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Morrowind:Aundae Clan

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Aundae Clan


Favored Skills:
Favored Attributes:
Friends & Foes:
Mages Guild -1
Thieves Guild -1
Blades -2
Fighters Guild -2
House Hlaalu -2
House Redoran -2
Imperial Cult -2
Imperial Knights -2
Imperial Legion -2
Ashlanders -3
Berne Clan -3
Sixth House -3
Quarra Clan -3
Tribunal Temple -3
The lair of the Aundae Clan

The Aundae Clan, a vampire clan led by Dhaunayne Aundae, can be found in the Ashmelech tomb (on the medium sized island far southwest of Dagon Fel). They are a dark brotherhood of vampiric mages "blessed" with dark powers of the mind; their path through the darkness relies on their mastery of magic. The Aundae Clan consists fully of High Elves, but with Dark Elf and Redguard cattle. Aundae clan members receive a bonus of +20 to Willpower, and +20 to Short Blade, Mysticism, and Destruction.

There are also other vampires of the Aundae bloodline who don't belong to the Clan. They can be found at the Sarethi Ancestral Tomb (northwest of Dagon Fel), the Dulo Ancestral Tomb (west of Uvirith's Grave), and the Aralen Ancestral Tomb (south of the Zainab Camp).

Aundae Vampire Unique DialogueEdit

Clan Aundae has unique dialogue for the topics that appear when you speak with them:

"What do you want, New Blood?"
"We are the dark walkers, those who prey on the warm blooded. Our gifts are many, and weaknesses few. There are three major clans: Aundae, Berne, and Quarra. There are others in this world as well, living like cattle in tombs under the ground."
"We are the most blessed of all of the cursed. In addition to the powers all vampires possess, our dark powers are of the mind, where other, weaker clans are gifted more physically. Our path through the darkness relies on magic, and at this, we are truly gifted."
powers all vampires possess
"As is obvious, we are stronger, faster, more focused than normal creatures. You will find your body lacks the frailties of the normal man or mer. Disease is nothing, and those who would seek to paralyze you will always fail. We float through the night air with ease, always watching. And, of course, we can drain the warmblooded ones with but a touch, restoring our own life force."
our dark powers
"As an Aundae, you will find your mind even more powerful than vampires of other clans, and your spellcasting unparalleled. We have achieved perfection of the mind and the body. We are sublime."
"This clan above all disappears into the night. Not blessed with the magical powers we are given, they rely on stealth to claim their victims."
"Brutes. Ugly and foolish. Offensive to the eyes. They live and feed through sheer physical strength. And they are strong, dark walker.

Aundae Cattle have unique dialogue for vampires who share their masters' blood:

"Please. No."

And for those who aren't vampires:

"What are you doing here? What can I do for you?"

Aundae Clan RanksEdit

Rank Required Attributes Required Skills
0. Cattle Willpower 30 Intelligence 30
1. Neonate Willpower 40 Intelligence 30 One skill at 30 and two at 20
2. Minion Willpower 45 Intelligence 35 One skill at 40 and two at 20
3. Servant Willpower 50 Intelligence 40 One skill at 50 and two at 25
4. Stalker Willpower 55 Intelligence 45 One skill at 60 and two at 25
5. Bloodkin Willpower 60 Intelligence 50 One skill at 70 and two at 30
6. Reaver Willpower 65 Intelligence 55 One skill at 80 and two at 30
7. Lord Willpower 70 Intelligence 60 One skill at 90 and two at 35
8. Elder Willpower 75 Intelligence 65 One skill at 100 and two at 35
9. Ancient Willpower 80 Intelligence 70 One skill at 110 and two at 35

Aundae Clan QuestsEdit

Aundae Clan MembersEdit

Character Name   Race Class Rank Location Comments
Cattle   Dark Elf Slave 0 Cattle Ashmelech Random
Cattle   Dark Elf Slave 0 Cattle Ashmelech Random
Cattle   Dark Elf* Slave 0 Cattle Ashmelech Random
Cattle   Dark Elf* Slave 0 Cattle Ashmelech Random
Cattle   Redguard Slave 0 Cattle Ashmelech Random
Cattle   Redguard Slave 0 Cattle Ashmelech Random
Dhaunayne Aundae   High Elf Nightblade 9 Ancient Ashmelech
Gladroon   High Elf Smith 4 Stalker Ashmelech
Iroroon   High Elf Nightblade 3 Servant Ashmelech
Lorurmend   High Elf Witch 4 Stalker Ashmelech
Mirkrand   High Elf Sorcerer 4 Stalker Ashmelech
Moranarg   High Elf Sorcerer 4 Stalker Ashmelech
Mororurg   High Elf Alchemist 4 Stalker Ashmelech
Tarerane   High Elf Nightblade 4 Stalker Ashmelech
Tragrim   High Elf Sorcerer 5 Bloodkin Ashmelech

* Judging from their IDs, these two cattle should be Bretons, but for some reason they are Dark Elves instead.

Iroroon wears an expensive shirt with matching pants and shoes. He wields a chitin shortsword when engaged in melee combat. He knows the spells Dire Noise, Vivec's Wrath, Vivec's Feast absorb health (ranged) and Vampire Touch
Lorurmend wears an expensive robe with a matching ring, amulet and shoes. She wields a chitin shortsword in melee combat. Lorurmend knows the spells Summon Greater Bonewalker, Vampire Touch, Vivec's Feast, Far Silence, and Summon Scamp.
Mirkrand wears an expensive shirt with shoes and a pair of pants to match. She has no weapon and fights instead using unarmed combat. She knows the spells Toxic Cloud, Wild Distraction, Blood Despair, and Dire Weakness to Shock will come back and learn more from her later.
Moranarg wears an exquisite shirt and expensive pants with shoes and a ring that match his pants. He knows the spells Wild Distraction, Blood Despair, Vampire Touch, Dire Weakness to Shock, Dire Weakness to Poison, Daedric Bite and Vivec's Feast . He has no weapon, he instead fights unarmed in melee combat.
Tarerane wears an expensive shirt with a matching skirt and shoes. She also carries around a chitin shortsword for self-defense. She knows the spell Poisonbloom, Shockbloom, Wizard Rend, Vampire Touch, Lightning Storm, .
Tragrim wears expensive pants with a matching shirt and shoes. He knows the spells Summon Clannfear, Toxic Cloud, Vampire Touch, Drain Destruction, Drain Enchant, and Wizard Rend. He carries no melee weapon, he fights using unarmed combat.