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Oblivion:Nibenay Valley

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Nibenay Valley
Weather Table
Clear 35% Thunder 5%
Cloudy 40% Foggy 5%
Overcast 10% Rain 5%
Snow 0%
Map showing the Nibenay Valley region of Cyrodiil

The Nibenay Valley is a region in eastern Cyrodiil centered around the Niben River. At the southern end of the region lies Niben Bay, while to the north, the region extends into the Heartlands around Lake Rumare. South of the region lies the dark and brooding Blackwood; in the west, the West Weald and Elsweyr; to the east, the Nibenay Basin; and to the northwest, the Great Forest. Running from north to south are the Green Road in the west and the Yellow Road in the east. The city of Bravil lies in the western portion of the region.

Bergamot grows particularly densely around Bravil, as does Mandrake and Nightshade. The eastern bank of the Niben River is thick with Foxglove, Monkshood, and Summer Bolete. Many other plants thrive in the region, including Nirnroot.

Nibenay Valley PlacesEdit

A list of places that can be found within the region of Nibenay Valley.

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  • Green Road — Main road from the Imperial City to Bravil and ultimately to Leyawiin.
  • Yellow Road — Eastern road from the Imperial City to Leyawiin.

Bodies Of WaterEdit

  • Larsius River — A river running from the border of Elsweyr past Bravil and into Niben Bay.
  • Niben Bay — The large lake that forms the outflow from Lake Rumare into Topal Bay.
  • Panther River — A river that snakes through the Nibenay Basin east of Bravil.
  • Silverfish River — A river that flows down from the Valus Mountains into Niben Bay.

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Nibenay Valley QuestsEdit

A list of all quests involving the region of Nibenay Valley.

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