pays you well for this key."
    • "Habasi has the key. You know this. Why ask Habasi more about the key?"
      • No, nevermind. [Disposition -10.] "Habasi is no patient clan mother. Bring the key to Habasi."
  • New-Shoes Bragor:
    • "Habasi knows a way to free New-Shoes. Mebestien Ence in Pelagiad smuggles Dwemer items. Shadbak gra-Burbug takes bribes from Mebestien. Fetch a mysterious Dwemer device from Mebestien's shop and take it to Shadbak. Tell Shadbak to let New-Shoes go or you'll let everyone know Shadbak takes bribes."
    • [Disposition +10; 1000 Gold has been added to your inventory.] "New-Shoes is free? Habasi knew you could do this thing. Take these 1000 drakes, less than what it would cost without your help."
    • "New-Shoes is free."
    • "Habasi wanted to help our brother escape from prison, but it seems the person who would be able to help us is dead. This is bad, %PCRank. If he tries to leave without help from the inside, they will kill him. We will have to move on to other jobs."
    • "There is no more to say about that."
  • Ondres Nerano: "He lives near Nalcarya's shop. His home is in the middle of the street."
  • Ralen Hlaalo: "Yes, Ralen Hlaalo is dead, so he does not need the brandy. He lives on the northwest side of town, up on the hill."
  • Sovor Trandel:
    • "He spends all his time and gold at the Council Club over by the silt strider."
    • "Habasi did not mean for you to kill him. You must be more careful in the future."
  • South Wall:
    • "The master of security is an Altmer here in town. That is all Habasi knows."
    • "Hecerinde is the master of security? And he will help us? This is good, Habasi thinks. It will not be long before the Sjoring Hard-Heart and the Camonna Tong make another move against us. You have been of good service, %PCRank. If there is any gold on your head for crimes others believe you did, Habasi will have it fixed."
    • "Hecerinde will help us secure the South Wall."
  • Vintage Brandy:
    • "The Vintage Brandy is in Hlaalo Manor. Bring this brandy to Habasi."
    • "Do you have the Vintage Brandy for Habasi?"
      • Yes, here it is. [Disposition +10; Vintage Brandy has been removed from your inventory; 1000 Gold has been added to your inventory.] "Yes, this is fine brandy. Habasi gives you a fair price. 1000 drakes."
    • "You brought Habasi fine Vintage Brandy."
      • No, not yet. "Go to Hlaalo Manor and fetch the Vintage Brandy for Habasi. Ralen Hlaalo does not need it anymore."

Quests GivenEdit

Thieves GuildEdit

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  • If you have met Hecerinde by yourself and talk to Sugar-Lips about "South Wall" without being on the last Thieves Guild quest, this will make Habasi skip quests.
  • Habasi can simply disappear from the South Wall Cornerclub, making some Thieves Guild quests impossible to start, and others, including the Fighters Guild one involving her, impossible to complete, without using a Console command (e.g., PlaceAtPC,Habasi,1,1,1) to bring Habasi back. ?


  • Negative numbers indicate restocking items.