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South Wall Cornerclub
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Proprietor Bacola Closcius
Console Location Code(s)
Balmora, South Wall Cornerclub
Balmora, [-3,-2]
The South Wall Cornerclub

The South Wall Cornerclub is a working class cornerclub in Balmora, east of the Odai River.

It is owned by Bacola Closcius and is the base of operations for the Thieves Guild. Those who wish to join can speak with Sugar-Lips Habasi, who stands near a copy of Honor Among Thieves. Guild members can get Phane Rielle downstairs to remove their bounty. Bacola upstairs can give you directions to where Caius Cosades lives.

If you have the Entertainers mod installed, a copy of The Balladeer's Fakebook can be found here.

Thieves Guild and others in the South Wall Cornerclub

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Name   Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Notes
Arathor   Wood Elf Scout Thieves Guild Wet Ear(Wet Ear) 7 80 94 90 30 Trainer
Bacola Closcius   Imperial Publican Thieves Guild Footpad(Footpad) 11 92 132 100 30 Merchant
Chirranirr   Khajiit Thief Service Thieves Guild Wet Ear(Wet Ear) 5 55 92 100 30 Trainer; Merchant
Only-He-Stands-There   Argonian Healer Service 13 82 106 100 30 Trainer; Spell Merchant; Merchant
Phane Rielle   Breton Savant Service Thieves Guild Wet Ear(Wet Ear) 7 65 142 100 30 Trainer; Merchant
Sottilde   Nord Pawnbroker Thieves Guild Wet Ear(Wet Ear) 7 76 100 100 30 Merchant
Sugar-Lips Habasi   Khajiit Thief Service Thieves Guild Mastermind(Mastermind) 19 128 138 100 30 Trainer; Merchant
Tappius Esdrecus   Imperial Warrior 9 119 92 90 30