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Strength is the governing Attribute for Acrobatics, Armorer, Axe, Blunt Weapon, and Long Blade. It affects:

  • How much damage you do with weapons, including Marksman weapons, and how much damage you do to your own weapons when you perform a successful attack as a result.
  • Your maximum encumbrance, that is, the maximum weight you can carry.
    • The ratio of your current encumbrance to your maximum affects your speed and jump height.
  • Your Fatigue
  • Your starting Health

Character CreationEdit

The starting values for Strength vary by race and gender:

Race M F Race M F
Argonian 40 40 Khajiit 40 30
Breton 40 30 Nord 50 50
Dark Elf 40 40 Orc 45 45
High Elf 30 30 Redguard 50 40
Imperial 40 40 Wood Elf 30 30

The following classes have Strength as a favored attribute and receive a +10 bonus: